Maximize Your Organization’s Intellectual Capital

GBS’ Organizational Partners Program provides all of the benefits of our individuals plans, but is scaled for the needs of larger institutions. Promote your organization’s experts through GBS to increase your leads and brand awareness today.

Who It’s For

Our OPP program is geared towards sizable organizations in the following areas:


Educational Institutions

Professional Associations

Community Organizations

Government Institutions

Religious Institutions

How It Works

Step - 1

Create your organizations page on GBS

Step - 2

Promote the OPP program to members of your organization

Step - 3

Organizational Experts Upload their photosto GBS

Step - 4

Start Sharing Your Organization’s Expertise

Benefits For Expert

  • Consolidate your organization’s talent & expertise all in one place.
  • Access new markets for business leads & opportunities through our B2B and B2C marketing channels.
  • Receive monetary rewards for speakers booked from your organization and discounts for booking other GBS speakers.
  • Network with other top experts across industries and functional areas.
  • Amplify your brand exposure through GBS media opportunities

5-9 Employees

10-99 Employees

100-999 Employees

1000+ Employees

1 Profile 2 Profile 3 Profile 4 Profile
15% 20% 25% 30%
3% 3% 3% 3%
5% 5% 5% 5%


To qualify for the OPP program the organization needs to have the following requirements:

Sizable Organization

The OPP program is geared towards organizations with at least 5 full time employees who are making an impact.

Major National or Regional Exposure

We look for organizations that have members/employees who are recognized as thought leaders in their given industry. This can be through appearances on national/regional media outlets as well as trade specific publications. Furthermore, we look for organizations who have a solid social media footprint as well.

Awards & Recognition

We look for speakers who have a level of external validation from third party sources. (i.e. 40 Under 40 and other industry lists)

Community Impact

We want our speakers to be as passionate about giving back to the target audience in which we serve. We seek out speakers who have exemplified true leadership in the local community by giving back through volunteering, investing, donating and mentoring.

History of Leadership

We look for speakers who have made significant accomplishments in their chosen profession. We prefer speakers who are senior level members of organizations or who are on the fast track to those types of positions.

We look forward to you joining the Great Black Speakers family!