Sonya Renee Taylor

Artist, Activist & Founder of The Body Is Not An Apology.

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Award winning Poet, Activist and Transformational Leader Sonya Renee Taylor believes in the life shifting power of art and community. Sonya is the Founder and CEO of The Body is Not An Apology, an intersectional international movement of radical self love and body empowerment reaching over 100,000 people weekly. She is the creator of the RUHCUS Project (Radically Unapologetic Healing Challenge 4 US), a 30-day transformational healing action to address pain, shame, trauma, and fear in our lives. Sonya is also a national and international poetr

  • Possible Topics

    • The Body is Not anApology: From BodyEmpowerment toGlobal Justice
    • Radical Self Love asTransformative Activism
    • What DoesIntersectional SocialJustice Look Like?
    • Poetry & performanceworkshops

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