Justin J. Shaifer

Inspirational STEM Graduate and Revolutionary Science Communicator

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Justin J. Shaifer is the founder of Fascinate. A brand that creates sleek, witty and cinematic STEM educational content.

He seeks to become a catalyst in changing the way that STEM is taught. He is devoted to bringing revolutionary educational techniques into the STEM environment.

Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, Illinois, his intellectually toxic environment made him uncomfortable with expressing his ob

Justin, your STEM knowledge and business acumen was spot on for our “Communications, Public Relations & Technology In The Millennial Age” symposium! Thank YOU for the zeal and substance that you brought to the event!- Obie Chambers, Managing Partner, The Exigency Group, Strategic Communications | Public Relations | NY | DC | Charlotte | Boston

Bringing the Millennial conversation to the forefront every Friday on WVON 1690 The Talk of Chicago, Justin Shaifer schools young people, baby boomers, and everyone in between. He has a way of intellectualizing pop culture topics and STEM that our listenership wouldn’t typically be interested in or privy to.

- Sonya Leyvonne, Executive producer, WVON 1690 The Talk of Chicago

  • Other Topics

    • Don’t Play Yourself: How to make the most out of your college experience
    • Why STEM is dope/What you can do with a STEM degree
    • Unconventional motivational talks for at-risk youth
    • Why technical literacy is important for everyone/how to gain technical literacy

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