Dr. Chris L. Hickey,

Author of “Admired Man Why? - The Making of An Admired Man.”

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Dr. Hickey is the Founder and Executive Director of Each One - Teach One Alliance for Academic Access, Achievement and Success, an organization that focuses on efforts to heighten community awareness of the overwhelming importance of reforming educational practices targeting at-risk youth. He is also the CEO/President of the Admired Man Leadership Institute, where he lectures and facilitates workshops based on his four year national research, and resulting book, “Admired Man Why: The Making of an Admired Man.”His lectures, worksho

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  • The purpose of this workshop/keynote is to inspire and encourage men to understand and embrace the personal Quality, Behavior and Characteristics (QBC) that inspire others to Admire them, as a man. This is not to say that women would not also be inspired by the revelations excavated from this study. Mothers, wives, sisters, aunts, grandmothers and the like will benefit equally by understanding the Quality, Behavior and Characteristics (QBC) they can encourage the men in their life to embrace. To assist me in making this presentation relevant and precise, I spared no effort into researching existing scholarly and common sense literature on various topics around male studies and leadership. As I share what my research subjects have shared with me about a man they Admire and Why, I shall also explore a collection of what I refer to as L(ife)eadership Skills that facilitate the adoption and personalization of the Quality, Behavior and Characteristics (QBC) that people Admire in a Man.

  • The Power of Dad!!

    In this symposium/keynote we will discuss ages specific concepts around positive fathering. in the context of the evidenced bases Quality/Behavior/Characteristics (QBC’s) of An Admired Man. Additionally, you will be engaged in the following self-reflective conversations around:

    • Why your presence matters

    • Behaviors of men that are Fatherly

    • How to start TODAY!

    • 5 take aways from the symposium

  • The Phenomenal Son – Father Relationship Experience

    In this workshop/keynote we will explore what the son-father relationship experience feels like, and how the relationship affects leadership development, specifically in the son. The emphasis of our focus is on the son as the central character of interest. Additionally, the workshop will address how young men have been able to effectively address their experience with living without a supportive father in their lives.

  • Youth Leadership Development

    In this workshop/keynote youth (ages 11 – 22) will explore and share perspectives relevant to self-identity and leadership development. The focus will be on how they can strategically align their beliefs with subsequent practices that: a) transform beliefs into insight and a way of knowing; and, b) evolve and experience their insights into a sustaining and experiential way of life, defined as self-actualization. Throughout this shared interactive workshop, in the process of critically examining the embedded elements and interdependent relationships between beliefs, practice, insight and self-actualization, the participants will indulge, critique, and share perspectives relevant to a number of selected extant theoretical perspectives on leaders and leadership such as: leadership traits, leadership behavior, leadership characteristics, components of leadership, leadership styles, management vs. leadership, etc..

  • Self Efficacy: Dealing with Father Hunger

    The workshop/keynote on Fatherhood will focus on how young men have been able to effectively address their experience with living without a supportive father in their lives. We will discuss strategies for Leadership Development for young men who experience "father hunger" by first being able to face the pain head on; and secondly, turning that pain into positive self-awareness and a determination to succeed.

  • The Parent’s Role in Creating a College-Going Culture at Home, School and the Community

    In this workshop/keynote parents will explore and share perspectives relevant to the environment, attitude and practices that define a college-going culture. The focus will be on how parents can strategically influence the home, school and community experience of the student, utilizing methods that consistently support: a) their student being interested and aware, as early as elementary school, of career and college options from a global perspective; b) the school’s expectation that all students can be prepared to attend college; and, c) a consistent message of high expectations for the student’s future.

  • Understanding the iGeneration

    In this workshop/keynote school administrators and teachers will explore and share perspectives relevant to the new neuroscience of the brain, learning and cognition. The focus of this workshop will be on how classroom instruction can be strategically aligned with how iGeneration students learn. Participants will be presented with ground breaking research that challenge traditional notions of how students spend their (multi-tasking) time, direct their (creative) attention, and are inspired (motivated) to learn. Specific attention will be given to how the staggering global proliferation of cell phones, IPads, digital social networks, eBooks, video games, Wikis, Wiis, email, texting, IMing, MP3 players, IPods, PS3s, personal computers, Xboxes, etc., are affecting the nature and cognitive process of learning.

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