Youth Speakers in New Jersey Listed with GBS

By - Lawrence Watkins On Dec 29, 2012

Youth Speakers in New Jersey Listed with GBS

Adolescence into young adult hood can be one of the most emotionally and mentally stressful times of someone’s life. Social pressures are high and self-esteem is often low; youth can feel as though they have no purpose or future. This can be accelerated by racial glass ceilings, poverty and poor pier influences. In such times young people need someone to look up to with a story that can give them hope and motivate them to choose a successful path in life. The best way to achieve this is with one of Great Black Speaker’s highly qualified and inspiring youth advocates.

We have an exceptional range of youth speakers that are available to speak at your next event in the New Jersey/New York area. You can often cut down on speaker fees by hiring local advocates by cutting out the travel costs. Our GBS members speak on topics ranging from sexually transmitted disease to success in academics and cover a variety of regions such as Camden, Trenton, and Newark.

Jordan Coleman

2011 Global Teen Leader Jordan Coleman is only seventeen years old but has already taken on the roles of author, actor, and education activist as one of today’s top inspirational youth leaders. From voicing in “The Backyardigans” to participation in “America’s Best Dance Crew” for charity he works to make positive changes in our youth one community at a time. Coleman has also become a well-known rights activist with his self-written, directed and produced film "Say It Loud!" which presents the importance of education for African-American youth. Jordan has appeared to perform on CNN, CBS, NBC and BET; his story has also been featured in Children's Health magazine, Black Enterprise, Star Ledger, the NY Daily News, Philadelphia Inquirer, The Record, Right On, Miami Herald, Boston Globe, Jet, New Jersey Monthly and even the back of 40 million Dorito’s bags!

Marvelyn Brown

Marvelyn Brown was diagnosed with HIV at age 19, but rather than struggling in silence she made a movement to support struggling youth who are HIV positive. Brown’s autobiography, The Naked Truth: Young, Beautiful and (HIV) Positive, was published in 2008 and caused Brown to become a world-wide phenomenon; with Brown travelling to United States, Canada, Jamaica, Mexico, South Africa, Tanzania and Rwanda to tell her compelling story and inspire hope. Brown has spoken at over 100 colleges and universities throughout the United States. She is 26 and has worked to become the CEO and an Independent HIV Consultant for Marvelous Connections. Her dedicated work as a humanitarian won her a 2007 Emmy Award for Outstanding National Public Service Announcement.

George Green

George Green is the Assistant National Director of Marketing of the world famous and incredibly popular Roc-A-Fella Records. After he has graduated college he took off into the underground world of music production and marketing to work and propel him up the industry latter. His hard work and persistence with start-up labels and companies enabled him to pursue a profitable and interesting career in the Hollywood entertainment industry. He now works with big names such as Jay-Z, Kanye West, John Jegend, Rahzel, Jim Jones, Cam'ron, Twista, Juelz Santana, 8 Ball, Memphis Bleek, Beanie Sigel, Jurassic 5, Supernatural, Freeway, Young Guns and State Property.

Darrell Bennett

Darrell Bennett is a lecturer, consultant, and author of motivational books. Bennett grew up in Baltimore City and moved to Newport News, Virginia as a young teen. At 18 he began writing novels, starting with his first classic “Daring to be Different.” In 2007 Darrell graduated from his college program with a B.A. in History and as class Valedictorian. In 2010 earned his degree from Harvard Law School, where he was proudly elected Class Marshal. Today Darrell is a public speaker and lecturer at ASA College in New York City, though he often travels all around the planet, giving lectures and consulting schools, teachers and parents on a variety of self-empowerment topics. His newest book “The Power to Think, The Will to Act” was released this summer and has put his in high demand for public speaking in New Jersey and New York alike.

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