Year 58: Saying Yes to The Splendor of Purpose

By - Dr. Ramona Hyman On Mar 24, 2015

Year 58: Saying Yes to The Splendor of Purpose

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Today, March 13, 2015:

I waltz into 58 years. They have been introspectively beautiful to me. I have learned to appreciate this introverted Black American female who finds her soul’s fulfillment in Black American culture and Christian spirituality. I hear my elder sister’s voice as I think about the splendor of my purpose. Be an active “learner,” she says. Let knowledge drizzle over you: Breathe in, out. Sit quietly and watch life’s movie; let the text talk. You listen:

My professional bucket list is my personal desire—to say YES to the SPLENDOR of PURPOSE! Tell the whole world about the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955-- the lessons. If one, just one, person—young or seasoned—says I can improve the quality of my life as a result of hearing, digesting, and applying the lessons of the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955, young person to say, I will shout-- praise the Lord. Every person on the planet can use the lessons from the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955. Dream—to meet and work with Lee Daniels, study the Holy Spirit, be a Great teacher, complete three books, eat 80% living foods, stop killing animals by participating in the consumption of them, smile more, and live authentically, and, yes, finally work on fashioning what I see as a beautiful physical and healthy body. I shall kneel in prayer and waltz into my purpose.

I waltz before the Lord: God does break “every chain.” I know the “rivers” of Langston Hughes. I waltz into Purpose; I am regally red with Purpose. I make my vow of purpose to the Lord; I experience clarity. I now understand that I am an introvert; I receive my energy most from what I experience alone, in silence, and yet, I love people. I honor the presence of people. I have had a good year; I held my mom and dad in memory every day. I hold their lessons in view; I have tried to walk in their shadows. They did not leave me on the planet along; my sisters remind me of this every day. I am honored to practice my craft at an institution housed on a former slave plantation covered by sixty-five oak trees, and brilliant young scholars who push their professors to praise God for an opportunity to teach, mentor, and be mentored by students. At the end of the day, inspiring people is my purpose.

I waltz authentically into my secular space. I am proud to say one of my hobbies is reading. Wise elders sitting around poker tables have taught me this: People come with their history; as you interact with them and they you, you experience their histories. This year I was given the gift of movies that deepened my commitment to my service as an African American cultural worker grounded in Christian ethos and spiritual activism: 12 Years A Slave and Selma. I danced to the laughter as I had a collard green moment watching Kevin Hart. Oh, and yes, I like Gospel music, love Negro Spirituals. You Tube is my new educational institution. After all, I am learning about Hip-Hop as music and, more importantly, culture from the Breakfast Club. I’ve had a good year. I felt proud as I experience my cousin Miriam Hyman on a TV screen. I felt joy as I watched my niece Kemi as a college student. I hear her laughter and know her brilliance. And, indeed, every time I think of church mothers, ministers who lift me up in prayer and friends and a nephew who gave me a home when I had none, I say over and again, Thank you Lord.

Waltzing authentically, I’ve decided that I will no longer run after success, or excuse people who find joy in taunting me. I am embracing my PURPOSE. This year, I learned to accept love into my veins. I heard my body tell me to honor her; that is the door to my PURPOSE. I hold my imagination as I open my eyes to African American Healers in A Multi-cultural Nation for the fourth year. I live inside my imagination as I receive poetry about Black American cultural workers like Jimmie Lee Jackson. I embrace memory as I took a commemorative march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge honoring those who sacrificed for me as they walked from Selma to Montgomery. I see myself holding the hands of young people, of helping them to shape their intellectual gifts and social commitment as they walk into the splendor of their Divine Purpose.

 My mind’s eye sees the river that holds blood bound Civil Rights Activists. My heart holds the gift of salvation that my God has offered me. There is freedom flowing throw my veins as I walk into my 59th year; it is a freedom found in my purpose to serve God as I act on my God inspired Purpose. I am moved by my soul purpose calling courage to compel me to make the decision to act. That is the splendor of my 58th year. I invite you to walk into the splendor of your purpose. Be well!

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