Social Work Speakers

In today’s society, professionals from many backgrounds recognize the importance of social work and the individuals drawn to this work. Increasingly, social workers have become a vital part of medical, clinical and environmental services as situations change. GBS speakers specializing in social work speaking engagements can share insight on the field’s evolution and key skills needed in the future. To learn more about our experts available for your next social-work academic or professional event, browse the list below.

Andrea Cennington

A passionate voice wittingly serving others as an advocate, empowering and inspiring seamlessly taking listeners on a journey from victim to victorious.

Andrea Cennington, MSW, PhD (ABD)         Andrea is a pathfinder and a curious renegade for family stability. She passionately explores ways to empower women and children through education. Andrea has successfully overcome many travails of her own including homelessness, being raised in a home of alcoholism and domestic violence, and being the spouse of one with addiction issues. Despite these experiences, she intentionally and purposefully raise...

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Aprill Harmon

Social Worker, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, Mentor, and Coach.

Aprill Harmon, LCSW, MBA              Aprill is a social worker, entrepreneur, speaker, author, mentor, single mother, and coach. Before reaching her current level of success, Aprill experienced many trials including dysfunctional relationships, financial setbacks, and single motherhood; yet, she has let nothing stop her from pursuing her dreams. She mentors and coaches other women and girls and speaks about overcoming fears of success, reachin...

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