Here at Great Black Speakers we believe good parenting skills are incredibly important, and that is why we offer a carefully selected range of highly qualified African-American candidates for our public speaking services. Parenthood is one of the most challenging experiences in someone’s life; it requires undying patience, gratuitous amounts of time and being well informed on your children’s development. Great Black Speakers has assembled a group of parenting professionals, scholars and enthusiasts that are highly accomplished public speakers who aim to share personal stories, advice and knowledge on what parenting requires from you. View our selection of African-American parenting public speakers here.

Relationship Expert, Licensed Mediator & Family Law Attorney Click here to view

Judge Mablean Ephriam
$5000 - $10000(Speaker fee)

Lauren is an Entrepreneur, Marketer, Startup Investor and Advisor, Best-Selling Author of The Path Redefined and TV Personality. Her multifaceted career spans industries and defies the norm! Click here to view

Lauren Maillian
$10000 - $20000(Speaker fee)

Award-winning Educator and Author Click here to view

Chike Akua
$2500 - $5000(Speaker fee)

Expert Psychologist - Relationships, Parenting & Mental Health Click here to view

Dr. Alduan Tartt
$2500 - $5000(Speaker fee)

Award-winning Journalist • Author • Contributor to NBC News Digital, offering unique insights about politics, race, civil rights issues, and the Trump administration’s policies regarding health care, education, immigration, and law enforcement. Click here to view

Michael H. Cottman
$5000 - $10000(Speaker fee)

Acclaimed Attorney, Youth Advocate and Inspirational Speaker; able to touch the mind, body and soul to empower youth, parents and organizaions. Click here to view

Kendra Randall Jolivet
$2500 - $5000(Speaker fee)

Author, Inspirational Speaker and Entrepreneur. The Millenial and Future Generation’s voice to Cultivating Potential within Purpose. Click here to view

Michael Lewis
$2500 - $5000(Speaker fee)

Optimal Communicator: Mother/Daughter Relationship Guru; Teen Esteem Facilitator; Speaker; CEO; Philanthropist Click here to view

Monica May
$2500 - $5000(Speaker fee)

Transformational/Motivational Speaker, Business Woman, Confidence Coach, Founder of SHIFT Women\'s Conference, Real Estate Investor, Real Estate Agent, and Author. I work with women who are ready to shift their calling to their career with confidence! Click here to view

Jenifer Spratley
$5000 - $10000(Speaker fee)
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