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Organizational Development Speakers

Organizational development within a business is defined as an ongoing and systematic process of implementing effective organizational structure within a business or corporation. Organizational development benefits companies by increasing relevance, viability, productivity and overall profit. Having an African-American public speaker from Great Black Speakers address your business or corporation can greatly increase the establishment’s organizational development. Our speakers are highly qualified in the field of organization and development of businesses and corporations, often having won prestigious awards and written best-selling books. View all of Great Black Speakers’ organizational development motivational speakers here.

Michael BlakeMichael Blake humbly refers to the words of his mother who said that they went “From No House to The White House”.Michael is the National Deputy Director of Operation Vote, which oversees the constituency outreach programs for the Obama For America campaign.Operation Vote oversees all efforts to constituencies including but not limited to: African-Americans, Youth, Women, Hispanic, Faith, Veterans, Jewish, LGBT & Asian American Pacif...

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Rev. Dr. Nicholas Pearce

@KelloggSchool Professor • @ACOGChicago Assistant Pastor • Executive Adviser • Encourager

Rev. Dr. Nicholas PearceDr. Nicholas Pearce is a clinical assistant professor of Management & Organizations at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. His research examines leadership, organizational values, and organizational change in diverse contexts, ranging from the boardrooms of Fortune 500 corporations, to the halls of power in national governments, to the pulpits of America’s megachurches. His teaching on values-drive...

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Karen KingKaren King is a member of Canada's Who's Who, as the first black woman in Canada to produce a dramatic feature film, and one of the elite group of international producers with a world premiere in the Official Cannes Film Festival. Karen is the first and so far only person to win the Academy's Canada Award twice. That award is presented to the television program that best exemplifies the multi-cultural nature of the country on and off ca...

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Ron Thomas

Human Resources Executive focusing on Organizational dysfunction and Career guidance

Ron ThomasRon Thomas is a Chief Human Resource & Administrative Officer currently based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He formerly was Director, Talent and Human Resources Solutions at Buck Consultants (a Xerox Company) and is certified by the Human Capital Institute as a Master Human Capital Strategist (MHCS) and Strategic Workforce Planner (SWP). He has served in senior HR roles with Martha Stewart Living and IBM. He serves on the Harvard Business ...

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Paulo Gregory Harris

Inventor, activist, artist, author, and advisor, using the old Zulu wisdom of Cohado to usher in the 'Relational Age' of community, and global sustainability.

Paulo Gregory HarrisPaulo is the inventor of Cohado, a tool for reimagining systems, relationships, and self as generators of abundant and sustainable solutions. Paulo is also the President of Collective Cry, Inc., a germinator of Socially Relevant Ventures, and the Director of the Ingoma Foundation, a vehicle for the implementation of economic solutions for communities. His work with Collective Cry and Ingoma is focused primarily on the creation...

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LeRoy ThompsonThere are plenty of motivational speakers out there but there are precious few MOTIVATING speakers! You definitely want someone engaging who can capture the hearts and minds of your audience, right? But when you also have a speaker whose energy, empathy, and experience ignites people into action, well then that’s an event to remember. Rocky Thompson is exactly that MOTIVATING speaker everyone is looking for. The core of his message...

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