Inspiration can be hard to find, but the best place to find it is in someone else. People who come from similar situations to the one you are currently in and have overcome obstacles that challenge you to achieve your current goals proves to you that it can be done! Here at Great Black Speakers we have collected the most highly qualified and profoundly inspirational motivational speakers on every imaginable subject available directly to you. Captivate and motivate your audience with a relevant and in-depth speech on topics such as self-love, academic Improvement and financial growth.

Original King of Comedy; Actor, Political Commentator, and Radio Host. Click here to view

D.L. Hughley
$40000 - $60000(Speaker fee)

Award-Winning Teen Entrepreneur • Bestselling Author • International Speaker • Youth Mentor Click here to view

Gabrielle Jordan
$2500 - $5000(Speaker fee)

Celebrity Medical/Diet Expert, Author, Radio Host & Speaker Click here to view

Dr. Ian Smith
$10000 - $20000(Speaker fee)

Author and award-winning journalist who specializes in inspiring youth, empowering black men & achieving success God’s way. Click here to view

Chris Broussard
$10000 - $20000(Speaker fee)

Celebrity Servant: lives to fuse her entertainment expertise with her passion for service through empowering troubled youth and struggling families living in marginalized communities. Click here to view

Sonja Sohn
$10000 - $20000(Speaker fee)

Panther, Poet, Professor, Prisoner and Oscar Nominee who speaks on activism, creative arts, social justice and personal transformation. Click here to view

Jamal Joseph
$5000 - $10000(Speaker fee)

NABJ award-winning writer, Inspirational speaker, domestic violence awareness & prevention activist & advocate, and relationship expert for the online version of EBONY Magazine. Click here to view

Sil Lai Abrams
$5000 - $10000(Speaker fee)

Sports Entrepreneur and Marketing Leadership Professor at UNC Chapel HIll. Click here to view

Dr. Deborah Stroman
$2500 - $5000(Speaker fee)

Founder & CEO of YFS Magazine Click here to view

Erica Nicole
$2500 - $5000(Speaker fee)
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