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The People\'s Scholar who specializes in finance, education, and black social commentary. Click here to view

Dr. Boyce Watkins
$10000 - $20000(Speaker fee)

Actor and Multi-Grammy Award Winning Music Artist Click here to view

$40000 - $60000(Speaker fee)

Award-winning Actor, Best-selling Author, and Philanthropist. Click here to view

Hill Harper
$20000 - $40000(Speaker fee)

Academician and hip-hop expert. Click here to view

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill
$10000 - $20000(Speaker fee)

Emmy Award-winning Newsmaker, Producer, Writer, Broadcaster, and Host of BET Tonight. Click here to view

Ed Gordon
$10000 - $20000(Speaker fee)

Actor, TV Host, Emcee and Youth Mentor Click here to view

Terrence Jenkins
$10000 - $20000(Speaker fee)

Emmy Award Winning Actress Click here to view

Lynn Whitfield
$10000 - $20000(Speaker fee)

Political Commentator and Chair of the Voting Rights Institute Click here to view

Donna Brazile
$10000 - $20000(Speaker fee)

Actor and Filmmaker Click here to view

Hosea Chanchez
$20000 - $40000(Speaker fee)
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