We have some of the top African-American names in the fashion industry available to hire for lecturing and public speaking at community and corporate functions at Great Black Speakers. Finding success in the fashion industry is no easy task, it requires unique skills, savvy marketing and an inspired passion for fashion. Some of the most highly celebrated African-American names in the fashion industry also do public speaking and lecturing about their craft and how they’ve found their personal success. To inspire a crowd to take on the wonderful world of the fashion industry, take a look at some of the top speakers we have available.

Sought after Media Veteran, Social Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Spelman Alumnus who lives her life for others. Click here to view

Tai Beauchamp
$10000 - $20000(Speaker fee)

Lauren is an Entrepreneur, Marketer, Startup Investor and Advisor, Best-Selling Author of The Path Redefined and TV Personality. Her multifaceted career spans industries and defies the norm! Click here to view

Lauren Maillian
$10000 - $20000(Speaker fee)

Bruce George is the founder of the Genius Is Common Movement and co-founder of HBO\'s Def Poetry Jam. As a Peabody Award Winner he is a visionary, executive producer, writer, poet and activist. Click here to view

Bruce George
$2500 - $5000(Speaker fee)

Disability Fashion Stylist and Founder of, a Lifestyle Brand Helping People with Disabilities Live Life Outloud and In Style. Click here to view

Stephanie Thomas
$5000 - $10000(Speaker fee)

Moziah is a young entrepreneur that shares his story to inspire others. Click here to view

Moziah Bridges
$2500 - $5000(Speaker fee)

Fashion & Lifestyle Expert, Global Social Media Manager for Mattel Inc., Fashion Editor at Black Bride Magazine and Advocate for young women chasing their dreams. Click here to view

Elaina Vaune Moore
$2500 - $5000(Speaker fee)

Serial Entrepreneur specializing in consumer products, women entrepreneurs, pitching, raising capital, bringing a product to marketing, and celebrity partnerships. Click here to view

Dawn Dickson
$2500 - $5000(Speaker fee)

mikeflo is a recording artist, producer, stylist, consultant and official tour dj for the legendary hip hop duo dead prez. mikeflo is a retired teacher and human rights activist. Click here to view

Michael Flowers (mikeflo)
$2500 - $5000(Speaker fee)

Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Public Speaker & Community Advocate • Founder & CEO of Jackets for Jobs, Inc. • A decade of making a difference in the community. Click here to view

Alison Vaughn
$2500 - $5000(Speaker fee)