Employee Relations Speakers

When it comes to employ performance and responsiveness being knowledgeable about employee relations is vital. African-American employees are at an advantage to know about the socio-economics of employee relations within a company and their equal rights as a worker to fair treatment. Alternatively, employers are at an advantage to obtain racial rights information and apply it to their employee relationship standards and training. An incredibly effective way of doing this is having a qualified professional lecturer from Great Black Speakers come into your institution or workplace and raise awareness of employee relation standards.

Vladimire Calixte

Celebrity Therapist, Relationship Expert, Author, Empowerment Speaker, and NYC Therapist at Family Circle and Parents Magazine.

Vladimire Calixte         Passionate about stronger relationships and stronger families.       Renowned licensed mental health specialist, celebrity empowerment coach, author, speaker and advocate, Vladimire Calixte, is the founder of Life Rebuilding, located in New York, New York. Through her private practice, she teaches countless clients and celebrities how to overcome low-self esteem, PTSD, trauma, and addictive behaviors that keep them stuck...

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