Discovering your Passion

Author of Walk Like You Have Somewhere to Go Click here to view

Lucille O’Neal
$5000 - $10000(Speaker fee)

Inspirational Speaker, Co-Pastor, Fountain of Praise and Executive Director of the Metamorphosis Women\'s Empowerment Conference Click here to view

Mia Wright
$2500 - $5000(Speaker fee)

Founder of Great Black Speakers Bureau, and Leading Entrepreneurship & Personal Achievement Expert Click here to view

Lawrence Watkins
$2500 - $5000(Speaker fee)

Harvard MBA and Celebrated Expert on Global/Social Entrepreneurship, Wine, and African trade. Click here to view

Selena Cuffe
$2500 - $5000(Speaker fee)

Harriet is the author of “Through The Fire” and is the host of “The Harriet Cammock Show” Click here to view

Harriet Cammock
$1500 - $2500(Speaker fee)

With a practical approach to relationships and life, Dr. James helps bring success within the reach of those he influences! Click here to view

Dr. George James
$2500 - $5000(Speaker fee)

Founders of specializing in Relationships, Parenting, and building a Movement via Social Media. Click here to view

Lamar and Ronnie Tyler
$5000 - $10000(Speaker fee)

Muckracker. Motivator. Mentor. Former advertising executive turned industry activist and talent futurist. Click here to view

Lincoln Stephens
$2500 - $5000(Speaker fee)

Award-winning teenage entrepreneur, best-selling author, inspirational speaker, jewelry designer and philanthropist. Click here to view

Gabrielle Jordan
$2500 - $5000(Speaker fee)
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