College Leadership Speakers

In a world of conformity it is hard for us to stand out and become a leader in our school or institution. College leadership is an incredibly important skill that not only looks great to employers, but is incredibly useful for day to day applications throughout out post-secondary education. Having exceptional leadership skills means being able to taking control of a situation or persuading others to take your lead, generally for the benefit of the group. Learning leadership can seem like a difficult task if you do not feel you were “born” a leader. To teach College leadership skills Great Black Speakers has the largest selection of African-American college leadership speakers that are not only high energy but high impact too. Book one of our qualified leadership advocates to promote college leadership in your institution today.

Al Duncan         Al is an award-winning youth advocate, publisher, and internationally recognized authority on soft skills who travels the world "Equipping Young Minds For Exceptional Performance.™" As the leading motivational speaker for at-risk youth and troubled young people, Al has delivered Duncan Nuggets®, live and in-person, to over 1 million young people around the world.    He is the owner of three successful business and he is the au...

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Jamal Joseph

Panther, Poet, Professor, Prisoner and Oscar Nominee who speaks on activism, creative arts, social justice and personal transformation.

Jamal Joseph            Jamal is a Professor of Professional Practice and former chair of Columbia University’s Graduate Film Program. He is the Executive Artistic Director of New Heritage Theater and Films and the Founder of the acclaimed Impact Repertory Youth Theater of Harlem. He is an alum of the Sundance Directing Lab and the Third World Newsreel Film and Video Workshop. He serves on the advisory boards of the Tribeca Film Institute, Imag...

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Dr. Julianne Malveaux         Recognized for her provocative, progressive and insightful observations, Dr. Julianne Malveaux, an economist, author and commentator, is the President and CEO of Last Word Productions, Inc, a multimedia production company. Described by Dr. Cornel West as “the most iconoclastic public intellectual in the country”, Dr. Malveaux’s contributions to the public dialogue on issues such as race, culture, gender, and their ec...

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Kaplan Mobray

Best Selling Author • Motivational Speaker • Career Consultant

Kaplan Mobray         Kaplan is an acclaimed author, thought leader and motivational speaker on topics ranging from personal branding, leadership, networking, public speaking and success.Kaplan speaks to a variety of audiences, including professional organizations, colleges and universities, sales forces, and corporations. His seminars provide real strategies for real results in making the connection between your personal brand and your life outc...

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Jullien Gordon         Jullien, The PurposeFinder, is the country’s leading voice on purpose and motivation for the millennial generation. He already has 10 years of experience working with millennials as a CEO, coach, and counselor.     Jullien is the Founding Partner at New Higher, a high performance consultancy for organizations, individuals, and teams that want to increase employee performance, motivation, engagement, and retention. He has wo...

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Gregg Riley         Gregg is a growth, leadership and performance expert who has led people and organizations to success for over 30 years. A retired Army Colonel, Gregg delivers high impact, insightful presentations that leaves audiences energized, informed, inspired, mesmerized and ready to take positive action. He is quickly becoming one of the most sought after motivational speakers around.Gregg produced world-class results serving as an Army...

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Dr. Oliver McGee

HistoryMaker, ScienceMaker, EducationMaker; Teacher, researcher, administrator, and adviser to government, universities, corporations and philanthropy.

Oliver G. McGee III, Ph.D., M.B.A., C.F.R.M.            Dr. Oliver is a HistoryMaker, ScienceMaker-Research, and EducationMaker-Administration at The History Makers - The Nation's Largest African American Video Oral History Collection, see also biography online at:         Dr. Oliver has gone viral online with a million views worldwide in less than two weeks, breaking the Missing Malaysia ...

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Johnathan Greer (Jay Greer)          Jay Greer is a strong education and fitness advocate who devotes his time to helping others make their dreams-reality. He helps students to convert their competitive nature into the highest in achievements, and A’s in the classroom.He recently published his book ‘N.O.W.’, which he philosophically developed in the weight room. One day he looked around and saw everyone was out-working him. Realizing so, his co...

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Nkrumah Pierre         Nkrumah is the Managing Director of Business Development with My Business Matches, an online portal that connects buyers and suppliers based on business categories and tracks the business results between buyers and capable/qualified suppliers.Nkrumah spearheads global sales and business development efforts to clients ranging from chambers of commerce and trade associations to multinational investment banks, telecommunicatio...

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Venice Garner

Venice comes to you with a dynamic, authentic, and passionate voice of truth that motivates, inspires, and challenges you and those seated next to you to not be afraid to reach your full potential.

Venice Garner         Venice is a Bronx, NY native. She is a graduate from the High School for Health Professions & Human Services. She holds two bachelor degrees from Lincoln University, PA in Journalism and Human Services. While on Lincoln University’s campus, Venice was an active Dean’s List student. She was the Managing Editor of the Lincolnian, the President and Vice President of the junior and senior class, a Resident Advisor, and a former ...

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Laymon Hicks         All teens are troubled. It goes with the territory. A part of the “passage.” There is the typical “torment” of wanting to belong, to be the same, to be liked and accepted. Is my nose too big? My height too short? My hair too long? But not everyone belonged to the Brady Brunch. Drugs. Alcohol. Violence. Stress. Depression. Add the words bullying, peer pressure and self-doubt and you’ve entered the real world drama of too man...

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Bertrand Gervais

I teach students and young adults to build relationships that build dreams.

Bertrand Gervais          Best Selling Author, Speaker, CEO of Success Mentor Education calls him a “Power Mentor” and USA Today says he is one of the top young leaders in the country.He has collaborated with the hit ABC TV show Shark Tank, the White House, and is a guest columnist for Forbes, all before the age of 30. Bert Gervais, a.ka. The Mentor Guy, is America’s number one speaker on mentorship and student achievemen...

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Karmetria Dunham Burton

Karmetria is best recognized personally for living her mantra: be Inspired. be Motivated. be Informed. ‘Go over it, go around it, go under it, but NEVER give up. You have to SHOW UP, everyday!’

Karmetria Dunham Burton         Touted as one of the Top 25 Women Impacting Diversity by DiversityPlus Magazine over the past two years, and recently named 2013 Woman of Excellence by the Atlanta Daily World, Karmetria Burton is igniting an inspirational fire among women AND men in the corporate world. The Houston, Texas native currently serves as General Manager - Strategic Programs with Delta Air Lines.In her challenging professional role, Karm...

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Derek Anderson, Sr.

I Refuse to Allow Someone's Negative Opinion of me to become My Reality

Derek L. Anderson, Sr.         Derek is a screen writer, producer, inventor, entrepreneur and philanthropist who continues to expand his brand with various projects in the works such as an autobiography, Life Changing speaking engagements, and numerous film ventures.Derek is a man of integrity and character who lives his life with Love and LOYALTY. Career:Kentucky High School Basketball All-Star• 1996 - Won National Championship with The Univers...

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Cassandra Owens

Dynamic speaker who inspires her audiences with humor, hard facts, while tackling issues that most people find controversial.

Cassandra Y. Owens          Cassandra is a one of a kind, dynamic, speaker. She inspires her audiences with humor, hard facts, while tackling issues that most people find controversial.        Cassandra demonstrates sound moral concepts, while teaching proper ethics and providing road maps for moral edification, which provides encouragement and motivation for her listeners.      Cassandra's views and acumen are secured in experience ranging fr...

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Charlie Hardy

The educator who was an eye witness to one of the most defining moments in the quest for equality.

Charlie E. Hardy, President & CEO         Centre For Excellence, LLC        Education       July 2005, Master of Arts Degree, Organizational Management, University of Phoenix     1996 Life Underwriters Training Council Fellow, Washington, DC     1972 Registered Representative National Association of Securities Dealers     May 1962, Bachelor of Science, Secondary Education, Alabama State University    May 1958, High School Diploma, Booker T. Wash...

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Christopher Chestnut         “Pursuing Justice...Because You Deserve It”          Acknowledged by President Barack Obama as a National Emerging Leader, Christopher M. Chestnut, Esq. is America’s next great voice for legal justice. Chestnut, a Florida native and graduate of Florida State and University of Florida’s Levine School of Law, served on the Florida finance team for then presidential candidate Obama, which helped lead to a convincing vi...

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Kionne McGhee

Florida State Representative, Attorney, Author, College Professor, and Motivational Speaker

Kionne L. McGhee         Before Kionne —the State Representative, author, college professor, husband, and father—could realize his dreams, he had to fend off his nightmarish reality. A reality that consisted of a young, streetwise kid trying to survive living in one of South Miami’s toughest communities—the Naranja Housing Projects—and whose existence centered on balancing the role of man of the house and fulfilling the statistical requirements o...

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Wendi Turner

“Meets You Where You Are.” Author, Educator, Empowerment Speaker, and social change agent. Wendi's life mission is to empower the human condition-one life at a time.

Wendi J. Turner         Wendi specializes in helping people unlock the power within. She does this by impacting at-risk youth and adults by means of “relationship empowerment.” Realizing the need to extend her services for those who have no voice, she dedicated her efforts to bring liberation and relevancy to those in the Houston and surrounding areas. She has been invited as a featured keynote speaker on radio, television interviews and as a sem...

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Amy Freeman

Professor, Author, and Advocate for Women in STEM: Science • Technology • Engineering • Math

Amy L. Freeman         Amy is the Assistant Dean of Engineering Diversity at The Pennsylvania State University serving as an advocate for underrepresented students and women in engineering.       She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management from Washington State University and completed a Master of Science degree in Architectural Engineering at Penn State. Contributing to her career path in Engineering Education, she als...

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Lakeisha McKnight

Life Coach, Mentor, Author, Licensed Minister, and Motivational Speaker

Lakeisha McKnight         From United States to Africa, Award-winning Motivational Youth Speaker and Champion Builder Lakeisha McKnight has been known to speak with authority and effectiveness, stirring the hearts and minds of business professionals, high school and college students.   What qualifies Lakeisha to be builder of CHAMPIONS? Lakeisha has/was… • Risen from a Victim to Victor over childhood sexual abuse • Battled and overcame low se...

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Phyllis L. Clark, M.Ed          The Inspiration...          Inspired by her own two young daughters, her passion for helping girls discover the best of themselves has become Phyllis Clark’s mission in life. Why? Little girls grow up to be young women, young women grow up to be adult women and purpose-driven adult women can move mountains not only themselves but for others.        The Experience...        An expert on college preparation and s...

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Melanie Bonita

#1 Amazon Bestselling Author and Award-winning Inspirational Speaker, helping people to get more determined to achieve their dreams.

Melanie Bonita         Melanie is a #1 Amazon Bestselling author, award-winning international inspirational speaker, faith coach, praise dancer and gospel fitness instructor. She’s on a mission to help people get more determined, dedicated and driven to achieve their dreams and destiny. Her “Daily Dose Series” show others how to maximize their life and achieve their dreams by using daily strategies to get there. Melanie Bonita started being a ve...

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Cherese Jackson

If you're ready to take your organization from worry to WOW, I am ready to empower you!

Cherese L. Jackson         Direct, witty, and relevant are just a few words to describe the incredible gift resident in Life Coach Cherese Jackson.       Drawing from traumatic situations in her past and the power of focus to overcome them, Cherese seems to cut directly to the issues at hand whenever she speaks. Having traveled extensively as a developer of Non-Profit & For-Profit organizations and churches she has always seemed to find herself a...

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