Dancer, actor, singer, director, and writer - Star of A Different World Click here to view

Jasmine Guy
$10000 - $20000(Speaker fee)

NBA Player, Author, Poet, Political Pundit and Children’s Advocate. Click here to view

Etan Thomas
$5000 - $10000(Speaker fee)

Partnerships with Oprah Winfrey and Save the Children & One of the most internationally recognized voices for quality education and women’s empowerment. Click here to view

Dr. Tererai Trent
$20000 - $40000(Speaker fee)

International HIV/AIDS Activist & Humanitarian Click here to view

Hydeia Broadbent
$5000 - $10000(Speaker fee)

Creator and Illustrator of the Premiere Black Comic Book Series, Brotherman: Dictator of Discipline. Click here to view

Dawud Anyabwile
$2500 - $5000(Speaker fee)

Every Person has a Passion, Every Passion has a Purpose, Every Purpose has a Person. Click here to view

Ryan Kilgore
$2500 - $5000(Speaker fee)

Author of “Admired Man Why? - The Making of An Admired Man.” Click here to view

Dr. Chris Hickey, Sr.
$2500 - $5000(Speaker fee)

Dr. Ellis specializes in social and cultural diversity, fatherhood, professional counseling, health and military affairs. Click here to view

Dr. Cyrus Marcellus Ellis
$2500 - $5000(Speaker fee)

Aaron is a 14 year old award-winning filmmaker, author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and talk show host of “A Few Moments With Aaron”. Aaron is a positive voice for the youth by demonstrating you are never too young to follow your dreams. Click here to view

Aaron Johnson
$1500 - $2500(Speaker fee)
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