Toni Braxton’s Bankruptcy Speaks Volumes About What Fans Don’t Understand

By - Angela “Asa Lovechild” Arnold On Jun 05, 2015

Toni Braxton’s Bankruptcy Speaks Volumes About What Fans Don’t Understand

Toni Braxton

I see that Toni Braxton is in the news again about the filing of her bankruptcy from 2010 being closed and her not owing a dime to the record company. I do not know Toni Braxton personally but after looking into her situation via many media outlets, it seems to me that there is a standard that people expect her to live up to because of her celebrity and they tend to forget that this happens to people all of the time.

I also see the comments about how Toni should live within her means. It may be that Toni was living within her means. But when you throw in factors, such as Lupus, having children that you take care of, an extended family that may or may not depend on you as the oldest (which innately as the oldest you tend to worry about your younger siblings and their wellbeing before your own), and your mother (although she is fabulous) is up in age and it is your responsibility to make sure things are okay, your own problems take a back seat.

So although I understand what fans are saying, I also understand that managing all of the above mentioned circumstances can wreak havoc very rapidly on your finances, with no time to catch up. I am not making an excuse for Toni Braxton but I am willing to bet that she, as anyone, has been trying hard to manage all that she has. The general public has a warped since of how the industry works. Many think that once you become a celebrity that you have made it, you have money, and everything at a certain point becomes easy to obtain.

In fact, because the economy has changed and record companies are even more obsolete and non-risk taking these days, it is much harder to create a world that affords you to lead an easy life. Unless your name is Beyonce, as an artist you have to be involved in every single aspect of your career. I believe that because major labels are not taking risks on new talent, often discovering great talent yet signing them and putting them on the shelf for years, many of the artists that we have come to know and love could be labeled as independent artists.

If an artist is not making astronomical numbers, when it comes to sales and touring, then you are mute in the main stream industry. This forces an artist to look at other avenues in making money in different ways. Your past celebrity becomes important to focus on. An artist will use their past name and brand as a money maker. But it leads to artists doing odd things like taking on a reality show about their lives for money or doing cameos at parties for top dollar. In a way you have to reinvent yourself.

This will often lead to the focus being taken off of your influence as a musical artist and the focus being placed more on their personal lives. I know a lot of people who are still celebrities and are well known and respected, but under the surface because of contractual obligations, corporate backstabbing, and vendettas against them, they are flat broke. So while everyone likes a good juicy story and the media and bloggers tend to sensationalize everything that happens to a celebrity, it goes much deeper than what the articles and the press are willing to report.

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