The Power of Revolutionary Love

By - Early Jackson On Nov 06, 2014

The Power of Revolutionary Love

From Antony and Cleopatra, Napoleon and Josephine to Jay Z and Beyoncé, love has had a significant effect on both culture and history as we know it. But what makes some loves so explosive that it spills onto the world’s canvas around us? I call this phenomenon ‘Revolutionary Love’. It is the rare occurrence when two people come together, find a soul connection and they are both made better for it. This is not an ideal of what we commonly call a perfect match. But an amalgamation of personality, past experiences and a willingness to forge new destinations together.

By definition, a revolution is an event in time that brings about a major or fundamental change in culture. In the Latin, it is the word Conversio and means a drastic turnaround of events. Let’s ponder this for a moment. I am of the philosophy that no one that enters your life wanders in. Every person has an assignment. In fact, if you look back to significant transitions in your life, whether for good or bad, there’s usually a person or group of people attached to it. Life is a direct by-product of who we allow in our circle of influence. So putting this all together, a Revolutionary Love is someone who steps in at a seemingly perfect time and their presence causes your life to turn around for the better.

So ask yourself, when was the last time you experienced a love so significant it moved you to be better, do better and expand your perspective? Humanity is a series of relationships. From the time we are born, we are indoctrinated into the system of relationships. From our families, we are quickly taught conflict resolution and team skills via organized education. Depending on how functional our family, we are either set up for success or fail miserably. But the stakes are higher than we understand. The pattern or example we see modeled can follow us into adulthood and have a major effect on how we relate.

Here are some signs you’re living in a revolutionary love affair:

  • There is a sudden awakening to life’s purpose and vision because of them: I am a firm believer that life rises and falls on who we decide to connect with. We are a direct reflection of who we live with. Often we see this in the negative, but there’s power in positive people as well. When you’re in a relationship, look to see if your eyes are opening to a desire for a better lifestyle. If so, you could be in a revolutionary love affair.
  • Being connected to this person enables you to freely express your best and most authentic self: Love doesn’t smother. Love doesn’t hinder your growth. The hallmark of a controlling relationship is being held back from being who you were created to be. One area I have coached clients in is the fact that love is the most selfless, freeing expression mankind has ever known. Such is the saying, If you something, set it free!
  • Your limitations are subtracted and your strengths are multiplied because you are with them: If you want to see where you’re really going, look at who is in your life. Your associations are like a magnifying glass, they amplify your strengths or weaknesses. It amazes me we have processes in place for picking a house, a handbag or a meal. But there seems to be little in place for choosing who we will do life with. Why? Because we lower our guards and standards so we may achieve company. It is time to stop lowering our values and giving everyone discounts on our presence.
  • With them there is a constant encouragement to reach further and live life to the fullest: There is an explosion that takes place when you connect with someone who wants the best for you. Their words are like waters in a parched desert. With them you are in an oasis of encouragement that makes you feel invincible.

Chances are you’ve been in several relationships since you were young. I can almost guarantee they all were not revolutionary. In fact, there are a few you wish you could forget. But trust me when I say that if you live long enough to touch a revolutionary love affair, it makes all the decoys you had worth it.

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