The Need in ME

By - Dr. Jeannetta “Jaybee” Nickelson On Mar 05, 2015

The Need in ME

As I enter into my 10th year in Business, I find it essential to reflect on the many lessons I've learned, the ups and the downs and everything in between. Truth be told, the road has felt longer than short at times, and I often questioned myself along the journey. In the thick of things I didn't know whether I was coming or going, and there were many days that I wanted to call it and just give up. The road to success is certainly not a walk in the park but is rewarding nonetheless. I can honestly say that I'm happy I never gave up.

I started my Career shortly after turning 21 years old. Young and naive, I stumbled into my first real career opportunity by answering a job ad from a local service. I thought that the road to career bliss would be as smooth as the talk I heard in the boardroom but I soon learned that to be quite a different story. I was in awe and in total admiration of the business culture and loved the idea of being exposed to it so young. I entered my industry bright eyed and full of inquiry and never looked back after that. If you know anything about working in Corporate America, you know that it's sink or swim and not for the faint at heart. You may hate a co-worker and have to smile to get through the day, ideas that are robbed from you, and we've all had that boss that drives you insane; still and yet you must bring your A Game day in and out. There are a number of things to be done and never enough hours in the day, and there is barely ever time to come up for air. In the midst of this, you must perform at a rate that exceeds most and to appear effortless in the process. My first 3-5 years in the Business world felt like nothing less than Business Boot Camp. It wasn't until I understood the need to be so invested in my craft and to master the art of juggling and managing the madness that I discovered an additional reason as well. The NEED that became a part of me. The Need in Me to duplicate my efforts.

A wise man once asked me what good it did to be the super star, a top performer if I was unsuccessful in duplicating my efforts. It made me think about the theory of paying it forward. I discovered that being a true leader is about creating a culture of success that can be carried on to shake the very foundation of the culture. It is powerful to leave your mark in such a way that the very thought process of others is shifted. A true leader makes such an impression that it creates lasting change and a better, more valued way of doing things. True leaders breed success! The need in me to contribute in such a way has kept me up for quite some time, so much so that I feel it's necessary to share these 3 principles that I live by when it comes to climbing the road to career success:

Know your Road

While on the road to achieve your goals, you MUST know where you are going. What are your short and long term goals? What are you doing now that will contribute to tomorrow's results? It is imperative to stay ahead of the game and to continue to plan along the way, but much like riding in your car to a destination, a GPS always helps to get there more efficiently. There were several times when I changed my destination, but I never left the change up to chance. I was intentional about my path and kept my thumb on the pulse of my passion. Being able to focus your vision on a solid path makes it easier to navigate and evaluate your progress along the way. Knowing what you want to do and consistently evaluating your path also develops your confidence in your own decision making.

Learn on the Fly

We have all been there before; you make a decision that isn't so smart and the end result is you being down on yourself. When you experience failure on the road to success, it needs to be seen as just that, a temporary setback that will result in an awesome comeback. Every single time you survive failure, it is not designed to hurt you, but to help you. It is necessary to reflect on what happened, how it will make you better, what you will do differently next time and how to go forward from the place that you are in that moment. In other words. Take it in and move on!

Believe and Receive your Future

There is absolutely no way to make it to a goal or out of a failure frame of mind without first seeing yourself on the other side of the situation. The power of visualization is KEY and helped me in so many ways over the last 10 years. When I wanted to go for the promotion, I first saw myself in the place I desired to be. When I was in a bad situation or feeling down on myself, I saw myself getting out of the fog and going forward into a better place. Visualizing yourself in the place you desire should be done daily, even if for 10- 15 minutes and can be applied to career, health, relationships, etc. When you incorporate this daily, you will slowly but surely begin to see the invisible become the visible.

There are many keys to the Kingdom of Success, but I desired to share 3 that have helped me more than most. I have seen myself go from a shy and sheepish young lady to a confident and commanding voice in my sphere of influence. No matter the road or the goal, there are those basic principles that must be embraced along the way. They are the General Education of life. the sooner we abide and receive them as such, the sooner we will be where we desire.


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