The “Fake Outrage” Relationship Fissile

By - Tim Carthon On Jan 06, 2013

The “Fake Outrage” Relationship Fissile

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Do you hear that? Listen...

(*Listening for the 1st one)...don't hear it...
(*Listening for the 2nd one)...don't hear that one...
(*Listening for the 3rd one)...hmmm, don't hear that one either...
(*Listening for the 4th one)...not picking up anything about that one as well.

I don't seem to be able to hear anything anymore. Hmmm...silence...

Can anyone explain to me why I'm not hearing the massive marketing anymore of the President of the United States being a Socialist, Communist, Fascist, Marxist? Oh wait, that's right...


What, you thought that was ACTUALLY what actual individual citizens were saying?

NO. Well, not exactly.

It was a corporate-mindset, one-political-sided marketing ploy that wanted to get a specific party back into power. So, they lied to you, their significant other, got you all riled up, made you hate a kind, compassionate, thoughtful, Christian-faith, family man who just happened to be a different color than what you were used to; exploiting your fears and deep known and unknown prejudices so that you would scream the alarms of death of Socialism, Communism, Fascism, and Marxism, all for the sake of them satisfying their thirst for power.

But, now that this Sociommunasciarxist (yes, I made that up) has won a 2nd term, where is all of the previous fearmarketing?

If he could run for a third term, the Sociommunasciarxist insanity would still be going strong...maybe even stronger. However, these absolutely negative and cynical people spent literally billions of dollars and several years brutally and publicly besmirching the reputation of the Leader of the Free World, and yet, that brutal, public besmirching has now virtually completely disappeared.


It's simple. He can no longer run for President, so they no longer need to attempt to anger you; filling you with barely bridled hate and vitriol, because they no longer need you.

In short: Sorry, but they used and brought out the worst in you for their gain (and you let them), and now they've dumped you.

What you have just witnessed, through description of the past few years, is the epitome of a bad relationship; one person using the other and acting as though they truly care about them, until they get or don't get what they want. Then, they show them how they truly not showing them any feelings/affection at all.

Too many times, one's love and/or affection for a person allows that person power to lead another semi-blindly and love-drunkenly down an emotionally-dangerous, non-productive path. Then, when the person leaves them hanging, the other finds themself in mental limbo; wondering what happened to the person they saw before and thought they knew?

Funny thing though, just like the previous political puppets, during that 'on fire' period, a person does have a sense that they're being used. It's normally faint and periodic, but it's there. It's just that they choose to trade their immediate action, based on that sixth-sense of feeling like they're being used, for both the affection and the momentary getting of that attention they need, or so they believe, from the user. So, they consciously ignore their mind's periodic "you're being used" pin pricks. Unfortunately for them, enough pin pricks and you can lose too much blood. And we all know what happens when a person experiences too massive a blood loss. Sudden death becomes inevitable. So, the obvious question for you is:

Will you walk semi-blindly toward your own emotional death?

Ironically, I say to you what the Terminator said to his former death target in the Terminator 2 movie: "Come with me if you want to live."

It is very easy for someone to get another riled and pumped up emotionally, but one of the keys to any successful relationship, especially ones that are 'on fire' with love and emotion, is being able to ascertain the sincerity and ulterior motive (if any) of the other party. Trusting that they are leading/pointing you in the right direction can be a powerful and giving thing. However, if you feel they are not being sincere, even a pin's prick of a feeling, then it would probably be best to change the current trajectory of your relationship with them, because the fire is going to fissile, and there will eventually be nothing left of you to burn.

Tim Carthon, National Greek All-Star™ Awards™ Executive Director.

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