The ABC’s of MLK

By - Gabrielle Jordan On Feb 12, 2014

The ABC’s of MLK

As a young student, business owner and speaker, I am constantly learning something new. Whether it’s a new educational assignment, how to market to my customers or how to shake stage fright before one of my speeches, I am always eager to increase my learning experiences.

Recently, I had the honor of attending a town hall meeting dealing with the topic, “The ABC’s of MLK – Why Education Remains A Key Component of the Dr. King Dream”, hosted by WHUR 96.3 FM and First Baptist Church of Glenarden. I sat on a panel alongside awesome people like Grammy nominated singer- Ledisi, former NBA champion, Derek Anderson among others and we were asked questions about the importance of education. Attending this event reinforced my perspective of learning and development. And of course, I’d like to share these ideas with you!

Here are three things I’ve discovered about deepening your learning experiences:

1. Learning is like a circle: When you think of a circle, you think of a never ending shape where there is no beginning and no end. All of the points are connected to form a well-rounded object. It’s almost impossible to pinpoint the very first thing you learned and there’s no way to imagine when you’ll stop learning. Your circle should always expand with new topics of learning, making you a well-rounded and limitless person.

2. Shake, rattle and roll: The key to everlasting learning is to constantly stimulate your brain. Stimulation can be in the form of brain teasers or learning a new skill or craft. The goal: never allow your brain to “get comfortable” for too long by practicing the same routines. So whether it’s a daily crossword puzzle, learning to speak a new language or trying out a new musical instrument, keep your brain busy!

3. Mission: It’s Possible: For every question, there’s an answer. Sometimes we just have to dig a lot deeper than we expected. When we don’t know the answer, we’re intrigued to search, explore and create! Bringing new ideas to the table helps to enhance our learning process and become smarter and stronger people.

When I set goals for myself and my future, I am reminded that true learning experiences don’t just take place in the classroom, or in my case, my homeschooling environment. They also take place in my everyday experiences. So, my advice to you is to open your mind and allow all of your experiences (good and bad) to teach you valuable lessons that you can use to become a better person and achieve greater things for yourself and the world in which we live.

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