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Teenagers have many voices speaking to them today through the media, but sadly, those voices send the wrong message. Instead of empowering teenagers to further their education and develop critical life skills, they glamorize destructive behaviors such as drug use and violence, confusing our youth with distorted perceptions of reality.

Great Black Speakers understands the need to present teenagers with positive messages. Our teen motivational speakers posess life experience and the ability to empower. Here are five speakers from our pool of highly qualified candidates.

1. Al Duncan

Recognized by premiere institutions such as the US Department of Education, Mr. Duncan is a leading motivational source for at-risk and troubled teens. After overcoming childhood abuse, he grew up to become the owner of three businesses and the developer of youth empowerment programs. Mr. Duncan continues to deliver Duncan Nuggets internationally to over one million young people. His accolades include the President’s Call to Service Award and the National PTA Life Achievement Award.

2. Nigel Walker

An educator, poet, author, and activist, Mr. Walker has motivated teenagers through mediums of prose and music. Born into a family of eight children, he learned early the value of education and community service. His accomplishments include publication of poetry collections and a teaching manual, membership into the Biltmore (now Covington) Who’s Who Professional Registry, and candidacy for Teacher of the Year in 2010-2011.

3. Laura McGill

“Not Made To Fit In”, Ms. McGill knew she was always meant to excel. A former teacher at Shepherd’s Christian Academy and graduate of Municipal Police Academy, this police officer dedicates herself to motivating teenagers to not settle for mediocrity, but to realize their potential. Ms. McGill’s speaking engagements have included Discovery Charter School, Youth Detention Centers and the Devereux Foundation.

4. Dominique Conteh

College professor and military veteran, Ms. Conteh’s passion is reaching out to at-risk and disadvantaged youth. Her role as a Gang Prevention Through Target Outreach Coordinator has enabled her to provide messages of academic achievement for nearly fifteen years. Among many accolades, Ms. Conteh is a member of the Metro Atlanta Chapter National Congressional Black Women Group and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree at Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

5. Jordan Coleman

Jordan Coleman is a young man on a mission. At 16-years-old, he’s a filmmaker, actor, author, education activist, honor roll student and athlete. He was recently named one the 25 Most Influential People in Our Children’s Lives by Children’s Health magazine. Jordan won the 2011 Martha’s Vineyard African-American Film Festival HBO Best Feature Film competition with his film Payin’ The Price, a cautionary tale about teen dating violence..

These teen motivational speakers are part of Great Black Speakers 200+ roster of professional and well-qualified candidates. Contact GBS to book a speaker today.

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