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Posted on 26 Aug 2015
Is Marketing Misunderstood?

Marketing is one of the most misunderstood disciplines in business. If not the most misunderstood, it is certainly one of the least valued. Many business owners and managers see marketing as a “luxury,” something to...

Posted on 14 Aug 2015
I Don’t Do Any Marketing

It is not unusual to hear small business people say that they don’t do any marketing; that they get most of their business through referrals. Despite these claims, they continue to pass out business cards and meet wit...

Posted on 03 Mar 2015
Did You Know That We Succeed At The Level Of Our Self-Esteem?

You’ve possibly heard the notion, “We date at the level of our self-esteem. Your relationship is a direct reflection of your own self-love and self-worth.” (Source: The Daily Love) The same is true of success. We ...