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Posted on 15 Oct 2013
Do not panic if you are betrayed

Do not be alarmed or ashamed if you are a victim of domestic violence who has lost close friends ana/or family members. When I became a victim of domestic violence, the same so-called friends ana family members turnea th...

Posted on 18 Nov 2012
How College Rejection Turned into My Biggest Success

Somebody needs to hear this!! I was originally slated to go to the United States Military Academy at Westpoint and received my acceptance letter in the August before my senior year.  It was the happiest time of my lif...

Posted on 03 Oct 2012
A book written by an educator for students today!

          I want to share with you the release of my newest book for high school and college students, THE POWER TO THINK, THE WILL TO ACT, this month!  As an educator, I specifically designed this book to help sc...