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Posted on 27 May 2015
I Am Not My Past Pt.1

One of the biggest struggles for someone who's searching out their purpose is to get over past failures or mistakes. The past is something that no one has any control over. We can't live in it and we can't change it! Th...

Posted on 18 Nov 2012
How College Rejection Turned into My Biggest Success

Somebody needs to hear this!! I was originally slated to go to the United States Military Academy at Westpoint and received my acceptance letter in the August before my senior year.  It was the happiest time of my lif...

Posted on 17 Jul 2012
The challenge didn’t come to break you: it came to make you!

Sometimes you have a problem that leads you to a solution so good that you want to thank your problem! The summer after my freshman year at Morehouse College, I had a lot of time on my hands as a result of being denied...