Service To Others

By - Roosevelt Mitchell III On Jan 30, 2015

Service To Others


Every morning I began by serving the students that I teach who can’t feed, clothe or bathe themselves. My level of service confuses a bunch of people, who look at me as a successful author, scholar and educator.

I live with a disability every day of my life which makes me an expert in this field, so every joy I experience is also deeply rooted in a form of pain. I advocate, write, converse and lecture about people with disabilities, which makes me a Disability Scholar. I am not only locked into arms with the circumstance but I am married to it and not merely engaged like others. I am a servant first before I am a scholar, academic, or educator.

My level of service is not serving from the Ivory Tower but on the front line down on the ground. We live in world and a time period where it’s fashionable to be all about our own personal “American Dream.” As long as we are living comfortable then we are successful, or we have made it. What kind of legacy will you leave behind if your only mission or goal is to be able to afford materials that will depreciate and deteriorate? When people tell me how well they are doing, I always ask the question “what are you doing for others?”

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