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Cynthia McKinney

12 years U.S. Congresswoman, 2008 Green Party Presidential Candidate, Fearless in pursuit of truth, and Epitome of leadership and grace.

Cynthia McKinney   Cynthia is available to speak at meetings, conferences, conventions, universities, and more. She brings to her speeches a range of experiences and insight on the issues facing our world today, as well as her Southern warmth and engaging style. Anyone interested in exploring the possibility of having Ms. McKinney speak at your next event is urged to contact her through Great Black Speakers.   Cynthia McKinney has become an i...

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Sonja Sohn

Celebrity Servant: lives to fuse her entertainment expertise with her passion for service through empowering troubled youth and struggling families living in marginalized communities.

Sonja SohnSonja Sohn was born and raised in the South, primarily in Newport News, VA, to an African American father and Korean mother during the post civil rights era. After a youth filled with love, struggle and small triumphs, Sohn set her sights on New York City where she lived for two decades, briefly attending various colleges and eventually marrying and raising two daughters before moving to Baltimore in 2003.In her late teens, Sohn found h...

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Michael BlakeMichael Blake humbly refers to the words of his mother who said that they went “From No House to The White House”.Michael is the National Deputy Director of Operation Vote, which oversees the constituency outreach programs for the Obama For America campaign.Operation Vote oversees all efforts to constituencies including but not limited to: African-Americans, Youth, Women, Hispanic, Faith, Veterans, Jewish, LGBT & Asian American Pacif...

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Dr. Patricia Pickles

Dr. Pickles is an educational expert who specializes in improving students' performance and creating schools of excellence.

Patricia L. Pickles (Ph.D.)Dr. Patricia is one of America’s most recognized names synonymous with improving students’ performance and closing achievement gaps. Dr. Patricia has demonstrated her in-depth expertise while serving as a teacher, adjunct professor, principal, superintendent of schools, senior director for the state department of education, and as a consultant. Patricia knows what it takes to dissolve low performing schools and create s...

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Maimah Karmo

Inspirational, motivational speaker, non-profit development, women's health, empowerment expert, leadership, community activism, single mothers, self esteem, young black women and author.

Maimah KarmoMaimah is the Founder of Tigerlily Foundation and an eight year survivor of breast cancer, who recently received the Congressional Black Caucus Leadership in Advocacy Award for her work with young women and breast cancer.In 2009, she spoke on Capitol Hill, alongside Representative Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, now Democratic National Committee Chair, to introduce the Breast Cancer Education and Awareness Requires Learning Young (EARL...

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Matthew Fogg

'And Justice For All' - Renowned Federal Agent Whistleblower on racism behind the blue wall of silence - Law enforcement subject matter expert - EEO Expert - 1st Responder at NYC Ground Zero on 9/11

Matthew F. FoggExecutive Director, “And Justice For All” INC. Matthew Fogg – and justice for all BIOGRAPHY “One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson Matthew F. Fogg retired as a Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal with 34 years of outstanding public service. He is currently the Federally Employed Women (www.FEW.org) National Vice President for Congressional Relations and the only male FEW National Board Member. Matthew is the 2013 Nationa...

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Dr. Zachery Williams

Public Intellectual that focuses on Black History and Studies, Politics and Public Policy, Black Religion and the Black Church, and Black Men

Dr. Zachery WilliamsA native of Greenwood, South Carolina, Dr. Zachery Williams is Associate Professor of History at The University of Akron. He is the Director of the Africana Cultures and Policy Studies Institute, a non-partisan scholar-activist public policy think tank that uses African American History to understand and solve major public policy issues and social problems. As a scholar and public intellectual, he has published articles in Th...

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Dr. Bryant Cameron Webb

A 30-Year-Old Triple Threat (Doctor, Lawyer & Social Entrepreneur) specializing in Healthcare, Health Law and Health Policy.

Dr. Bryant Cameron WebbBryant Cameron Webb, M.D., J.D. is a Resident Physician in Internal Medicine at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center. He completed his undergraduate education at the University of Virginia, majoring in interdisciplinary studies through the University’s Echols Scholars program. After leaving U.Va., he sharpened his interests by developing a combined MD/JD graduate education program. He received his Juris Doctora...

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Jacqueline Wade

Afrocentric Empowerment, Afrocentric Perspectives for Social Chane, Lasting Black Liberation, Social Change, Afrocentric Activism, Afrocentric Womanism

Jacqueline E. Wade, Ph.D.   Dr. Jacquelineis a scholar, educator, lecturer, trainer, program administrator, organizational manager, and consultant. She is a retired Associate Professor in the Department of Social Work at Middle Tennessee State University, in Murfreesboro, TN, but continues to teach at MTSU on a part-time basis. Her part-time teaching duties are required courses focusing on cultural diversity and the development of cultural comp...

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Anthony Carter

Speaker specialized in surviving unemployment, mentoring, GLBTQ Issues, Relationships, HIV/AIDS personal responsibility for achieving goals.

Anthony CarterAnthony is a writer, actor and teacher. He is adjusting to life on the West Coast after years of being a theater rat in NYC.A semifinalist in the Strawberry One Act Festival 2007 with his play, Breakfast for Dinner, Anthony Carter combines his love of theatre, writing, storytelling and black queer feminist theory to create projects that inspire all to greatness.His book: Unfettered Mind: The Importance of Black Male Mental Health, r...

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Taiwo Kujichagulia Seitu

Griot, Coloratura Soprano, Entrepreneur, Educator, and Acclaimed Playwright

Taiwo Kujichagulia-Seitu Mrs. Taiwo is a coloratura soprano, dancer, educator and griot (historian, storyteller, entertainer, musician, praise singer). With a performance history spanning over 2 decades, Taiwo has performed for such legends as Kathrine Dunham, Geronimo Ji Jaga Pratt, Nelson Mandela, Regina Bell, Pharaoh Sanders, and Dizzy Gillespie. She has performed with Phavia Kujichagulia and Ma’at, E.W. Wainwright’s African Roots of Jazz, O...

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Rahiel Tesfamariam

Activist, writer, public theologian and cultural critic. Columnist for The Washington Post and founder/ publisher of UrbanCusp.com, an online lifestyle magazine.

Rahiel Tesfamariam Rahiel is the Founder/Publisher of Urban Cusp, a cutting-edge online lifestyle magazine highlighting progressive urban culture, faith, social change and global awareness. Rahiel is also a columnist for The Washington Post. Born in war-torn Eritrea a decade prior to independence, Rahiel Tesfamariam’s roots can be traced off the coast of the Red Sea. As a product of her nation’s tenacious struggle for self-determination, she we...

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Chaz Shepherd

Singer, Writer, Producer, Composer, Actor, Speaker, Activist and Host.

Chaz ShepherdChaz is the 20th Century Self-Motivational & Inspirational Speaker, dedicated to helping you become Better. From singing your soul happy and invoking a better you to hosting the Apollo theater, Chaz reaches for you one way or another. Chaz Shepherd was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he still lives. The son of the great Cheryl Shepherd and Ronald Shepherd, Chaz inherited creative talent and Charisma that pleasantly touches ...

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Nigel Walker

Teacher • Author • Poet • Speaker • Community Activist

Nigel L. WalkerThrough his education, professional experience, and community service, Nigel L. Walker has developed into an esteemed educator, poet, author, motivational speaker and community activist. He is a 2010 - 2011 Teacher of the Year Candidate and honored member of the Biltmore (now Covington) Who's Who Professional Registry for excellence in education. He has published 2 poetry books and has recently released his newest work, The Undergr...

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Doshon FaradMr. Doshon Farad was educated at William Paterson University in Wayne, NJ, where he majored in Communications and African-American studies. Mr. Farad has been pursuing journalism since his freshmen year in college in 1996. He has nearly twenty years of experience in broadcasting, TV and radio. Some of Mr. Farad's influences include Gil Noble, Dr. Tony Brown, Ed Gordon, Tavis Smiley and Dr. Michael Eric Dyson. Farad delves into issues...

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Dr. Annalise Fonza

Writer, Scholar, Atheist, Ex-Pastor, and Womanist Educating for Community Empowerment and Critical Consciousness

annalise fonza, Ph.D. Dr. Annalise Fonza is an educator in every sense of the word, but she believes that education is not limited to the classroom. She is an ex-United Methodist clergywoman who is now an atheist. A womanist in standpoint and political orientation, she often writes, offers social and political commentary, and she lectures enthusiastically on a diverse range of topics with emphasis on the interconnectedness of race, gender, class...

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Christopher Chestnut"Pursuing Justice...Because You Deserve It"   Acknowledged by President Barack Obama as a National Emerging Leader, Christopher M. Chestnut, Esq. is America’s next great voice for legal justice. Chestnut, a Florida native and graduate of Florida State and University of Florida’s Levine School of Law, served on the Florida finance team for then presidential candidate Obama, which helped lead to a convincing victory in the bat...

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Bertha Lewis

President and Founder of the The Black Institute, & Former CEO of ACORN

Bertha M. Lewis Bertha Lewis is the President & Founder of The Black Institute, which she founded in 2010 to assist with holistically addressing systematic issues faced by Black people and of Color communities in the United States and throughout the Diaspora. Prior to her work with The Black Institute, Ms. Lewis was a life-long community activist and organizer. Bertha's work as a leader has been recognized time and again by several prominent org...

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Lyndia Grant

National Monument, Project Director; Newspaper Columnist; Radio Host; those who hear the memorable and thought provoking messages by this powerhouse speaker are changed forever; learn from her proven success principles!

Lyndia Grant A national monument maker, Lyndia served as project director of the African American Civil War Memorial from the 1991 groundbreaking to the 1998 unveiling which was broadcast live on CNN, CSPAN and seen on 163 TV stations across the nation. A seasoned radio talk show host, national newspaper columnist, and major special events manager, Lyndia is a change agent. Those who experience hearing messages by this powerhouse speaker are ch...

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Ayinde Jean-Baptiste

Son of the African Diaspora; reclaiming revolutionary black pasts toward revolutionary human futures.

Ayinde Jean-Baptiste Ayinde is neither an entertainer nor the next ‘great black leader’. He is a Sanba, a Kreyol appellation which encompasses poet/ griot/ keeper of memory/ servant of truth. Born in Brooklyn, on Umoja, the youngest child of a hard, demanding love, he was raised in Chicago and Evanston, IL as a member of a large extended family of blood and political relations, and as a master of ceremonies. He has shared his truth in hundreds o...

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Joy Cook

Servant Leader who has dedicated her life to changing the world through strategic communication, community service, and women’s empowerment

Joy CookJoy Cook is an experienced professional in making and fostering relationships through digital engagement. This has placed her among top professionals in managing the online community. Affectionately, titled “Ms. Twitter” by the front page of a popular publication, Joy has positioned herself as one of the nation's top authorities on Twitter (@JoyCookPR). Joy took her Twitter talents to the White House when she was selected as one of the i...

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Christopher J. Tyson Chris is an Assistant Professor of Law at the Paul M. Hebert Law Center at Louisiana State University. His teaching and scholarship focuses on the areas of local government law, real estate and urban development. Professor Tyson’s interests also include matters of race, politics and youth mentoring. Prior to joining the faculty of the LSU Law Center, he practiced as a real estate and land use attorney with the law firm Jones ...

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Dr. Edward Summers

Scholar, Educator, Motivational Speaker, and Community Advocate

Dr. Edward SummersEducator, Scholar, Professor, Motivational Speaker, and Political ScientistEdward Summers is one of the youngest executives in higher education and a prominent voice on issues such as access to higher education, cost, affordability, management of higher education, developing sound community and government relations programs, and institutional effectiveness and management. He also conducts research on politics, community and econ...

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Jennifer North

We must seek solutions that will empower our communities and inspire our youth to take pride in their heritage.

Jennifer NorthOrganizational Development Consultant Jennifer North provides expertise and service throughout the not-for-profit sector. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal and Justice Studies from Governors State University as well as a Master of Arts in Political and Justice Studies. Jennifer has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the not-for-profit program development field, including strategic and comprehensive planning.With a goal to ...

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Charlene Hampton Holloway

Black R.N. specializing in Civil Rights, marched beside Dr. M.L.King, Jr in 1961, jailed at 13 yrs. for social changes

Charlene Hampton HollowayCharlene, RN, author of WHITLOCK'S COMPOSITIONS, is a retired R.N. born in Louisville, KY.  She is a graduate of JCTC, 1975. Mrs. Holloway also attended Western Kentucky University.  She has been married to Chet Holloway, formerly of Breckinridge County, KY for nearly 44 years.  They have two adult daughters, 1992 graduates of University of Louisville and one adult son who attended University of Louisville.  Mrs. Holloway...

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