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Michael Graves

Change in Order to Survive...The Professional and Personal Challenges of Starting a Business in a Recession

Michael GravesAn exceptionally motivated, sales and marketing professional who has effectively led large and diverse organizations to achieve profitable results and consistently exceed industry growth averages.  A results-driven executive with a proven track record of success; designing, establishing, launching and revitalizing corporate brands by utilizing consumer insights, social media and analytics. A charismatic leader, committed to exceedin...

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Lawrence WatkinsLawrence Watkins is one of America’s leading entrepreneurship and personal achievement experts. His journey has taken him from an ultra-underachiever in high school to a graduate of an Ivy League business school as well as the Owner of Great Black Speakers, Great Pro Speakers, Co-Founder of Ujamaa Deals, and Principal of Sachs Technologies. Lawrence was born and raised in Louisville, KY to a police officer father and a mother who...

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Lenora Billings Harris

Lenora is a Certified Professional Speaker (CSP), a past president of the National Speakers Association, and will be the 2014 president of the Global Speakers Federation.

Lenora Billings-HarrisCertified Speaking Professional (CSP)Diversity and Inclusion is a full-time focus, not just one topic among many for Lenora Billings-Harris. Her ability to transform multifaceted diversity and inclusion concepts into immediately applicable "how to's" have enabled her to help organizations intentionally create and sustain inclusive work cultures that challenge each individual to accelerate their efforts toward achieving maxim...

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Lauren Maillian BiasLauren Maillian Bias is the Founder and CEO of Luxury Market Branding™, a strategic marketing company.A serial entrepreneur, at age 19, Lauren founded a boutique winery that quickly became an internationally recognized award-winning wine brand, making her the youngest self-made winery owner in the country. She served as the Chief Operating Officer of the company from inception through the brand’s acquisition in 2011.Lauren is ...

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Dr. Jason Johnson

Breaking down the tough issues with wit and common sense & bringing the people back into politics

Dr. Jason JohnsonDr. Jason is a professor, political analyst and public speaker. Fresh, unflappable, objective, and known for his ability to break down complex stories with wit and candor Dr. Jason Johnson is an up and coming voice in political and social commentary.Dr. Johnson is the author of the new book Political Consultants and Campaigns: One Day to Sell, which has been featured in Campaigns and Elections magazine and National Public radio. ...

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Don Moore

Multicultural marketing evangelist specializing in media, advertising and new business opportunities.

Don MooreDon has +20 years of experience in a wide variety of business disciplines including digital marketing, sales, traditional broadcast and media marketing, as well as general management of large organizations. As the former President of Burrell Communications’ Digital Division, a part of the Publicist Group (the third largest advertising holding company in the world), Don managed all aspects of the agency’s digital practice. His responsibi...

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Robert L. Greene (Bob)Robert is an accomplished business executive, investment professional, public servant, and philanthropist with deep expertise and broad experience at transforming opportunities into successes!   Bob is a Principal with Syncom Venture Partners; a leading venture capital firm focused on multistage equity investments in high growth segments of the Media & Communications industry. Bob leads Syncom’s Investor Relations and Busi...

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Kevin Johnson

Successful entrepreneur and author who specializes in giving people practical steps to achieve greatness in business and life.

Kevin D. Johnson   Kevin, 34, President of Johnson Media Inc. and a serial entrepreneur, has several years of experience leading his multimillion-dollar marketing and communications company that now serves many of the most notable Fortune 100 businesses. As an innovative leader, he has appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America, CBS, Oprah Radio, and in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Moreover, he has appeared on CNN frequently.   ...

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Nkrumah Pierre

Dynamic Connector, Mentor, Motivator and Master Networker!

Nkrumah PierreNkrumah is the Managing Director of Business Development with My Business Matches, an online portal that connects buyers and suppliers based on business categories and tracks the business results between buyers and capable/qualified suppliers.Nkrumah spearheads global sales and business development efforts to clients ranging from chambers of commerce and trade associations to multinational investment banks, telecommunication conglom...

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Dr. Will Moreland

America's #1 Leadership Life Trainer, Bestselling Author and a Top Keynote Speaker

Dr. Will MorelandA father that was in jail, a single mother of two and living in what was considered the worst city in America doesn't sound like a recipe for success. Throw in a low self-esteem, a speech impediment and a sense of hopelessness and you will have the beginning of Dr. Will's journey. Growing up in Compton, California at a time where the drug problem, gang violence and murder rate was at an all time, Dr. Will made a critical CHOICE i...

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Dr. Laquita C. BlocksonDr. Laquita, also known as the “Business Renaissance Guru,” is a business/organizational ethics expert as well as an entrepreneurship and urban economic development scholar.  She has extensive experience providing lectures for, facilitating workshops for, and providing guidance to small businesses, community development corporations, executive education programs, affiliates of national nonprofit organizations, and aspiring ...

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Dezmon LandersDezmon is a startup entrepreneur, blogger and avid traveler. He specializes in the study and execution of startup businesses and is the founder of Startup Expert, an entrepreneurial advisory service in Atlanta, GA.   Dezmon loves startups and has started 8 technology and service based companies since 2003. Along the way, he's gained an immense amount of knowledge on building startup companies. In 2005, he realized there were thing...

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Kaneisha GraysonKaneisha Grayson is an entrepreneur, writer, and speaker who provides practical tips for achieving one’s dreams despite the odds. She founded her business “The Art of Applying” to coach non-traditional applicants as they apply to top MBA and other graduate programs. She uses the power of effective storytelling to propel people to achieve their most audacious goals and dreams. Kaneisha Grayson has been featured on MBAPodcaster as w...

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James Bullet Hickman

Publisher, national best-selling author, CEO, motivational speaker, documentary film maker, entrepreneur and visionary.

Publisher, Author, Entrepreneur, CEO, and Documentary Filmmaker James Bullet Hickman shares his expertise in showing us how to dream big and the attitude we need to accomplish our biggest dreams. James Bullet Hickman mastery of business in his powerful book Motivation the Self Starting Entrepreneurs Guide to Business, touching subjects of personal empowerment and business motivation. * How to write a business plan* How to turn your ideas into a ...

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Thomas Gambrell

Your Business Success Coach, Time Management and Peak Performance Guru • Co-Author of 'Success on God’s Terms: How to THINK, SPEAK and PERFORM to SEE the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth'

C. Thomas GambrellThomas is an eminent speaker, trainer and business success coach. He provides success strategies coaching and learning management consulting services to solve training delivery, knowledge transfer and information exchange problems for business owners, member associations, corporations, not-for-profit organizations and public sector clients.As a professional success coach, C. Thomas Gambrell addresses audiences throughout the nat...

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Zuhairah Washington

Entrepreneur and business professional with technology, finance, and product/business development experience in global markets.

Zuhairah Washington I am an entrepreneur and seasoned business professional with over a decade of technology, finance, and product/business development experience in global markets including London, Dubai, New York, and Washington, DC working with Fortune 500 companies, vc-backed startups, and government and non-profit organizations. I am passionate about leveraging technology to build profitable, innovative, and disruptive products that improv...

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Tiphani MontgomeryWhen I was 12, they told me I was stupid — and prescribed ‘smart pills’ (aka, Ritalin) to wrestle my brain into a state of submission. I fed them to my Rottweiler. They worked like a charm.   When I was 21, they told me I’d never amount to anything — so I took my baby daughter, moved to a new state, self-published a book of poetry, and sold 2,500 copies in less than a month…from behind the bar where I mixed drinks & hustled ti...

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Ash Kumra

Entrepreneur, public speaker, and 'Dreamer' whose purpose is to make the world better.

Ash KumraAsh is an award-winning entrepreneur and public speaker most recently recognized by the White House as one of the top 100 young entrepreneurs making an impact for America.Ash is a founder of DreamItAlive.com; an online community dedicated to guiding people to create, believe and live out their dreams using virtual dream boards. Ash has been recognized for excellence in entrepreneurship from institutions and luminaries such as the White H...

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Maisha Walker

Helping marketing executives and entrepreneurs understand how to leverage the Internet to build a brand and drive traffic and revenue.

Maisha WalkerMaisha is the president of message medium, a New York City Internet Strategy firm that uses Web site design, Internet marketing, and educational and strategic consulting to help small businesses create the greatest impact, the highest ROI, the biggest digital footprint and the most dynamic brand online. Maisha's firm has provided strategic, design, marketing and technical guidance for initiatives in every space of industry - editoria...

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Cherese Jackson

If you're ready to take your organization from worry to WOW, I am ready to empower you!

Cherese L. JacksonDirect, witty, and relevant are just a few words to describe the incredible gift resident in Life Coach Cherese Jackson. Drawing from traumatic situations in her past and the power of focus to overcome them, Cherese seems to cut directly to the issues at hand whenever she speaks. Having traveled extensively as a developer of Non-Profit & For-Profit organizations and churches she has always seemed to find herself as a coach, con...

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James Nemley

The Better Business Builder

James (Jim) Nemley, LPBC, CBP, CFLT, CEDP, CMA, CF, Chief Executive Officer "If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got." Jim is into Attitude Adjustment. He feels that it is important to change the mind of the individual in order to affect different results, especially in the case of business owners. For more than 25 years Jim has put entrepreneurs and business owners on the right track to success. As Chief Coach...

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Jon Gosier

Self-made tech entrepreneur and human rights activist.

Jon GosierJon Gosier is a respected blogger, software developer, and designer working at the intersection of open data, human rights, and African development. He is the founder or co-founder of several organizations and initiatives including AfriLabs, Appfrica, Abayima, Hive Colab, MetaLayer and SeedCapitalAfrica. And has held a Executive leadership roles at others including Ushahidi and QuestionBox. In 2012 Jon founded Abayima, a non-profit or...

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Steven Washington

Master-Middleman in the business world and passionately teaches audiences around the country how to start a business on a budget

Steven WashingtonSteven was born to be an entrepreneur. At the ripe age of eleven, Steven took on his first job working aside a small business owner and it was then that he quickly realized that being an entrepreneur was without doubt exactly what he wanted to do with his life. From that point on, Steven read every book he could find on business, asked numerous questions of every entrepreneur he met, and made every effort possible to one day real...

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Lisa Bonner

Entertainment Lawyer, legal and popular culture commentator, entrepreneur, freelance writer and motivational speaker.

Lisa BonnerLisa provides counsel for large media companies, film distribution companies, and music, television and film producers, artists and writers. Ms. Bonner represents clients in all aspects of media and entertainment transactional matters. Lisa advises clients in the music industry with respect to the negotiation of artist, producer, and music publishing agreements at major and independent record labels, she also negotiates agreements for...

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Toni Judkins

Toni speaks about Media (multimedia content creation) and Life Fulfillment topics from the POV of her MOXY brand. Maximizing Opportunities of Xtraordinary Yearnings!

Toni Judkins   As a television programming and production executive, I have had extensive success developing unique and memorable television experiences encompasses scripted series, live performance documentaries, mini-series and news/reality programming. For over 15 years, networks have relied on me to deliver exceptional programming and my value proposition includes:   Success conceptualizing, developing, and producing relevant, engaging, a...

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Barrett Matthews

The 'Get It Done' Coach, who takes a 'No Excuses' approach to helping you reach your goals and moving you from Employee To Entrepreneur.

Barrett MatthewsBarrett is a dynamic speaker, author and a coach. Known for his "kick in the rear" approach to coaching, Barrett leads people into an environment where ACTION is expected and EXCUSES are prohibited. This approach to leadership prompted him to write the book, "Why Didn't You Get It Done?", which has been read internationally.With over 20 years of experience in business as a leader, a teacher and teammate, Barrett Matthews felt a ne...

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Dennis Dortch

Dennis is a storytelling pioneer, discovering and creating new models for content creation, brand expansion, audience building and monetization in the digital space.

Dennis DortchDennis is an acclaimed filmmaker (IFP Gotham Award Nominee, Breakthrough Director) and New Media entrepreneur.   His 2008 Sundance Film A GOOD DAY TO BE BLACK AND SEXY was distributed by Magnolia pictures, licensed by Showtime and is currently available on Netflix.   Dennis parlayed the films’ cult following into the launch of the BLACK&SEXY TV digital network in 2011. With over 65,000 subscribers & 6 million network views to dat...

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Julian ParisJulian is the founder and chairman of The Mary Leak Foundation, a Southern California nonprofit. The foundation is named posthumously after his mother, a strong advocate of community service. Julian was born and raised in New England, where he attended both public and preparatory schools. His collegiate exposure began in primary school with academic enrichment programs at such institutions as Yale University, Wesleyan University and t...

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