Republicans: An old, white, dying breed of voter?

By - Shirley Husar On Dec 21, 2012

Republicans: An old, white, dying breed of voter?

I hear all of the time from liberals that "the Republicans are old white men, red necks and racists. They're in thrall to tea-baggers, who do not understand or give a darn about minorities."

If only other Republicans knew how often I had this hateful brew (hatred of white male conservatives is still socially acceptable on the left) shoved down my throat. But what's been directed at me personally is worse: I have been called a sell-out, hater of a brother (meaning Obama), and numerous choice words I can't share here (hatred of conservative black women from the left is trickier, but even more heart-felt).

Urban Republicans fight for justice, truth and the American way, we do it in the face of visceral hate, and we do it without much support from the rest of the GOP. Why do white Republicans not get it? Why do they not listen to the Black Republicans who are writing, blogging, tweeting and calling them out? We're here! Why don't you hear us?

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  • reneegede

    They don’t hear you because to them, you’re nothing but a n-word and they don’t care how conservative you are. You are invisible and meaningless, so don’t get it twisted.

    • You are wrong. If you know your history the Republican Party was the first to give blacks the right to vote. This is a perfect time to become a Republican. Please read the whole article. 🙂

    • We minority Republicans are eager to help lead our communities out of the bondage of Democratic, urban politics. We, more than anyone, understand the need. We see what people like Maxine Waters and Jesse Jackson, Jr., have brought us in terms of jobs and development – nothing – we see that they’ve established themselves in hereditary fiefdoms (who’s on the short list to replace JJ, Jr.? Why, his siblings, of course) and enriched themselves, and we want that to change.

      And what has been the response of the GOP? It’s ignored us. They’ve been conditioned by the racist, defeatist, self-destructive rhetoric that has come from the Democrats. Rather than go to black communities with open minds, Republican leadership surrounds itself with white advisors who interpret black communities they don’t understand, a culture that’s as alien to them as theirs would be to a Manchu emperor’s. It’s important to understand the issues and economic theory, but that understanding is impotent without an understanding of the culture of the people you want to help.

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  • ModerateDeen

    You are not a sellout. You have different political beliefs. No, I am not Conservative or Liberal. I am an Independent of Moderate views. I agree with Republicans on alot of fiscal issues. On social issues, I agree with the Democrats.
    However I love and respect President Obama but I don’t always agree with him, I was called a sellout too just because I don’t fully agree with President Obama’s policies but I do think he was and is a much better choice than Romney.

    • Thank you ModerateDeen you add value to my viewpoints 🙂