Reevaluate Your Life

By - Dr. Shonta Smith On Jan 28, 2014

Reevaluate Your Life

There will be various points in life where you have to reevaluate what’s going on. You may have to review a situation, change the company you keep, move forward or even let go of something you have been holding on to. The process of reevaluating requires you to assess what has transpired and determine the impact the situation has on your life. Depending on your mindset the situation will either move you forward, cause you to be at a standstill, and unfortunately, for some, it may even take you back to a place you never hoped to return to. There are a number of questions you need to ask yourself. How did I get to this point? What role did I play? What lesson am I to learn from this experience, and what action must I take to move forward? Answering these questions will create a clear picture.

Clarity is necessary in order to move in the right direction. If one is unclear, it becomes more difficult to take the essential steps to empower thyself. Reevaluating life is not a simple task. When you look at the man or woman in the mirror, the reflection you see may not be pleasing to the eye. Although not pleasing, you except what stands in front of you and work to make the needed changes to improve your life. Clarity provides a clear picture of your past, present and future self. It gives you a picture like no other because it’s real. It does not allow you to run and hide. It forces you in a corner and makes you put your big girl shoes on. Clarity demands that you make a decision. The decision you make will determine what is in store for your life.

Your life is what you make it. We all go through storms, but it is what you do after the storm. If you do nothing, you get nothing. However, if you push forward and sow seeds of prosperity you will reap what you sow. Stop beating up on yourself and reevaluate your life. If your seeds have been planted firmly in the ground and you have watered and nurtured them, you will have a bountiful harvest.

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