#Newsflash: ‘White People’ Are Not The Problem

By - Tim Carthon On Feb 21, 2014

#Newsflash: ‘White People’ Are Not The Problem

(Blog Segment: Economics and Race)


Yes, you read the title correctly. White people are not the problem. (Wait, I wasn't supposed to say that out loud, was I?)

#RPP...#RedPillPlease...Let me take you back...

See, the problem started with the brainwashing of white supremacy centuries ago.

No, no, I'm not being cynical. Just hear me out...

As I was saying, the brainwashing of white supremacy started centuries ago and was (and still is) brilliant. They've made it the "default" good, hence why there are no "White History Months" that are 'named.' It's because the remaining months are 'automatically' theirs.

And now, 'they' literally are silently attempting to remove all traces of slavery from many new text books while simultaneously spending billions to make people believe that the reason billions of humans are poor and starving is because they're simultaneously "lazy and greedy." 'They' are not playing with you anymore. The war against the poor has begun.

Yes, you read that correctly. The war against the poor has begun, and, unfortunately, this war is no accident. 'They' planned it.

Oh, who are 'they,' you ask?

You know who 'they' are. You're just used to calling 'they' by other names:

"The man."
"The powers that be."

The funny thing is that, over the years, I came to realize that yes, there is a "they." Yes, there is a "The man." I just realized that it is not a person or persons, but a 'system.'

'They' are brilliant at messaging because 'they' want to keep the money and the power because money and power allows them to keep control of the system. And, by 'coloring' the messaging argument, 'they' use poor, low-information and race-compromised white voters to help them; getting them to vote against their own interests and rail against the very people who are on their side:

Poor, working-class minorities.

Unfortunately, many poor white Americans don't understand that the fight is not against whites and 'blacks.' The fight is the rich and powerful against the poor...white or 'black.'


...the rich and powerful know all too well about the actual war that is raging due to the first massive barrage of economic missiles in their initial stealth attack being launched in the mid 1980s. Fast-forward to now, and 'they' have upgraded their messaging techniques, are tripling down on their proverbial 'aerial assaults,' and using their money and power to launch and sustain massive, purposeful power grab and misinformation campaigns.

How are they doing this? It's simple:

1.) They're Consolidating Power: They're combining all of these huge, powerful businesses through mergers which should not be approved, but are being approved due to the money and power pushing the merger deals, all to:

A.) Consolidate power into the hands of only a few individuals in order to control the masses through "need and narrative," dependency and messaging, and...

B.) Make the company "Too big to fail" so as to raise the percentage of possibility that, no matter what they do to hurt the economy or how much of the company monies they 'reallocate' to their pockets, the American people will come to their financial rescue, ensuring long-term company viability, along with their individual profitability.

2.) They're Using the "False Equivalency" Tactic: They're trying to make both sides of the argument look "legitimate", regardless if what they are saying has been factually proven incorrect repeatedly by worthy news sources, scientists, economists, other scholars, and the simple facts themselves. In essence, make everyone confused and they will either believe no one and tune out -or- they will return to their default positions, which were come to by a...

3.) Sustained Misinformation Campaign: They're repeating lies to you so many times through so many mediums (all owned by 'They') until you actually believe what they're saying is true, and then you actually vote against your own interests based off of the messaging they've used to brainwash you.

"You're living in a dream world, Neo." ~ Morpheus (from the movie, "The Matrix")

Wake up from your misinformed, messaging-induced slumber, because it has gotten serious out here since the Citizen's United ruling. You remember that 2010 Supreme Court of the United States ruling, right? The 2010 Citizens United SCOTUS ruling gave corporations 'People' status, giving 'they' access to the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, freedom of speech and all; a speech which SCOTUS determined to be their money, hence that speech...their money...could not be limited. In other words, through the Citizens United ruling, the rich and powerful are now legally free to buy politicians.

Yes, seriously.

So now, the politicians don't have to act like they care because they no longer work for the humans of the United States. They work for Citizens United's "We, the People." So ask yourself: Was that SCOTUS ruling a ruling for whites, minorities, the poor, or the rich?

Did that question even need to be asked?

So you see, 'white people' are not the problem. Racist, classist white people who are drunk with money and power and purposely attack the most vulnerable and needy among us...and poor people who are walking around ignoring the fact that they're in those racist, classist, rich white people's #Matrix and are allowing themselves to be used as economic human missiles against their own class...that right there is the problem.

No, I'm not being cynical.  I'm just "awake."  It's not minorities against whites. It's the rich -vs.- the poor...the supposed selfish -vs.- the supposed lazy. And the mantra for both sides seems to be, "You're either with us, or against us."

God Help America...


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  • Keisa Marie King

    I LOVE THIS!!!! “They” have been brainwashing the citizens of this country for a very very long time. That is why I stopped watching the news.Through the media “they” will make you believe so many things that are just not true. After 9/11 I began questioning if the very people we vote into office every other year are actually for us which I have found they are not. Its disheartening to say this least. Money buys power and with power you control everything.