Maxine Waters and the devastation of an urban ‘Area 51

By - Shirley Husar On Dec 12, 2012

Maxine Waters and the devastation of an urban ‘Area 51

Imagine living in a demilitarized war zone, an environment where helicopters circle your neighborhood for hours every night. Imagine a place that has regular car chases, a neighborhood where football stadiums leave their lights on all night for safety. City leaders and the police tell you that—because of the crime in that part of the city—the lights must be left on. Imagine feeling powerless, with little hope for any sense of normalcy. Imagine how demoralizing and depressing your life would be, parents simply wanting to get their children "the hell out" to raise them in a normal life.

It’s not imaginary. It’s real. Welcome to District 35 in inner city Los Angeles, California—also known as Area 51.

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