GBS Speakers Common & Sheldon Candis Team Up for LUV Movie

By - Common On Jan 02, 2013

GBS Speakers Common & Sheldon Candis Team Up for LUV Movie

Upcoming film “Luv”, directed by Sheldon Candis and starring rapper/actor Common, is a hopeful coming-of-age story of what it’s like to follow your hero and how to become your own. Both Common and Sheldon Candis are African-American icons and are available for public speaking through Great Black Speakers.

Eleven year old Woody Watson is a Baltimore orphan with a timid personality who dreams only to have better life, as his mother is missing and expected to be in North Carolina fighting a drug addiction. Woody considers his uncle Vincent to be the father figure he never had in his life. Vincent lived a difficult life as a street hustler and drug dealer, but is now fresh off an eight year sentence in prison and wants to take a new path in his life. One faithful day Vincent passes his nephew's elementary school and offers to teach Woody “how a man handles his business”. Woody takes the opportunity to join his uncle on an excursion to learn some life lessons. Vincent explains his plans to plans to open his own crab shack restaurant out of an abandoned, run-down warehouse. However, when his bank loan is denied and the money was no longer attainable the legitimate way, the temptations for Vincent to return to his old life working for Baltimore crime boss Mr. Fish begin. Vincent’s optimism quickly spirals downward into a world of violence and crime once again and Woody starts to have doubts about his hero. Woody is face with a choice where he must ultimately decide where he stands on heroism.

With his Multi-Grammy Award winning music career and his continued work in film, Common has emerged as one of Hollywood's most sought after leading men. He has been seen on the silver screen in films such as ”Smokin’ aces”, “American Gangster”, “Wanted”, “Terminator salvation” and was most recently in “Date night” and “Just right”. Previous to his acting career, COMMON had his title as one of hip-hops most respected lyricists, having recorded over eight albums. In 2004, he partnered rap music mega-star Kanye West to produce BE, which went on to garner four Grammy Award nominations.

Baltimore native Sheldon Candis is a graduate of the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Candis’ documentary “The Dwelling” chronicles the lives of two homeless men living along Tokyo's Sumida Gawa. The film is being distributed by Scion and Giant Robot magazine. Sheldon has also created viral short films for internet for various companies and world infamous street artist “Banksy”.

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