Live your Life in 3D: Discipline, Diligence & Determination

By - Gabrielle Jordan On Apr 24, 2014

Live your Life in 3D: Discipline, Diligence & Determination

Throughout my years in business, I have used three main principles—discipline, diligence and determination– to help me navigate through the turbulence of growing up and running a successful business. I believe that the three principles I use are beneficial to anyone at any age and I’d like to share them with you.


Many people, especially kids, assume that the word discipline is synonymous with the word consequence. And for a while, I believed the same thing. However, discipline is also defined as a willingness to make sacrifices and obey rules in order to get results.

I remember hearing my parents say, “Do the things other people won’t do now, so that you can do the things others can’t do later.” I always keep that in mind while I am doing things to grow my business and build the future I see for myself. Of course, I still take time to enjoy my life, but I also understand the significance of being disciplined so that I can continue to build my dreams. I encourage you to practice the principle of discipline now so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.


How many times have you told someone how hard you work? Sometimes, you may even say that you “work too hard. It’s very important to develop a good work ethic through hard work, but it’s equally as important to work intelligently so that you can appreciate all of the labor you’ve put towards reaching a goal.

Working smarter means that you’ve found a more productive way to get the job done. It means that you understand how important it is to reach a goal and you don’t want to miss out on the beauty of your journey towards reaching that goal. When you work hard but smartly, you’ve created a way to handle your responsibilities and remain diligent about your goals.


There is powerful force inside of you that pushes you to achieve your dreams against all odds. That force is determination. Without determination, which also fuels another force called passion, you might give up at the first sign of trouble. However determination reminds you about your goals and all of the things you’ve sacrificed towards achieve them.

When I was 11 years old, I wrote my first book. At first, it was for a writing competition, but when my book didn’t get past the state level in that competition, I decided that I wanted it to go farther and that competition wouldn’t be my finish line. I was determined to have children everywhere read my book. The determination I had to make my book a “winner” pushed me until it was published, despite all of the times I wanted to give up.

There’s a little voice inside of us telling us that “it’s time to quit”, “our dreams won’t pay off” or that “we should focus on doing something easier”. However, when you live your life in 3D—discipline, diligence and determination—you learn how to silence that voice and enjoy your life as an accomplished and happy person.

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