How to Get Mentioned by Top Bloggers

By - Charell Star On Mar 07, 2013

How to Get Mentioned by Top Bloggers

I'm a big believer in karma and the idea that you get back in life what you give. So, I was thrilled to share my tips for getting covered by popular blogs with Katie Morell of American Express' Open Forum. If you want to generate some buzz about your product or brand the article is a must read. I'll admit my experience in public relations and event planning gives me a small advantage in this area, but anyone who is willing to make the effort can have success.

Here are my top 3 recommendations for getting covered. Others may have longer lists, but you won't make it far without these three:

1. Do your research on the blog and blogger before you pitch. Most popular blog sites are free to read and some that charge can be outsmarted by typing the title of the article into Lord Google and clicking the relevant link that pops up. Knowing the blogger's area of interest and writing style will help you develop a pitch that will resonate more. Use sites like LinkedIN, Facebook, and Twitter (stalker) to find out what trending topics your target blogger is currently following. Gathering this information can help make your pitch appealing to the blogger.

2. Anticipate what the writer will need to make your pitch work and have it ready before you pick up the phone or click send. For example, if you are pitching the idea that a personal assistant is a great gift for the holiday, you should be armed with facts that show there is truth to that statement. Being able to offer supporting independent stats showing that Americans work longer hours leading up to the holidays coupled with quotes from happy clients that have been gifted time with a personal assistant makes your pitch an actual story start (like a wrapped present).

3. Have thick skin. Top blog sites are businesses and bloggers are people too. They get hundreds of story pitches every day and can't possible write about them all. It's not personal if they pass on your pitch. If a blogger isn't biting; (thank them for their time and) ask if there is anything that they are working on that you might be able to help with? You never know if they are struggling to get a quote from an expert in a field that you have a contact in. A little good karma goes a long way and may get you a write up in the future.


-A Bientôt:)

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