How College Rejection Turned into My Biggest Success

By - Darrell Bennett On Nov 18, 2012

How College Rejection Turned into My Biggest Success

Somebody needs to hear this!!

I was originally slated to go to the United States Military Academy at Westpoint and received my acceptance letter in the August before my senior year.  It was the happiest time of my life.  I was so proud.

Then, three months before my graduation, I got a letter saying my conditional letter of acceptance to Westpoint was revoked bc of a "history of asthma."   I cannot describe how defeated I felt.  I thought all my dreams of greatness were over.

I thought it was the worst setback of my life.  Now, however, I realize this whole situation was actually a SET-UP! I was pushing for good, but God was preparing me for GREAT.

Several years later, when I was speaking at my Harvard Law School graduation, I thought about that day in high school when I felt so low.  I couldn't have written the story any better.

You need to hear this now because somebody got a rejection letter and is thinking it's the end.  I'm here to tell you: it's just the beginning!  It might just turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to you...

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