Hill Harper Discusses the African-American Family

By - Hill Harper On Dec 30, 2012

Hill Harper Discusses the African-American Family

Hill Harper is not only a world-famous actor and speaker, but he has also made his mark as a bestselling author and philanthropist. He has worked to become a critically acclaimed author of three New York Times bestsellers: Letters to a Young Sister, Letters to a Young Brother, and The Conversation. Letters to a Young Brother has been named “Best Book for Young Adults” by the American Library Association since 2007. The main highlight of Hill’s acting career is starring in the most successful television drama (and franchise) in history, CSI: NY, playing the part of Dr. Sheldon Hawkes.

Hill’s recent video in a series he has been releasing on YouTube called “Harper Hill Discusses the African-American Family” is a friendly and informative discussion piece about the history and roots of the challenges and changes the African-American family can often face, personal opinions modern African-American families and methods to overcome such obstacles.

In this particular video in the series Hill does a lot of in-depth exploration of the actual common dysfunctions modern African-American families versus common disillusions about African-American family dating back to times of slavery and racial hardships. He discusses the modernly typical occurrence of multiple racial roots in African American families as well. Hill puts a great amount of emphasis on the dysfunctions’ and disillusions’ effect on African-American youth and the family structure they currently live with. He talks about the socio-economic and socio-psychological benefits of both parents being present in a family structure and the importance of problem solving amongst dysfunctional families.

Harper Hill’s warm and friendly personality combined with his informative and racially enlightening content creates an incredibly watchable and captivating five minutes for the viewer. The success of his series in without a doubt due to his in-depth knowledge of historical racial roots and global issues, but the pretty face doesn’t hurt either. (Did we mention he was voted of People Magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive?) Make sure to check out all of our other family speakers as well.

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