Book a High School Motivational Speaker for Your Next Event

By - Lawrence Watkins On Jan 05, 2013

Book a High School Motivational Speaker for Your Next Event

High school motivational speakers can encourage school spirit and higher academic performance, but more importantly they can become an inspiration to struggling youth in your secondary school. During adolescence teenagers find themselves lacking self-satisfaction and motivation due to piers, media, family life, romantic life, academic demand and many other influences. During high school youth can go down bad paths such as gang involvement, drug use, rejection of academic responsibilities and many scary others. It is a notoriously traumatic time in anyone’s life. A motivational speaker from Great Black Speakers can warn youth common of risks they may face or reach out to those who are having family struggles. Our public speakers and youth advocates cover a variety of topic pertaining to high school youth.

Here is a short list of our featured African-American High School Motivational Speakers:

Rohan Murphy

Rohan Murphy is a professional motivational speaker, but he has lived his whole life motivating people by his actions and is now motivating the youth of America by his words. Muphy’s story is a gripping tale of adversity, dedication, and learning to live life with purpose. Rohan Murphy lost his legs at birth, but started to wrestle his freshman year of high school. After a successful high school wrestling career he went on to wrestle at Penn State University. Despite his disability, he has become a star pro athlete and an icon of inspiration to many.

Koyah Rivera

As a highly revered visionary leader in the field of education, it is a mix of energy and passion that Koyah brings as she captivates her audiences. Koyah is the founder of Step N2 College, Inc., which has a mission of helping students with their transition from high school to post-secondary school, and is a highly-sought after speaker on the subjects of educational media and outreach services.

Al Duncan

Al Duncan is an award-winning youth advocate, publisher, and internationally recognized public speaking authority that travels across the globe educating and equipping young minds. As the leading motivational speaker for at-risk and troubled, Al has spoken in front of at least 1 million young people around the world. He is the owner of three successful businesses and he is the author of four books, including “My Success Journal For Young People”.

Jullien Gordon

Jullien Gordon is committed helping individuals and youth to increase their “personal velocity”, which he describes as bring their ability to “get where they want to go faster, safer, and happier”. Gordon, known as “The PurposeFinder”, is the country’s leading African-American public speaker on purpose and motivation for the new generation. He has 10 years of experience working with the millennial generation as a CEO, coach, and counselor and is the proud author of two phenomenal books.

Tiphani Montgomery

Tiphani Montgomery has a tragic yet inspiring personal story about the sad realities of parental abuse and romantic abuse, being used as a doormat and ultimately being controlled by others. Montgomery overcame her devastating childhood to become a published successful author of multiple novels and poetic anthologies and spreads a message of self-confidence and strength to youth across the nation.

Lakeisha McKnight

Award-winning motivational speaker, youth advocate and “Champion Builder” Lakeisha McKnight is known for speaking with high impact authority, engaging the hearts and minds of high school and college students along with various trouble youth. She has risen from being a victim to being a victor over childhood sexual abuse and has overcome a long battle with low self-esteem. McKnight is an inspiration to many and is sure to lift the hearts of any crowd.

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