Having Trouble Unleashing Your Greatness into the World?

By - Erica Nicole On Feb 27, 2015

Having Trouble Unleashing Your Greatness into the World?

There’s something that many of us tend to forget about business and entrepreneurship. Everyone has started where they were. And while the starting point is different for all of us, the journey and pursuit of excellence (something greater than you and me) is shared.

And in our shared journey a simple lesson is revealed. Once success is obtained; by whichever measure you define it, there must be something more. Sooner or later, you’ll realize that success wasn’t your true destination after all – instead, lingering in the shadows, awaiting its glory is … greatness.

Greatness in business is less about me and more about you. Think about leaders, innovators, and change agents that inspire you. It’s likely that, to you, they represent epic entrepreneurship … and somehow they transformed their success into something more than themselves – into something truly great.

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