Ground Floor Hustle- From Barely to Brilliance

By - Dr. Jeannetta “Jaybee” Nickelson On Aug 15, 2014

Ground Floor Hustle- From Barely to Brilliance

 ground floor hustle

I saw her, often. Sometimes in my dreams and at times while fully conscious. This woman on her way to her dreams, thriving and unapologetic pertaining to success. She was unbothered and ambitious. Humble and kind. I wanted to know the secret to being more acclimated with her and all the wisdom she possessed. She had a fire about her that made me want to do better, to be better. To set myself apart. After all, that’s exactly what she did. She took my breath away. I had this yearning deep within me to be a part of her and her quest. I wanted to encounter what she had to encounter and to go where she had gone to be who she had become. Maybe if I see the things she has seen and do what she has done, I could scratch the surface on who she was. I saw her. I admired her but it wasn't until  I acquiesced to the very thought and possibility of her that I became her. She in fact was me.

My life, in 31 short years has produced a series of trials and tribulation; heartache and pain. I have dealt with many situations that would make most want to doubt their mission, their vision and purpose. Yet, on this road called life, I have come to see that we are all engaged in a battle. A battle between who we are now and who we wish to become. There are days when we believe it and when we don’t yet the thing that we must realize is this: We are at the forefront of the battle. Our biggest problem and solution. Upon becoming truly aware of this, I watched my life change from being an overweight, underpaid, dissatisfied and troubled soul to a visionary with goals out of this world. I went from being down  to doing things I never thought I could do. I have also come to see my future unfolding in a positive way right before my eyes. So, how did this happen and what brought about the change… A little thing that I like to refer to as the Rewarded Visualization…

I always knew that there was more for me in life. I knew that I wanted success and I knew that if someone else could have it then I certainly could, however, I lacked the patience, vision and belief at some points to achieve it…I believe that an essential step to determine if you are ready to go to another level in life is for you to absolutely despise where you are...So much that it will cause you to run. Pretty soon, you will find yourself running all the way to where you want to be. The beauty of the process is having a front row seat to witness the change. I've learned 3 very important keys to the kingdom that I never plan to forget on the road to success that when applied will yield results:

You must see it for it to be possible
There is no greater power than the power of visualization. It is an absolute must to see the road you want to take before you get on it and go. The ability to visualize where you want to go will serve you as your personal navigation system. As you continue to visualize your path while setting goals along the way, you will begin to see everything around you change.

Success has a system
The age old saying reigns supreme: Practice makes perfect. What we continuously expose ourselves to is what we become accustomed to and in the end what becomes our reality. We are in the driver's seat when it comes to this. If you clearly define what it takes to get to where you want to go such as deciding to pursue a degree or opening a new business, what it takes to achieve that goal is the system of habits that need to be repeated until you arrive at your destination.

Personal Development is a MUST
The road to success is not a smooth one. It is one that takes discipline, and equally important, a solid mental state. Everything that you can imagine will come your way on the road to your destination to try and convince you to stop. It is in those testing periods that you become stronger and able to endure more. NEVER give up during those times! Having a great book to read, an empowerment speaker that inspires you or attending an event from time to time geared toward success are great ways to feed your mind and help to keep your head in the game.

I began to see my life change in a very short time after I directed my focus to my goals and achieving them. Success is ours for the taking. It is up to us to believe that we can have it, that we deserve it and that it is here to stay!

- Jaybee

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