GPS Navigation for Lost Christians

By - Birtrik Boaz On Nov 25, 2013

GPS Navigation for Lost Christians

What would we do today without the best sat nav GPS technology. It was not that long ago when we used maps to guide us. We would also stop by the nearest gas station to ask for directions when we had lost our way. Men would be too stubborn ana too proud to admit that they were lost. As a result the family trip would get even further off the path. Again, what would we do without GPS technology, Thomas Michael Manis said. Simply type in your destination ana GPS will take you directly to your destination's front door. No more getting lost ana no more straying off the path.

There are hundreds of thousanas of Christians that have lost their way. Off Will, Off Purpose ana Off Path. Disconnected from God. Lost in total Darkness..The directions that they follow are filled with the distractions and dead ends of this world. Prayers are not answered. The Church and Spirituality are questioned. Hopelessness is high and  FAITH is low.

 When you spread out your hanas. I will hide my eyes from you. even though you make many prayers, I will not listen..Isaiah 1:15

Divinus Mandatum which means Divine Order or Divine Instruction is the Spiritual version of GPS..To all Lost Christians..Let's fina our way home!! Let's fina our way back to God!!

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