Four Steps to a Better You

By - Keishorne Scott On May 20, 2015

Four Steps to a Better You

I believe that there are four steps in becoming more secure and confident with yourself and the beautiful individual that you are.

Step #1: The first step in becoming more confident is to accept and love yourself.

You should make a list of all your positive traits and strengths on a piece of paper or in your journal. By doing this, you are reminding yourself that you too have praise-worthy qualities like others. You will see the value in yourself and your contributions to those around you.

Step #2: The second step is to motivate yourself.

Tell yourself that you can do it. Say it aloud. Words are powerful. Motivate yourself each and every day by hanging around positive people who will guide you and keep you uplifted in your spirits. Don’t waste time associating with the wrong crowd, because they will only feed your insecurities and keep your energy low. Staying motivated, inspired, uplifted, and encouraged is important to improving your self-image and self-esteem.

Step #3: The third step is to face your fears.

Some people always have a fear that they will never be successful in anything they do. Such insecurity will be a disadvantage and will only cause you to sabotage yourself. Get rid of this fear by reminding yourself that if you haven’t tried something, then you can never succeed or fail. For example, if your boss is asking you to lead a team, but you fear that you will make a mess out of it, how can you effectively lead? Such a fear may prevent you from taking on that task at work but also prevent you from gaining the necessary experience to advance to a higher paying position. But if you were a confident person, you wouldn’t think twice about failing and would gladly take on that task, almost certain of your success. Do you see how lack of confidence can affect many areas of your LIFE, including important areas such as your career?

Step #4: The final but equally important step is to accept failure.

When you miss the mark or make mistakes, don’t spend too much time thinking about it. If you are always crying over the mistakes that you will inevitably make in your LIFE, you will never get anywhere. Always remember that past mistakes and failures cannot be reversed and what’s done is done. Their value lies in your ability to turn mistakes into ‘lessons learned.’ Being a confident individual will require you to look past those failures in your LIFE, gather any wisdom you can, but ultimately keep moving. After all, failures are an integral part of becoming successful. Albert Einstein said it best: Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.

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