Finding Your Lucille

By - Early Jackson On Apr 28, 2015

Finding Your Lucille


Where does your passion lie? With self-help puns in abundance, we have begun to water down certain truths because we use them so much, they’ve loss some impact. The real deal is this; no one ever has to ask what you’re passionate about because our actions indicate it daily. Whether you believe it or not, your life today is a direct result of what you were passionate about yesterday.

Back in the late 1940’s, blues genre hopeful Riley B. King who would later become the legendary B.B. King was looking to shift his life’s circumstances through his talent. Born and reared on a cotton plantation in Mississippi and raised by his grand mom, King passed most of his time either learning the cotton trade or singing in the church choir. What he sites as divine intervention, he learned he had an ear and knack for music; in particular, the blues.

In the winter of 1949, while playing a dive in Arkansas, his gig was interrupted by a fight which subsequently caused a fire in the hall. Kerosene laced smoke filled the building as they were evacuated. When B.B. realized he’d left his $30.00 Gibson guitar behind, he rushed back in ignoring the crowd. Two men died that night due to the fire. King later learned the fight was over a woman named Lucille. King then named his guitar Lucille because she seemed to get the place jumping. He later wrote a song called "Lucille" in which he talks about his guitar and how it got its name.

So back to my question; where does your passion lie? I have learned that we all need a “Lucille” in our lives. Something that makes us charge into places most people are afraid to venture. A thing that prompts our attention and becomes our symbol of the legacy we will leave behind. Don’t have one? Here are a couple of points to ponder and empower you to discover it:

  • Lucille is the thing you can never shake: Look back on your life when it was less stressful. Without all the noise and distractions, where was your heart? What did you long for? Where would you wish to travel? Well, that’s a great indicator of your “Lucille”. It’s that thing that gnaws at you. It won’t leave you alone. Even after moving to another city, finding a different job or ignoring it totally. It keeps holding to you.
  • Lucille represents an avenue where you will be most proficient: Years ago B.B. King was asked why he only sang the blues. He let them know it was what he was born to do and has since made a pretty decent living doing it. Many wanted him to switch styles to be more like his contemporaries, but King knew better. You have to stay in your lane. When you start doing life like everyone else, you lose your edge. King used “Lucille” to build an empire and amass incredible wealth. Do you still think your passion doesn’t matter?
  • Lucille will be your dominant legacy maker: What will you be remembered for? That’s why we spend so much time developing and mastering our brands, so we have something to leave behind. When I say “brand” I am talking about more than a product you develop and market. I am talking about the presence you bring to life. Your brand is what people know to be true about you. When you die, your name will live on. And if you hone a skillset to impact others, you will leave a “Lucille” for others to build upon.

I grew up in a home where the blues were played so much I feel like I knew King personally. I’d heard all his stories through music and developed a fondness of his style. King represents the consummation of hard work, intentional focus and collaboration. He’s worked with everyone in the business. But what he’s taught me most was if you ever get passionate about something long enough, greatness is inevitable.

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