Fatherhood Speakers Who Discuss the Joys of Being a Dad

By - Lawrence Watkins On Jan 05, 2013

Fatherhood Speakers Who Discuss the Joys of Being a Dad

Fatherhood can be one of the most joyous experiences in a man’s life and the most responsibility he will ever take on. Being a good father includes sharing experiences, life lessons, special moments, and emotions with your young ones and learning to love and support unconditionally. Being a father can also come with its trials and tribulations, hence parenthood education is vital to fully experience the joys of being a dad.

Here at Great Black Speakers we have an excellent selection of African-American public speakers, who are proud fathers or parenting experts, to discuss the joys of being a “dad” to an audience at your next event or function. Our range of high impact, highly educated and highly inspirational fatherhood experts will share moving personal stories of parenting experiences and offer guidance and advice for common struggles fathers face.

Dr. Boyce Watkins

Dr. Boyce Watkins is not only one of the most highly sought after African-American scholars in the world, but he is also a loving father to one biological daughter and three adopted daughters. Specializing in financial psychology, educational motivation, and black social commentary, Dr. Watkins has presented his message to millions, making regular appearances on CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, ABC News, BET, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Black Enterprise Magazine and many more national media outlets. Brilliant, articulate, and practical, Dr. Watkins is a world-leading authority in Finance and Investing.

Chaz Shepherd

Chaz Shepherd is a singer, writer, producer, composer, actor, speaker, activist, host and proud Philadelphia father. From teaching your child how to sing their soul happy to encouraging their personal development, Shepherd focuses on creative ways to create a more meaningful bond with your children during his fatherhood presentations.

Dr. David Stephens

Dr. Stephens and his wife, Angela, have been happily married since 1988 and they currently have two children, Victoria and David Jr. Dr. Davis has been a professional public speaker, his key topics revolving around marriage success and the married lifestyle. Dr. Stephens is the master of connecting with his audience through describing humorous examples that remind people of real-life situations. Once he connects with his audience, he inspires them to change their ways of thinking about human bonding.

Patrick S. Muhammad

Patrick is proud Atlanta father of one daughter, Ishlah, and two sons, Ishijah and Ishstafa and a highly sought after African-American education professional speaker. Patrick travels the country telling his personal stories and sharing his messages and visions on many subjects. He has dedicated his life to inspiring not only his only children, but to inspire other fathers to be successful throughout fatherhood and educate them on encouraging development. Patrick always says, “Remember, the only way to achieve success, is to reach back and take someone with you!”

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