Empowering Words – Why What We Say Has Meaning

By - Dr. Shonta Smith On Jan 07, 2013

Empowering Words – Why What We Say Has Meaning

The words we speak are powerful.  Words empower and enable us to make decisions that move our lives forward, take us for a spin on an emotional roller coaster, keep us where we are, or take us back to places we have no desire to go.  What words are you currently using that bring laughter and joy in your life? Better yet, what words are you using that bring you heartache and pain?  Remember, when you speak, you speak those words into existence.

Valerie Rasche states there are three bases of being an empowered communicator:

  1. Power of Stories
  2. Power of Labels
  3. Power of Possibility

When we speak, and others speak to us the words spoken have a strong impact on our lives.  How we interpret the words spoken to us determines in what direction we move our lives.  These words define what we do and how we do it.  Valerie recommends we ask ourselves the following questions:

  1. What stories have you told yourself about being a leader that has power over you?
  2. What stories have others told you that now has power over you?
  3. Can you remember when in your life the story was created...What happened in your life that you gave meaning to (your story, your truth)?
  4. What communities have been impacted by your story?
  5. How do you occur in those communities? What is your label of choice?
  6. What rules made it into your Personal Rule Book (PRB)?
  7. How do you want to occur? Jot down all of the exciting possibilities/labels that you want to occur as:
  8. What action (s) can you take from that place?
  9. And by when will you take action?

Valerie made me think about words and actions that were spoken to me at an early age.  Although we all have had words spoken to us that have had a negative impact on our lives, I was blessed at an early age to learn how to use words to help me be my best.  I remember my mother talking to me about going to a better school.  A school where I would be able to learn more and interact with people from all walks of life.  I would be able to interact with rich people, religious people, Latino people, Asian people, White people, and intelligent people etc.etc. Etc… so that I could live a quality life.  I would have never imaged that at 11 years old, my mother was preparing me to not only live in a culturally diverse society, but she was also teaching me how to manage and properly function in my own culture and mainstream culture.  As a result of the empowering words my mother planted in me, I am the “Essence of Education” and what I do makes a difference.  Use the words that have been planted in you, to be the best that you can be.  Enjoy the fruits of your labor and realize that life is what you make it.

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