Confidence Breeds Champions

By - Gabrielle Jordan On Jul 03, 2014

Confidence Breeds Champions


How you feel about yourself should fuel your passion and push you past your challenges. It sounds so easy, right? It makes you want to look in the mirror and tell yourself “I always feel great about myself! No one can ever distract me or make me feel bad about what I do!But in all honesty, sometimes that’s not how we feel about our lives. It’s because other people or bad situations have affected the confidence we have in ourselves. Those people and those situations are called dream killers and they are willing to discourage us and make our paths more difficult. But there’s a way to get past the dream killers. It’s called confidence.

As a young entrepreneur, I am a witness to dream killers just as much as seasoned professionals are. From my friends at school, who have wanted to start a business at a young age like me, to my own father who was told that “he wouldn't get anywhere with his dream of being a videographer”, I’ve seen and heard so many stories about dream killers. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what you do for a living or how long you’ve been doing it, without confidence, people will try to stop you from pursuing your dreams. The real question is: will you let them?

As a speaker, I travel and talk to groups of many sizes and one of the most common questions I get asked is, “How are you so confident about what you do?” Although I’m shy, I’m able to pursue my dreams because of three major things:

•  Confidence in myself
•  Confidence in my team
•  Confidence in my abilities

I’m always looking for more opportunities to speak, share advice, meet new people and grow my brand but without confidence, I’d give up on everything. It gets difficult. Sometimes, I am my own worst critic. But I must remind myself, I am worthy of greatness despite what people and situations say about it. You have to remind yourself of the same thing.

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