College Success Course for HBCUs

By - Lawrence Watkins On Dec 28, 2012

College Success Course for HBCUs

Post-secondary education can be a struggle for many young African Americans. The stresses of being financially independent, increasingly social and self-reliant can often hurt a student’s motivation and academic performance. African American students may feel these stresses ten-fold when also dealing with discrimination and glass ceilings that lead to insecurities.

Well-being is a key factor when it comes to grade levels, academic involvement and all-over success. Our range of highly qualified scholars and youth advocates can empower college and university students to achieve their full potential and teach them confidence as well as time-management skills. Our speakers will give your students all the tools they need for success! Here are just a handful of our qualified candidates:

Dr. Boyce Watkins

Author of "Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to know about College", Dr. Boyce Watkins is a highly sought after speaker and scholar, well known for financial psychology, educational motivation, and black social commentary. He has drawn attention from multiple media giants such as CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, BET, ABC News, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Black Enterprise Magazine and many more. He works to inspire youth to be knowledgeable about financial theory and socio-political trends as well as sharing his thoughts on social justice and the fight for equality.

Credentials: BA and BS degrees in finance, economics, and business management, Wall Street Journal’s Outstanding Graduating Senior in finance, Master’s degree in mathematical statistics.

Al Duncan

Coming from a tragic an impoverished background, award-winning publisher Al Duncan is the world’s leading authority on soft skills through motivational speaking. Duncan’s high energy and high hopes have been known to make a high impact on millions of young adults through teaching soft skills and giving hope to those with rough pasts. Duncan has found great success with his book “My Success Journal for Young People”, promoting youth development and empowerment amongst college students and teens.

Credentials: Awarded the President's Call to Service Award and The National PTA Life Achievement Award, 20+ top government organizations as clientele

Jullien Gordon

Jullien Gordon is the acclaimed author of “Driving School For Life” and is known world-wide as “The Purpose Finder.” Gordon focuses on anti-procrastination and perfectionism when it comes to academics as well as aligning your personal and professional/school lives to be successful. He has traveled to many HBCUs and inspired thousands to find their purpose, land their dream job, accomplish their academic goals and get a kick-start on life!

Credentials: MBA and Masters in Education from Stanford University, Published Author, Experienced coach and counsellor

Kaneisha Grayson

Founder of “The Art of Applying” and CEO of Crazy Girl Nation, Kaneisha Grayson’s goal is to drive youth to how to identify, pursue, and achieve their personal and professional dreams and goals. Through effective story-telling and personal motivation techniques Grayson’s public speaking gives audiences of all ages practical tools they can use every day for success. Grayson’s message: never give in to the odds!

Credentials: MBA and Masters in government from Harvard, recipient of George Foundation Fellowship, two-time recipient of The LAGRANT Foundation’s Fellowship for excellence in marketing, advertising, and PR, BA in Black Studies, recipient of Ada May Fitts Award for the Most Influential Senior Woman, featured on major websites such as and

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