Celebrating Ray Ray — Leaving the Past Behind

By - Charmaine Betty-Singleton On Feb 11, 2013

Celebrating Ray Ray — Leaving the Past Behind

If you are honest you will agree with me that everyone has a Ray Ray in their family. That "shady" individual that is/was suspected of some type of misconduct and is somehow allowed to attend family events only because it is the "right thing" to do. We notice that Ray Ray has changed and is trying to do something positive with his life, but for someone reason we cannot forget the past and his mistakes/transgressions seem to always creep into conversations.

If you are a sports fan and watched the Superbowl, you witnessed the same thing happening to Baltimore Ravens player, Ray Lewis. While he had an unbelievable come back from a severe injury to his triceps and was able to lead his team to Superbowl victory, there were many naysayers who were very vocal about his involvement in the January 2000 fight that resulted in an indictment on murder and aggravated assault charges. This incident occurred many years ago and despite the fact that Ray Lewis has turned his life around, professed his belief in God, volunteers, gives money to charity and was selected to 13 Pro-Bowls, people are still questioning his involvement and his integrity.

Ray Lewis was a member of the Ravens for 17 years and emerged as the leader of the team. He mentored to other players and is highly respected by the players, coaches and management. I applaud the Ravens for standing by Ray Lewis and realizing that he was involved in a judicial proceeding (whether or not you agree with the outcome) and allowing Ray Lewis to put the past behind. The Ravens are a perfect example of what a good relationship should be..."a good relationship is when someone accepts one's past, supports one's present and encourages one's future."--unknown

Honestly, that's what forgiveness is all about. We all make mistakes, we all stumble and fall. However, the mistake or fall is not as important as what occurs afterwards.  It appears that Ray Lewis with the support of the Ravens (and others) was able to turn his stumbling block into a stepping stone that led to a very successful life. He should be commended. That's why I celebrate Ray Lewis and all the Ray Rays out there...will you?

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