I Have Been A Victim of Racial Profiling: A Letter to Mr. Eric Holder

Greetings Mr. Eric Holder,

I am a fifty-seven year old female; my heart is heavy. This is a rambling, not conscious, not well thought out, ‘cause, well, when one has been racially profiled, the intention of the profiler to stop, search, handcuff (in my case) a human being because of the perceived identity the profiler has placed on the one being profiled is unnerving.

Just rambling: Another and another African American male gun down in the streets of America. I find no reason in asking WHY. . . Somehow that word has become a redundant fixture in the world of cop shakedowns and killings. The answer always seems to be “I THOUGHT that. . . .” This “I thought that” is housed in the systematic paradox of fear and hatred of people who look like me—brown. This fear nurtured by a systematic confus


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How Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Can Discern an Ideal Client

Doubtful 3D man

If you’ve been in business for longer than one day, this has undoubtedly happened to you:  You signed up a client that actually ended up being a nightmare.  You know what I mean; their payments don’t go through, they don’t do the work, which means that they don’t get the results, they keep wanting another handout or discount because they know you well and they don’t see the value of investing in your products and services,  and more importantly, themselves.

Sounds all too familiar, right?  Especially if you’re working B to B in the Entrepreneurial marketplace.  With 89.70% of non employer entities as classified by the US Small Business Administration in 2011 not earning greater than $100,000 a year, it’s easy to understand why they can’t afford to pay you on time.  And I’m sorry to tell y


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Back in 1981 going into my senior year of high school I learned a valuable, lifelong lesson that is applicable to everything I am doing today. My head football coach called it the BIG PUSH, we called it insane and we just knew he was crazy. After 30 years I am still convinced he was crazy, but I am also sure that the BP prepared me for any life challenge I would face in my life.

We were a decent football team coming into that senior season, we had finished the previous year barely above .500 but we knew we had a bunch of committed, talented players who survived our junior season’s “house cleaning” process that this same coach took us through which resulted in only 25 players suiting up when most teams had 50 – 60 players.

The BIG PUSH was a combination of psychological and physical tearing


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The Power Circle – Network, Empowerment, Charity Lunch For Immediate PRESS RELASE

The Power Circle Lunch

Prayer* Prosper* Power

Networking, Empowering and Charity Lunch

Join Empowerer, Author and Influencer-Wendi J. Turner , Dynamic Minister, Christian Comedian, Singer and Associate Pastor of Lakewood Church- John Gray, Successful Entrepreneur and Community Influencer-Dave Anderson, Author, Business Coach and Boss Women Pray Movement Leader- Kachelle Kelly and Golf Phenom, and CEO-Maggie Noel.


What do these people have in common? They are part of “The Power Circle.”  Join us for high energy, captivating conversation and intimate connections with some of Houston’s major influencers.

The Power Circle 2014 Lunch is an interactive and empowering networking luncheon designed to motivate, inspire, and educate the minds of men and women to a level of imagined heights of perso


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Money vs. Wealth

The argument on the difference between wealth and money is an old age debate that has everyone talking. Paul Graham, an English programmer and writer, argues that the mental battle of money vs. wealth is most evident in start-up companies.

Graham echoes renowned essayist Allan Watts’ sentiments in his definition of start-ups as being “a way to compress your whole working life into a few years” and “how to make money by creating wealth and getting paid for it”.

The difference between the two entities, money and wealth, is actually quite clear; perhaps its deceptively simple distinction is what has most people hard pressed to understand. Wealth is the things we want to own and experience. I’m talking about cars, houses, food, clothes, travel to awesome places and all that material stuff. Mon


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5 Strategies Entrepreneurs Can Leverage When They Have to Let Friends Go

A Race

If you’re older than 5, you’ve likely lost a friend or two over the years. And it’s likely because the season or reason for the friend’s existence in your life has ended. You know, it was time to go to middle school and their address sent them to a different school. Or perhaps because your vision shifted and meanwhile they are content working a job and making excuses as to why it’s someone else’s fault that they are the way that they are.

If you are a business owner who has dreams and goals, you may have lost a friend or two because they no longer get you. We are a rare breed — entrepreneurially minded people, I mean. We see an obstacle and come up with a solution; we don’t make excuses, we make things happen. And sometimes our ambition costs us those who knew us when we were at Point A.


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I was listening to the news earlier and watching some of the people around and noticed how some people are literally on the verge of losing it, partly due to what’s going on in their personal lives but also what they see and hear about happening around them in news reports. I pay close attention to current events and I’m not saying that we shouldn’t but what I refuse to do is get so caught up in the hype that I lose myself.

It’s important that we maintain our positive attitudes even in the midst of chaos and the negativity that surrounds us. As a matter of fact it’s even more important for positivity to flourish in these times because it counters the negative chaos that seems to be so prevalent our society these days. I often run into to people who are good reminders of just how important


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Middle Finance

THIS IS EXCITING!!!  Come and join the movement to use education and hands-on training to prepare and protect our children as they move into adulthood from the risk of financial burden and crisis.

We are launching a Worldwide Campaign for the publishing of an amazing program called MiddleFinance, a financial literacy curriculum for children.

I think you will agree that our children will be better off knowing more about how to earn and manage their money, and avoid developing “bad” financial mistakes in the future.

Click on the link below to find out more about the program.

Your interest, comments, suggestions, and requests are all encouraged.

Further, we appreciate you sharing the news of the campaign with your family, friends, and colleagues.

Thanking you in advance.
Frederick W. James



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A Life Coach? For What??

Many years ago, I was introduced to the concept of life coaching. I remember thinking to myself, “Why would I need that? I haven’t had a coach thus far. Life is what we make it.” In my perception, I was at the top of my game professionally and I had a great family and a spiritual connection that filled in my gaps. Life was good.

I could not have been more further from my truth. My life began to take many turns, many of which were beyond my control…or were they? The life I thought was secure was ripped from under me like a rug is taken from the floor. I was forced to look closely deep within myself and, at the brink of survival, choose a life of fulfillment or my permanent demise. I was given a second chance at life; it was time-I needed a life coach.

At the beginning of, what I call, “my r


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Of Imagination, Japan, and Wells Avoided …

Japan by Doug 3963705135_fa08269fd1_o.jpg

“Japan” by Doug

We spoke with our youngest daughter last evening, or rather early this morning, 3am PDT to be exact.

I was the first direct connect, we hearing her voice, she mine and my husband’s, since we saw her off last Friday morning.

“I miss you,” she said.

“We miss you too,” I replied, trying not to emphasize the word, miss, too much.

Moments earlier, my husband had mumbled, moaned–I am not sure which; I had been reading–“I miss her.” I had ask him to repeat his words, I had been so into reading.

This is not to say that I do not miss our daughter. My way of dealing with any of my family members being away is to delve into projects. The only challenge is to find a project that fits the amount of time they will be away. That can be tricky with my enormous creative streak.

My mother


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Y.O.U. Are Power – Book Release

Wendi J. Turner explainswhy “Y.O.U. Are Power” with release of new book

Houston, TX, March 22, 2014 - Wendi J. Turner shares the six inner dynamics of power while teaching individualsto push past fear and access those powerswithin her self-help book,“Y.O.U. Are Power,” releasing April 11th.

With credentials such as hosting “Wendi Wednesdays” on Houston’s 97.9 The Boxandspeaking for “Project Beautiful Me” spearheaded by Candace Ford, the wife of retired NBA professional, T.J. Ford, Wendi utilizesover 15 years worth of educating and empowering individuals to translate those experiences and life lessons to the pages of her book.

“Y.O.U. Are Power” is the product of a self-love acquired over years filled with tests and turmoilthat Wendi discloses in a


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Of Text Messages, Letters and Maslow’s Highest Level of Needs …

The Star of Spring in Japan by David A. LaSpina 8619211980_2ba7cc0504_b.jpg
“The Star of Spring in Japan” by David A. LaSpina

Around eleven-thirty last evening I received a text from our youngest daughter stating that she and her schoolmates had arrived safely in Japan.

“We’re here and everything is good,” she had written. “I love you,” along with her code for letting me know she sent the text.

I wrote back, “I’m so happy for you and your friends. Thanks for letting me know. Hugs and kisses. I love you too, mom.” I too included my symbol signifying I had sent the text.

Both I, and our youngest daughter have a code that we always include in our text to indicate we are truly the one sending the text with our name.
I dreaded receiving letters from my mother during college. So much so that I hardly every opened them, instead holding them up to the light and trying


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