Nigeria’s New President Lays Out “The Buhari Doctrine”

Ambassador Sanders was not only an official observer at the recent successful Nigerian March 28 President Elections, but she also attended the May 29 inauguration of Nigerian President Buhari, in what can be hailed tone of the most statesman-like transition of power for one political party to another in Africa.

The outgoing President Goodluck Jonathan and the was gracious and key in the peaceful transition process. President Buhari gave a resounding inaugural speech in what Ambassador Sanders is calling “The Buhari Doctrine,” click the link to read the full article


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Dr. Sanders: Imperatives of Building Strong Africa Democracies and Spurring Economic Development

In a speech on Imperatives for Building African Strong Democracies and Economic Development Institutions, Ambassador Sanders highlighted the key areas of good governance, institution building, and addressing the needs such as education, providing services like electrical power and good education and focusing on economic growth areas such as smart food security to address the 277 million hungry people on the Continent. She provided a particular focus on Nigeria given the recent positive election there and the peaceful transition from one party to another which occurred on May 29, 2015.

You can read the entire speech at this link


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Closing the ancestral mystery gap for descendants of the African Diaspora

Stagville Frontsteps

Nowadays, descendants of Africa throughout the African Diaspora are exploring their roots through DNA Testing. It’s a beautiful thing because it gives families a chance to explore biological connections they have to certain world regions and population ethnic groups that at one time was impossible to know due to miscegenation laws and the neutralized categorization of race with such terms like Negro, Black, Mulatto, and Colored. What do those terms really mean to someone trying to uncover their African roots? Absolutely nothing! Fortunately enough through DNA Testing three disciplines come together to help us close the mystery gap on our roots; Anthropology, Population Genetics, and History. Anthropological aspect of DNA is going to explain the back-n-forth migration patterns.

The Populat


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Amb. Sanders Discuss Issues for the African Union on CCTV

Dr. Sanders on China’s CCTV discussing the June 2015 African Union (AU) Summit and issues facing the Continent important for the Summit to address. She highlights that the AU needs to be able to better translate their resolutions on the ground, and also have a more flexible, quick reaction to both new and ongoing crises, and also add more focus to the African migrant issue.

Click the link to listen to her comments on CCTV’s “The Heat,” news magazine show

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You are DRIVEN, but are you CONFIDENT? Part II

For many years, I drove a 365i BMW. When I bought the car, the dealership would only honor my warranty if an authorized BMW dealership did the maintenance and repairs. Their reason was many other mechanics can fix and maintenance a BMW but only the manufacturer has the authentic knowledge, training, and parts that were created for the BMW.

This is very true of us, as well. There are many truths that our parents, siblings, spouses, friends, life circumstances, and experiences can tell to us about ourselves but only our Manufacturer, who is GOD, can reveal our true identity. It’s these deep truths that build and develop our confidence and the many complex answers to the question “Who Am I?”

What I’ve discovered is we can answer the question, “What I Do” with authority and confidence but stru


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25 Things Father Should Tell Their Daughters


As Father’s Day approaches, this time of year can be both a period of celebration and frustrated reflection. For some, they either have had or are currently involved in a healthy relationship with their father, but for others, this time of year can bring to the surface some crippling memories. While the world pauses to celebrate dads it seemed like the perfect time to ask Life Coach Early Jackson, who is the author of a book written exclusively for women, to expound on his thoughts about fathers and daughters, and how they relate to each other.

Fathers intrinsically communicate with their daughters differently than their sons. For most men, they are “training” their sons for manhood. They understand all too well the trappings and struggles of navigating being a man. They have gone through


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You are driven, but are you confident? Part I

Sheri 27-37_basketball

When you know who you really are peace and knowledge shines like a star. KRS One – “Why Is That?”

Drive is our protective strength and confidence is our vulnerable strength.

I have always been driven…

In the seventh grade, Jayne Gerald and I were the only middle school age players on the Varsity and Jr Varsity basketball teams and we both started on the JV team. As a freshman, I beat out several upper classmen for a coveted starting position on the Varsity Team. My senior year, I was Player of the Year for my entire county.

In high school, I worked full time at Wendy’s, played basketball, and had a very active social life. I was a straight “A’” student and didn’t receive my first “B” until my senior year and that was because I was bored. My drive has allowed me to accomplish some amazing


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A Yoga Benefit ~ ‘Oh My Achy Feet!’ ~ Part 3


As a yoga guide I am often asked “What are the benefits of yoga?”  The answer is both simple and complex.  Most situations call for a laundry list of sorts and others invite more in-depth explanations.  The purpose of this blog series will answer some questions and raise others, hopefully encouraging the reader to conduct deeper research into the topic as the journey towards healthy living begins or continues.

About three months into my first teaching gig, I found myself in a conversation with a gentleman that frequented my class.  He complimented my class and revealed that he was podiatrist.  He went on to tell me that before he would recommend or conduct a surgery on a foot or feet that he encouraged his patients to join a yoga class for a few months to see if pain diminished.  His stan


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Being Overwhelmed CAN be a good thing

A definition of overwhelmed is “to give too much of a thing“. When we truly desire to live a life that is fulfilled in all areas, we are destined to have more to do than we have the time, energy, ability or help to accomplish or complete. This reality of feeling overwhelmed many times CAN be a blessing and the manifestation of what we have worked so hard to accomplish.

In my favorite book, it says that we have so much power and strength that “our cup will run over”. It also says that we will receive “blessings that we will not have enough room to receive.”

When a cup is overflowing that means it has been filled and there is more “substance” given than can be held. We get frustrated with being overwhelmed but many times we are experiencing what we’ve worked so hard to obtain. We feel like t


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Pressing Forward In spite of Criticism

Have you ever embarked on a new journey that you were extremely excited about? Yet when you decided to share the details of this new journey with others, you quickly realized that those people weren’t as happy for you as you thought they would be. I am reminding of an instance in my own life that happened around the time that I started my business a few years ago. A situation similar to the one that I just described happened to me and I must say that it caught me off guard.

I had gone to lunch with a person that I expected to offer helpful advice, but instead the only thing that I received from this person was questions and criticism. I was being asked questions about things that were far from my mind at the time. After sitting through all of these questions, this person starts to question


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Being a Joiner vs. a Difference-Maker in College

In high school I was a joiner. I joined clubs, wanting to be a part of something but not exactly sure why I was joining. All I knew was it looked cool to be on the rosters of clubs, some of which I really didn’t care about. When I reached college, I learned that being a difference-maker made me a leader.

I was on the third “line” in the history of my Alpha Phi Alpha college chapter. It is nothing short of an honor to be able to say that I know the chapter founders but that almost didn’t happen. When I became interested in Alpha, I was tentative about moving forward. Ironically, my biggest motivator was someone who has never had an interest in Greek life–my blood brother, Emile.

At the time, he was in the Marine Corps and stationed in Japan. During a phone call he grunted, “Ma said you’re g


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7 Quick Tips For Handling a Dissatisfied Client


When I was growing up, my father used to always remind me that “you can’t please everyone, all of the time.” And, I truly subscribed to that until I started working in Corporate America where I was told that the “customer is always right.”

Surely, you can see how in the process of building a business how these competing schools of thought can set a business owner back, right?


And the truth is, the customer isn’t always right, but the customer always deserves to be treated in a manner that is satisfactory. However, because satisfaction is in the eye of the beholder, you have to process an inquiry in a way that allows you to get a firm understanding of the situation, the expectations and what is necessary to get it right.

If you’re going to build a business, I can guarantee that you


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