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One of the things that I don’t think people do enough of is CELEBRATE. At work, in business, in sports and especially in youth sports.

Last week I had the honor and blessing to coach a special group of 12 and under girls’ softball team to a championship in our final tournament of the fall season. Being that we are a travel team where everyone is not required to play, but play time is based on performance I still have parents upset if their kid isn’t playing every inning. Play time is decided by the coaches?

I continue to be amazed by what I see and hear from parents of 12 and under, softball players especially if there. But I get it, when it is new to families and you hear stories from others (most are not true) about what they are doing I can see how it can be confusing for parents.

So h


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Happy Thanksgiving


This time of year causes people to be reflective. People tend to take a closer look at the things they have, what they accomplished this year, their life and with thanksgiving, people think a lot about what they are thankful for. This time of the year also have people thinking about spiritual matters, what they think about things that are going on around them or in the world and most important this time of year causes people to start thinking about their plans for next year.

What are you thankful for?

I hear so many people struggle with trying to balance being truly thankful for what they have while questioning and even struggling with “why bad stuff happens to good people”. This is a challenge to understand, especially when you see the tragedies that have taken place just last week in Rw


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AIDS Activist Hydeia Broadbent Speaks on Charlie Sheen’s Diagnosis, Encourages His Critics to Know Their Own Status 

Author:   Michelby “Coco”  Whitehead

This week our very own Hydeia Broadbent took to Twitter, expressing her views on the announcement of actor Charlie Sheen’s HIV diagnosis. We caught up with Hydeia to get her perspective on the media frenzy surrounding the 50-year-old actor.

GBS: What are your feelings of the way Charlie Sheen’s health status was announced?  

Hydeia: It was done in poor taste before he had the chance to speak his own truth. It was very disheartening.

GBS:  What advice would you offer to someone who is ready to reveal his or her positive status?

Hydeia: It is an individual process. Because of the stigma that comes along with it, people are scared of what others will say. I would hope people do it before they are on their death bed.

GBS: Sheen is enduring lots of criticism


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Tanynya Hekymara Empowers Illinois State University

Stand still, release all tension and breathe. Just like that the journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth began to unfold for Tanynya Hekymara. While trying to navigate personal grief after the death of her youngest brother, she accompanied a friend to the gym. This chance-accompaniment led to a lifelong pursuit. Tanynya discovered the power of yoga and adopted an entirely new perspective on life. With a heart ready to heal humanity, she embarked on the next leg of her travels as a new speaker with the Great Black Speakers Bureau (GBS).

Chicago Event_3

Tanynya joined our vast team of speakers with a great passion for publishing content that highlighted the gift of sharing her story in a way that deeply touched the audience. She outlined a plan for posting content to the GBS platform regularly in ef


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Calm ~ Exploring the Benefits of Yoga, Article 10

2332c (2)

“The purpose of yoga is to stop sorrow before it starts.” Patanjali, Yoga Sutra

When someone first learns that I am a yoga guide they often reply, “I need to meditate.” In this article I am going to share how I found calm in yoga practice.

In 2005 I was unknowingly hurled in to my spiritual journey as I searched for a way to navigate and manage my grief after the deaths of my youngest brother and my father. My brother died suddenly at 32 years young after a broken foot sent a blood clot to his lung. My father died 40 days later due to complications from heart surgery. Life was painful. I was numb at times. In fact I cannot remember many of the events that happened that year. I was in an automatic piolet haze. I am guessing it was the failsafe system in my brain that kicked in to keep me m


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Don’t Take Your Old ‘Self’ Into The New Year!


I’ve always been my worst enemy. That may sound strange for me to admit this publically, but the reality is as I entered my forties I had a crash course in the subject. My late thirties were a period of significant transition. Divorce, major career changes and relocating to a new state were all issues I was navigating. Through all of this upheaval I walked away with some valuable information. In fact, I believe one of the master laws of life is no one is holding you back at any time more than yourself.

This subject becomes more notable during this time of the year. As we prepare for the holidays we also begin to ponder our lives in relation to the ending of another year. No doubt we will soon see social media flooded with the common ‘I’ve got to get my stuff together this New Year’ mumbo


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BLOG IMG-stop pushing your workforce

Think about this…

Celebrities have Life Coaches. In Hollywood, it is thought to be a status symbol to have a Coach. The truth is, Coaches lead people to success. Celebrities are typically successful people-and they don’t go it alone. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure success is in the forefront of your corporate round table discussions.

In order to run a large and lucrative organization, you need 2 sets of people; clients and a workforce. All organizations have the need to get connected with their employees at all levels. Mid-level Managers have much more contact with the workforce than the Top-Level Execs. Your workforce and Management knows exactly what needs to be done in order to fix some of your operational, morale and turnover issues.

A Coach can help get you that data to


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The “Boy from Troy”: Honoring Congressman John Robert Lewis


“As a little boy, I wanted to be a minister. I wanted to preach the gospel,” says Congressman John Robert Lewis, “so from time to time, I would gather all of our chickens together in the chicken yard . . . I would start preaching. When I looked back, some of those chickens would bow their heads; some of those chickens would shake their heads . . . If it hadn’t been for the Lord Jesus Christ, I wouldn’t be standing here; I thought I was going to die on that bridge [on March 7, 1965 in Selma, Alabama] . . . God kept me here to help out a little more . . . .”

I see him in my mind’s eye–the honorable Congressman John Robert Lewis ascending the pulpit of the Oakwood University Church in Huntsville, Alabama. Some 2000 people have come to embrace the wind of activism that he breathes each and ev


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Rapt: A Controlled Response to Kendrick Lamar

Untitled (2)

I’m Beyond Common… I Am Legend (the haiku)

I used to love H.E.R.
Like a commoner ‘til I
Switched my moniker.


rapt – adj. 1. lifted up and carried away;
2. transported with emotion;
3. wholly absorbed

Rapt (the poem)

If I could, I’d like to capture the rappers who’re flauntin’
How they’re actively slaughtering
Captive audiences as they laugh and applaud them for their efforts.
I’d like to slash and flog them
With these captions I’m bloggin’
As they’re snatched and tossed in the trash with their fraudulent treasures.

If I could rapture ‘em without caution,
I’d wrap ‘em in gasoline draws then
Trap ‘em in the bottomless pits of Tartarus.
No awards or plaques could absolve them
From the tactless taste of their jargon
As they spit death from the acts of their jaws so ‘tartarous’.

Proverbs 1


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Check out my new book “21 Secrets to Get You Through Deployment”


My first book is now available for pre-order! This book was written to my sister military spouses, to help them through the torture of deployment. I wish that I had this handbook available to me when my husband was deployed, or even before I signed up for this lifestyle.

Few understand what it’s like to be a military spouse, and even less understand what it’s like to go 6 months, 9 months, or an entire year without your significant other. I wrote this book to give you some secrets that I followed during my husband’s deployment, and some that I wish I had known before hand. If I can help some other military spouses to get through this journey-the purpose of this book will be fulfilled.

While my husband was deployed I made so many mistakes, but I did some things the right way. I was able to


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Stepping Out on God, Not Faith: A Cheater’s Confession


If we took the covenant relationship we supposedly have with God as seriously as we should (beyond a #religious act and without full understanding), we’d realize how many times and with how many things and with how many people we are #unfaithful to God.

In other words, we would see how frequently we cheat on Him. Yet, in His ability to love and BE love, He continuously forgives us and offered to enter into this #CovenantRelationship with us already knowing that we would cheat.

Jeremiah 31:32 says that He is a husband to His people (which, by the way, is why #PremaritalSex is so wrong for Christians since we are joining ourselves to someone else before we are seen as #OneFlesh in a #MarriageCovenant by God Who REestablished a spiritual covenant relationship with us).

That means then, that


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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: On My Mind

Dr. King's Picture

Imagine me sitting in the historic Ebenezer Baptist church in Atlanta, Georgia. The pews are empty now; there are no Sunday worshippers at this meeting. An old security guard walks around the church. He seems to be a gate-keeper. He tells me that this holy place is where young King began his ministry.

As I sit in the church, I am alone, “absence in my body; present with the Lord,” and thinking of King. I imagine how he might have stood in the pulpit of the Ebenezer Baptist Church. Excerpts from sermons preached by the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. fill the church. I observe the setting of this old church that nurtured King in his youth. I imagine the boy preacher King exhorting his “… trial sermon” (Baldwin 280).

I hear Dr. Martin Luther King’s voice, and it serves to interrogate my co


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