Tupac For President 2016


Indulge me for a bit, now that it appears the closer we get to November, the more it seems our next President will be either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Various surveys conducted by numerous pollsters suggest a large segment of American citizens are not thrilled with either candidate, beckoning the question, can we have a Presidential campaign do-over? Let’s revamp the whole system!

As evidenced by last week’s announcement that Harriet Tubman will be on the twenty dollar bill in years to come, we find again America loves to celebrate the very people they once feared and hated, so how about Tupac’s hologram for President in 2016?

Think about it, Tupac’s albums, interviews, and lifestyle provided us with enough insight into what he would do regarding issues such as homelessness, intern


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7 Habits to help you Attract Abundance

7 habits-Attracting abundance

There are many good habits that financially sound people practice, but we will cover 7 in this post.

There are a few different interpretations of abundance, but the practices are the same to attracting more.

Create a goal plan with those that are good and strong. Know when you should invest, spend, and save-and on what. Know what you are going to do with that lump sum of money before it is paid out.

Track your incoming money and outgoing expenses. Live a “lean” life and trim surplus expenses when possible. An excel spreadsheet is fine if you cannot afford an accountant.

Always make sure bills are covered, but also set aside money for investing, saving, and emergencies.

Stay on top of changes in the market if you have investments.


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Book Preview — Building Instructional Capacity: 3 Key Strategies for Successful Student Learning

Building Instructional Capacity


“The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own.”
~ Benjamin Disraeli ~

This book will teach you how to build your school or school district’s instructional capacity for the purpose of increasing student learning. Along with this increase in student learning; you should see an increase in student achievement.

I have the honor of leading student learning and student achievement. I have served in education for over twenty years for both children and adults. I have served in the K-12, higher education, business industry, and military service. Student learning varies in each of these environments. In addition, student learning is similar in each of these environments. For example, K-12 students need the teacher to capture t


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Kelvin Jones Speaker

Entrepreneurship is far from an exact science. It probably is the furthest thing from it. Don’t believe it? Just ask any Entrepreneur! There is one term in the scientific world that may describe us though, an AMOEBA…Single cell (entrepreneurs are usually a one man army starting out) and they have to constantly try to change and duplicate themselves to survive as do Entrepreneurs. The commonality of change is a dish served daily to amoebas and Entrepreneurs. The last thing Entrepreneurs should be resistant to is change. With that being said here are 5 mistakes Entrepreneurs should avoid making.

1. Staying in bad Business relationships too long:
Typically A bad deal will not all of a sudden become a good deal no matter how long you delay making the decision to cut the cord and move on.

2. B


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Sakina Ibrahim at Harlem Arts Festival


NAACP Image Award Nominated Author, Performer and Educator Sakina Ibrahim, will be sharing an exhilarating presentation with the Harlem Arts Festivals Start with Art and Workshops. She will have an emphasis on Reflection, Self-Esteem and Personal Growth.

Ms. Ibrahim’s new book “Big Words to Little Me: Tips and advice for the younger self” is a must read and even though it can be a great read for just about anyone; mothers, daughters and sisters would greatly benefit from the passionate and sympathetic work to help young girls develop tools for building successful lives. The workshop will take place June 27 and 28 at the Harlem Branch of the New York Public Library located at: 9 West 124th St. b/w 5th Ave and Mount Morris Park West New York, NY 10027, other events will take place on the fe


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Imagine That You Died Today !!

CJC Photography-1 - Copy

When you go to bed tonight Imagine that you died today ! R U Satisfied ? Did you call the person you love the most to tell them ? Did you complete the Business deal that you have been meaning to complete ? Have you taken that trip you always talked about ? Did you have the courage to stand up to your boss at work ? what about the banker that keeps denying your loan ? Have you stopped hitting the Snooze button every morning ? Do your kids know that you are proud of them ? What about your spouse ? RU proud of yourself ? Have you learned to forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made ? Have you forgiven others that have trespassed against you ? Have you released the anger inside you ? Did you start that Diet that you promised yourself you would on Jan 1, 2016 ? Did you stop sweating the


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Immunity: The Beast That Kills


Evil rules over the world because whites have been given immunity to commit crimes that a civilized society should prosecute. An international cabal of neo-con warhawks have instituted a reign of terror around the world, refraining from no deed too heinous, no murder too foul, no torture too gruesome. Criminals have inflicted evil on the world because they are immune from prosecution.


Bernie Sanders swept Hillary Clinton in the recent Alaska, Hawaii and Washington primaries because the black vote was not as dominant as it was in earlier Southern primaries. To paraphrase Bernie Sanders, Democratic voters favoring him are more familiar with the issues and are less likely to be misled by corrupt politicians. Hillary Clinton’s hold on the black vote is her path to the White House. But wh


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CJC Photography-1 - Copy

They say faith is basically the trusting in advance, of something that only makes sense in reverse…… That is an interesting thought.. I wish I could have been born looking for a JOB or JUST OVER BROKE which is what that is by the way.. But I wasn’t.. I wish had thought small and in no way shape or form wanted that much out of life…didn’t happen… I wish I had decided not to try out for that team after I was cut before….I became captain of the team…Maybe I should have accepted my coach not promoting one of his best players (me) to college coaches…. I went after and received a full scholarship.

When my first business partner destroyed our business with his foolish ways I probably should have quit then…I pushed on…. When I made my own foolish mistakes I really should have quit right ?? No way


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Don’t Fit In


Why do we work so hard to fit in?
We change so much about what makes us individuals so that we can blend in with the crowd, but if we thought about fitting in as it relates to our dreams, we would quickly realize that everyone who has done something great  in the world did the opposite of fitting in. They believed in something outside of what was normal. Their faith and confidence in themselves is why we may know their names today.

Sometimes not fitting in can cause us to feel lonely, maybe we even get teased or bullied but it is important to be true to yourself, no matter what.

There is a quote by Daisaku Ikaeda says “Just as cherry, plum, peach and damson blossoms all possess their own unique qualities, each person is unique. We cannot become someone else. The important thing is that we


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Ambassador Sanders with President Obama

Ambassador Sanders in conversation with President Obama

Ambassador Robin Renee Sanders, as CEO-FEEEDS, in discussion with President Obama during a recent dinner where the President Discussed his Agenda for 2016.

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As I sat in yet another meeting, I found my thoughts wandering. Thoughts such as how did I end up here? Why am I wasting my time? Why am I selling myself short? All of these thoughts crossed my mind as I sat mentally disengaged.

Has the ever happened to you?

For almost a year I showed up on time each day with expectations of things changing. I sought work that would challenge my mind and foster professional development; however, I came up short each time. I realized sitting in this meeting that familiarity was keeping me bound. I was bound by staying at job that didn’t challenge me professionally, but I was in a place where I was familiar. Familiar with my pay dates, familiar with my paid holidays off and familiar with job security!

Does this sound familiar to you? Do you find yourself in


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Dr. Sanders Attends Africa Diaspora Briefing Series: White House & USAID

As part of both African American History Month and International Women’s Month, Ambassador Sanders, CEO-FEEEDS Advocacy Initiative, was invited to participated in a series of substantive briefings for Africa Diaspora-focused organizations, like FEEEDS, to hear updates about both White House specific initiative under President Obama’s leadership such as my Brother’s Keeper activities and work around the U.S., the President’s upcoming US-Africa CEO Forum in September 2016, and work on US-Africa Trade. In addition there were briefings by USAID on Africa programs, and opportunities in which US-based Africa small and medium size businesses and non-government organizations can become partners and/or implementers.

The USAID meeting was led by the Agency’s new Administrator, Gayle Smith (with whom


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