Nigger Woman: A Revelation

from I Am Black American

NO one ever thought it important enough to teach me to read, so that’s why I’d been spending my free time in the library. I’d go sit, watch how the people read books, hoping one day I would find a story to tell—you know one of them important stories. Maybe if I had a story to tell, somebody think me important and be interested in me and what I had to say. Then I could trade my story for a little bit of readin’ knowledge. It was easy as that, I thought, but the plan took about twenty or so years. I start going to the library when I was forty. Started reading, but I didn’t find my story till I was nearly sixty-six. Well now, I got to be honest now. I really didn’t find the story; it just kinda’ landed on my nose, and not in the library either.

Rather, it landed on my


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Trump ‘Dog Whistles’ Existing US Racism


Eugene Stovall, May 20, 2016
Oakland, California

On the TV, Fox had moved on from the election to footage of the smoky aftermath of a bombing in Baghdad. Trump rose from his seat and walked over to the screen for a closer look. “Boy, this ISIS,” he murmured.

I asked Trump if he had ever been to Iraq. “Never!” he said, sounding horrified by the thought.
“What’s the most dangerous place in the world you’ve been to?”

He contemplated this for a second. “Brooklyn,” he said, laughing. “No,” he went on, “there are places in America that are among the most dangerous in the world. You go to places like Oakland. Or Ferguson. The crime numbers are worse. Seriously.”

New York Times: Mr. Trump’s Wild Ride by Robert Draper May 18, 2016
Oakland’s Democratic Mayor Says Trump’s Mouth Is The Most Dangerous


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The Political Legacy of Malcolm X


The centerpiece of Malcolm’s political project was to internationalize the condition of Black peoples in the United States.”
– Sohail Daulatzai, Black Star, Crescent Moon: The Muslim International and Black Freedom beyond America, p.36

This May 19th marks the 91st birthday of El Hajj Malik El Shabazz or Malcolm X. In the shadow of the nationwide revolt against endemic police violence, economic exploitation, and social alienation, the embryo of a new movement led by the youth of color is upon us under the banner #Black Lives Matter. Malcolm X remains a towering figure in the pantheon of the 20th-century revolutionaries who sought to end the systems of oppression and degradation. This generation is engaged in a struggle to define and preserve their humanity in the face of cold-blooded indi


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According to my passport my nationality is United States of America. I was not considered Black, African American, Native American, Negro, Nigger, Afro American, African, Moor, NGU, NCA or NGR. African was not even a consideration because of the status on my passport. Now if I were African when entering Japan, the signs state that I would have to stand in a different line to get thru immigration. Currently, unsure of the reasons of separation upon the arrival of Africans in Japan but I did not see the same procedure in Korea. However the status of this nation was very intriguing. During my travels, I often compared and contrasted America and East Asia to see what can be abstracted from this experience. I cannot help but to coin the phrase “Being BLACK in EAST ASIA” while accessing my stat


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The Genius of Prince

A Musical Protégé

Prince Rogers Nelson, known to the world as Prince, was born June 7, 1958, the son of a jazz pianist in Minnesota. He taught himself to play piano by the age of 7, and within another 7 years had learned the guitar and drums. His parents’ relationship would collapse, yet while still in high school he formed his first funk band, Grand Central. At the age of 18 years old he would sign his first contract with Warner Brothers Records. Prince was an extremely shy and reclusive young man which showed itself on stage, but Warner Bros. would make an unprecedented decision to give Prince full creative license over the music and sound, which was unheard of at the time for a first-time artist (let alone an 18-year-old new artist). His first album, titled “For You,” was released in 19


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300 Positive Words

Accept Speech

Abiding Able Abstinence Acceptance Accomplished Accountable Achieving Acknowledging Acquiescent Active Adoring Advanced Affectionate Affirming Aglow Agreeable Alert Alive Altruistic Ambitious Amenable Amusing Angelic Appealing Appreciative Approachable Approving Aspiring Assertive Assisting Assured Attentive Attractive Awake Aware

Balanced Beautiful Believing Benevolent Bestowing Blameless Blessed Bold Boundaries Bountiful Bravery

Calm Capable Careful Caring Caution Certain Charitable Charming Chaste Cheerful Clean Clear Comforting Commendable Committed Compassionate Composed Concerned Confident Confirming Conscientious Considerate Consoling Contemplative Content Contributing Controlled Co-operative Correct Courageous Courteous Creative Cultured Curiosity

Daring Decent Dedicated Deliberat


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“Be the Leader that your team LOVES”


Being a good leader is a challenge that requires the right combination of ethics, values, experience, skill and passion.

A leader brings out the best in each and every member of the team. Here are a few tips to help you become a leader that your team adores.

Good Leader=Happy Employees=Increased Engagement=Increased Bottom Line

Of course there is a line between business and personal relationships, but remember that you are dealing with people that spend a large majority of their day at work.

Get to know your team! You should be acknowledging each and every birthday, childbirth and anniversary of your team members even if it is just through email. This is even more important if you lead a virtual team. You should know the strengths and weaknesses of each and every team membe


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Job Interview Lessons from Radio

For 19 years, I enjoyed one of the best experiences that anyone who loves to talk can have—radio. As “Fast Eddie” Francis, I did everything from produce a wacky morning show to host a late night mix show on a top-rated hip hop station. My last few years were spent on a top-rated adult R&B station where I hosted another mix show, guest hosted the popular “Mellow Moods” show a couple of times, and even co-produced an award-winning talk show.

So, let’s get the fun part out of the way. Yes, I have a “radio voice” (or some I’m told). And, yes, I’ve met celebrities. The late Earth, Wind and Fire lead singer Maurice White, Louis Gossett, Jr., Jeffrey Osborne, Venus Williams, and Danny Glover (pictured with yours truly in 2007) were among my interview subjects. There were other cool notable folks


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Tupac For President 2016


Indulge me for a bit, now that it appears the closer we get to November, the more it seems our next President will be either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Various surveys conducted by numerous pollsters suggest a large segment of American citizens are not thrilled with either candidate, beckoning the question, can we have a Presidential campaign do-over? Let’s revamp the whole system!

As evidenced by last week’s announcement that Harriet Tubman will be on the twenty dollar bill in years to come, we find again America loves to celebrate the very people they once feared and hated, so how about Tupac’s hologram for President in 2016?

Think about it, Tupac’s albums, interviews, and lifestyle provided us with enough insight into what he would do regarding issues such as homelessness, intern


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Developing a Game Plan for Professional Advancement

Keith Exec Photo

By Floyd Keith, CEO, PPA Professional Services

I am extremely honored to submit this article for my blog on GBS. The basis for this discussion of professional development and advancement for your personal game plan of professional advancement stems from a broad range of coaching and administrative experiences. My resources span over four decades of coaching and administrative real life experiences beginning in Division III as a student coach; encompassing 3 decades of Division I coaching as an assistant and head coach; spanning 12 years as an executive director of a national governing body; and now looking at the sports profession through the eyes of a CEO of a sports professional business.

RI Remarkable People

Part of my philosophy of PP


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7 Habits to help you Attract Abundance

7 habits-Attracting abundance

There are many good habits that financially sound people practice, but we will cover 7 in this post.

There are a few different interpretations of abundance, but the practices are the same to attracting more.

Create a goal plan with those that are good and strong. Know when you should invest, spend, and save-and on what. Know what you are going to do with that lump sum of money before it is paid out.

Track your incoming money and outgoing expenses. Live a “lean” life and trim surplus expenses when possible. An excel spreadsheet is fine if you cannot afford an accountant.

Always make sure bills are covered, but also set aside money for investing, saving, and emergencies.

Stay on top of changes in the market if you have investments.


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Book Preview — Building Instructional Capacity: 3 Key Strategies for Successful Student Learning

Building Instructional Capacity


“The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own.”
~ Benjamin Disraeli ~

This book will teach you how to build your school or school district’s instructional capacity for the purpose of increasing student learning. Along with this increase in student learning; you should see an increase in student achievement.

I have the honor of leading student learning and student achievement. I have served in education for over twenty years for both children and adults. I have served in the K-12, higher education, business industry, and military service. Student learning varies in each of these environments. In addition, student learning is similar in each of these environments. For example, K-12 students need the teacher to capture t


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