Send in the Clowns: An Elephant is in the room


Business is an endeavor that causes one to operate under the function of the people. Let’s face it, without people, businesses cannot survive. If I were to interview Carlos Slim, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Amancio Ortego and Oprah Winfrey, I am sure each person could share a success story about how their brand became a national phenomenal. While speaking to these successful entrepreneur, it is possible that each one would agree that the consumers are the ones to thank for believing in their services.

I am just like you, a consumer who seeks quality entertainment, quality teaching, quality events and quality organizations. How can my team accommodate you? The most important way our team can accommodate you is to provide knowledge from research and firsthand experience from quality producti


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The Importance of Law of Attraction in Life to Attract More Wealth and Money

Law of Atrraction and Money

We are in the Universe because of the Law of Universe. The Law of Universe has decided our existence and the existence of everything that you see in this world. Attraction is one of the most important factors in any Law. ‘The Law of Attraction’ means a keen interest for something that you wish to achieve, or something that drags your mind to reach there. Profession, family, hobby, relationships, sex, and money are all attractions of Law set by the Human mind and the Universe at large.

Money is an essential factor today for a better living, similar to health and family. If you have more money, you can buy better food and good health for yourself and your family. However, few people know the secret behind earning wealth in a proper manner, due to which they are where they deserve!

As a moti


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Souled Out: The Power of Deeper Relationship Connections

Couple on Beach --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Of soul level relationships, Jill Miller an intuitive guide and life coach says; “We are all on earth to fulfill a threefold purpose: to love, to serve and to evolve. Our greatest tool for this is connecting with relationships that feed us in a special way.” She goes on to identify that true soul companions are those who we elect to walk very closely with us. In other words, these are the folks we “do” life with. As a member of our close nit soul led family, we navigate change, embrace life and learn from our experiences to grow into strong contributors of society. Without them, we would not be who we are. These relationships have been identified by numerous names; mentorships, guides, coaches and advisers. But all have the common thread of being a voice of influence and resource of suppo


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Lose Belly Fat, Decrease Cancer Risk

Obesity and Cancer Image

After tobacco cessation, maintaining a healthy body weight is the most important thing you can do to reduce your risk of developing and dying of most common forms of cancer. Like heart disease and diabetes, obesity is a major risk factor for cancer.

Cancer rates have increased as obesity rates have become higher. According to findings by the University of Manchester, obesity increases your chance of developing common and rare forms of cancer, such as postmenopausal breast, colon, endometrial, esophageal, gallbladder, pancreas, kidney, thyroid cancers; and leukemia, multiple myeloma and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in women. It also increases your probability of dying from cancer.

The American Cancer Society examined the cancer death rates of more than 900,000 people and found that obese women a


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Erroneous educational practices hurt children

Good intentions may have their merits, but when it comes to addressing the issues that negatively impact learner performance, these same intentions may hurt children. Typically, these practices include suspensions, retentions or expulsions meted out by professional educators who fail to understand the physiological basis of behavior.

Professionals in the education domain provide a wait-and-see approach that is highly reactive. For the child with non-traumatic brain injury, this approach is often catastrophic. This then explains why so many children are frustrated and do not achieve at higher levels of academic performance. However, when behavioral and academic problems are examined from a deeper level of analysis, one uncovers that the problems are due to dysfunction of the central nervous


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Relinquish Control

shutterstock_111417668- Blog Pics

There comes a point in life where we as individuals have to relinquish control to come back to that place of peace. So don’t go around pouting, “how can I make this work? What will happen if I don’t pass this exam?”

Remember, trust in your heart in efforts to not let the battle get the best of you. Allow the winds of success to blow you into your destiny. I never dreamed of speaking in front of people, but that is where the winds blew me towards. What is meant for your pain can be utilized for a quality advantage. There is power within you!!! -Be4filled


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Are you ready to meet Obama?

2015-07-11 16.05.59

I recently received the most amazing surprise in the mail. It was a reminder of one of the greatest days of my life, the day I met First Lady Michelle Obama at BET’s Black Girls Rock Awards Show. This autographed Official White House photo of Mrs. Obama, myself and my fellow M.A.D. (Making A Difference) Girl Honorees is not just special because it was signed by Mrs. Obama herself. There is something even better about this photo. Take a closer look. Do you see it? It is evidence of a vision that I knew would come true, that I would one day meet the First Lady.

A lot of people asked me how I felt when I met the First Lady and how I felt about being on stage with her and I tell them, I felt like I was where I was supposed to be. I wasn’t nervous. I was prepared. When you have a clear vision


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Never Give In

Your attitude must not be of giving up but it must be determined to win in the heat of battle. You may suffered a loss, been through a disastrous situation, but my message is to never give in. Don’t just sit down trying to nurse your wounds, don’t let bitterness and discouragement set the tone for your future. Be ye steadfast and unmovable.
Get up !! Wipe away your sorrow and push out the pain of life for your greatness awaits you.-Be4filled

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My Cell Died But I Didn’t


With the season of summer in full swing, it is inevitable that family vacations will follow. Our nation as a whole has always used this time of the year as the launching of road trips, beach house weekends and of course, family gatherings. This week was no exception, so my wife and I were off to the airport to connect with my siblings.

As usual, I was busy with work winding down and packing was pretty low on my list of priorities. When I did get around to it, I found myself rushing. My wife sent me a list of things to “Not Forget” via text message. You would think I was good after the assistance, but that wasn’t the case. Even after a quick check before getting the taxi to the airport, I still managed to forget my cell phone charger. Maybe 10 years ago that wouldn’t be the end of the worl


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Focus Area:
Student Achievement, accountability and increasing instructional time

Dr. Alfreda Love and Evelyn Green

Proposal No:

Proposal Type:
Breakout Session (45 min)/Whole Group Training (2 days)/information booklet

Primary Presenters:
Dr. Love & Mrs. Evelyn Green-Certified Trainers

A number of methods are used for classroom management however, times have changed. The methods used in past decades are no longer effective. With this new method of timely manner re-directing, teachers can control the thermostat within the classroom while increasing instructional learning time. The major focus of school is learning and teachers need effective tools that work right now!

Session Approach:
(Assimilation, Experien


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Stats for Have You Heard about the Potential Affect on your 401(k) and the stock market during Greece’s Financial Crisis?


Hi, have you heard? The plunge in U.S. stock markets today, the worst pullback of 2015, over the possibility of Greece’s default on its debt and the potential exit from the eurozone is a scary for many of my clients and American investors who wonder how this country can have such a big impact on international markets. According to EPFR, which studies mutual fund flows, the U.S. has about $3.7 billion invested directly in Greek stocks and bonds via U.S. mutual funds and exchange traded funds.

Americans who are well diversified will feel the pain experienced by European markets. That’s because $1.1 trillion is invested directly in developed European economies by U.S. mutual funds and exchange traded funds. If you are investing in a retirement account like a 401(k) or an IRA, the answer is l


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Through The Fire


I spoke to a gentleman today. He was deflated. He had lost all of his personal possessions in an effort to take care of his family. He was broke and broken. As I looked in this man’s eyes, I saw through to his soul. I knew that he was at the end of his rope. I looked into his eyes and said the words…. “This will end. The best is yet to come for you.” He looked at me as though I had seen something he hadn’t and little did he know I had. I had been in the very same place not long before….

With $7.44 in my pocket from a $10 bill that I borrowed, I moved back into my Parents house with my hat in my hand. I was ashamed, embarrassed and defeated. In the process of divorce with a very small child, I became a single Mother in what seemed to be overnight. I was notified that my daughter’s Father w


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