6 Tips to Help Fight Fear of Success

Often it is found that the main reason behind failure is fear of success. Inferiority complex often takes a person back and captures his/her weakened mind. Life is not about only failures or only success. A roller coaster ride of failure and success is what drives life. All we need to do is be positive and carry ourselves forward.

Consider the following points to help you overcome a fearful mind and drive towards success.

Be Positive:

A positive is mind is the first step to success.  With that being said, give the benefit of doubt and try to see the positive side of everything. Keep safe distance from demoralizing and negative people.

Be a Self-Motivator:

It is important to understand your inner strength and keep reminding yourself of that. No one can be your best friend other than you. So


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What I Learned This Year in My Business: Stay Consistent


In this special month of Incredible Factor TV, I am not taking questions.  Instead, I am sharing my top five lessons from 2014, a ground breaking year at Incredible One Enterprises. I’ve gone from 25 to 125 clients and no employees to 5 – yes, it’s been a year.  Last week, I talked briefly about the shift from Solopreneur to CEO that I’ve undergone.  Did you miss it?  Check it out now.

Now, for lesson number three…

At the end of the day, I can pinpoint almost all of my success to one word: consistent.   As an example, for the last four years, I have offered you one video a week sharing a tip, advice, answering a question each and every week.  This is just one example of the consistency at work in my business.  Because of it, we have been offered many opportunities.

Check out this week’s


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Honoring a Tradition of Activism


Mommy why did we sleep in our car last night?” I asked, as my mother pulled us into the front seat of our car to freshen us up for a new day of travel. “Girls, daddy just got tired last night and decided to pull over for rest,” she said.

We accepted her explanation because we had no reason to believe our mother would lie to us As we grew older, she told us the truth. We slept in our car because my Army officer father was denied access to a room because we were African American.

Suddenly our little girl experiences made sense. This was why we were sent to filthy bathrooms with a sign we could not read. This was why we were meticulously dressed as we traveled across the country. My parents needed to project an image of a “perfect” American family to gain access to the most basic accommodat


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Dr. Sanders’ Uli Book Launch, Big Hit in Nigeria – See Media Clips, Read Reviews


Ambassador (Dr.) Robin Renee Sanders book “The Legendary Uli Women of Nigeria,” was launched December 6, 2014 in the country that inspired its writing — Nigeria, with support by Nigerian captains of industry and the media, non-governmental leaders, and recognized Nigerian academics leading the way in noting the ground breaking message of the book — African sign and symbol systems such as Uli, although artistic, are important, social, and political information systems about the culture they represent. The well-attended book launch provided an opportunity to raise the profile of this critical issue for Africa and the world to see sign and symbol systems differently and as viable information systems (click here to see Channel TV’s clip of Uli Book launch (


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Nigeria’s Dr. Chuu Kyrdz Ikwuemesi Academic Review of Dr. Sanders Book on Nigeria’s Uli

Book Title: The Legendary Uli Women of Nigeria: Their Life Stories in Signs, Symbols and Motifs

Author: Ambassador (Dr.) Robin Renee Sanders

Reviewer: Dr. Chuu Krydz Ikwuemesi, Associate Professor of Fine Arts, University of Nigeria Nsukka

I met our distinguished author, painter and sculptor Ambassador Robin Rene Sanders at the threshold of her interest in Uli in 2008. Her hard work and unflagging interest over the last few years have crystallized into the book that we are gathered to celebrate today. The book is the story of the ripples of a vanishing heritage; it is the story of some vernacular classicists, vanguards of the disappearing Uli art of the Igbo.

What is Uli? It is the Igbo name for the indigo dye obtained from several species of plants. Usually, the berries of these plants ar


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What I Learned This Year in My Business: The Shift From Solo-Preneur to CEO


In this special month at Incredible Factor TV, I’m not taking questions. Instead, I am sharing my top five lessons that I learned during this ground breaking year at Incredible One Enterprises.

And now for lesson number two…

Prior to 2014, I was a solo-preneur (a non-employer entity according to the US Small Business Administration and the IRS), of which there are 28 million in the country. Yes, I was the ONLY person in the business, unless you count my part-time assistant, who was a catch-all 1099 who did everything I didn’t feel like doing. We had no culture and we had no true direction. We were just working.

Until just working wouldn’t cut it anymore. I had to make the shift and start thinking like an Empire Builder, a true CEO. I used to think about the CEO of any major Fortune 500 as


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Success is a Process

There are many people along the pathway to success that give up. Often times this happens because there is an unrealistic expectation on their part that their desired success will happen quickly. However, as most successful people know, success is a process. Much like the process of childbirth, there is a phase in which the seed is planted. That seed represents the desire or the idea that sparks the individual to pursue that new business venture or goal. Much like the seed planted during conception, it can’t be seen by outsiders, it is an internal process. Overtime, that seed grows and the mother grows also. Likewise, as the seed of success begins to grow, the individual grows with it as they adapt to the changes that come about in their lives. However, this is often where things begin to


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What I learned this year in my business: Don’t just think big, plan big.

3d business characters building plan word

In honor of it being December 2014, I decided that I would spend the final month of this year differently.  Rather than answer a question from someone in the Incredible Factor community, I am going to share one of five things I learned this year in my business.

It’s been a phenomenal year.  I’m proud.  I’m grateful.  I’m humbled.  I’m honored to be this woman serving these people.  I am so in awe of how God has used me for His glory and to the delight of transforming the lives (and as a result businesses) of many.

I’ve gone from a solo-proneur with a single VA to a CEO with 5 employees.  Can I just say, this one change – HUGE….I have the most amazing team of women who believe in and support my vision, brand and mission.

I’ve gone from a woman afraid to openly share her spirituality to a w


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Dr. Sanders: On Al Jazeera America – Discusses Challenges for Nigeria Military in Addressing Boko Haram

Ambassador Robin Sanders discusses the November-December 2014 uptick in Boko Haram attacks in Northern Nigeria, and the bombing in the country’s largest Muslim city, Kano on Al Jazeera America’s “Consider This,” show.

Dr. Sanders highlights the need for Nigeria’s military to further adjust to asymmetrical warfare and move away from the peacekeeping and Niger Delta play books that are their framework.

Sanders, who is currently in Nigeria, personally expressed her sorrow on the bombing to the Emir of Kano whom she had worked with before during his pre-Emir life as Governor of Nigeria’s Central Bank.

Click here to see Ambassador Sanders on “Consider This.”


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Women in Leadership

women in leadership

Women in the US hold about 52% of all professional-level jobs. However, we make up only 14.6% of executive positions, 8.1% of top wage earners, and 4.6% of Fortune 500 CEOs. While women are making strides in the business world, we have yet to be fully appreciated for the unique qualities and abilities we bring to the workplace. Coming from a lineage of strong women, I grew up watching my mother, aunts, and grandmother practice strong leadership skills that are often appreciated at home, but under appreciated in the workforce.

Women naturally possess many leadership skills that are taught amongst the greatest institutions of learning such as emotional intelligence, effective communication, and creative thinking. Likewise, women are great at multi-tasking and prioritizing. Throughout histor


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Domestic Violence, conversations with my college freshman

…..tonight I had an intentional conversation with my female love seed about domestic violence (DV)…..I have ALWAYS communicated so openly with both of my seeds about everything, I assumed this was a topic we’d discussed, but on the other hand felt maybe we’d not done so in a while as there have been no “love affairs” with men (or women if that’s our druthers) in a while so lemme have at this….I thought I’d sheltered both of my children from DV but in truth that may not be so. If you were in my daily life you know how, folks play games in the court system too, which is truly a form of abuse…and I will leave that there as that is not the point of this post/blog.

I pondered how to have this conversation for about 40 minutes. Finally I said to her, “pretend I am your mentor and not your mother


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How to Conduct a SWOT Analysis in Your Business


When you are building a business, you have to be clear about the internal and external forces that help (or hinder) its existence. Sadly, most business owners don’t take the time to evaluate their businesses. As a leading coach and strategist, I actually recommend that you perform an analysis on your business at least once each year. (You should really conduct one for every product, service, launch, team member etc.)

If you used to work in an organization or company, you’ve likely heard of a SWOT analysis. If you’ve heard of one, you’ve likely conducted one on something – a project, a team member, a product, you name it – you took the time to clarify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats associated with whatever it was. The truth is, every business has internal strengths an


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