Dear Summer


This time of year serves as one of nature’s greatest lessons on life. The trees exhibit to us that to embrace change it often means letting some things go. As leaves fall to the ground and night approaches us earlier, we both marvel at autumn’s dance of color and lament over lost memories from the summer. I believe poet Abbey Silent captured this essence best in her poem dedicated to this magical season called “A Time of Freedom” when she said;

The books that weighed her down,
now thrown to the ground.
The rivers cleansed from winter,
are now heated with splendor.
The happiness of knowing,
no bedtimes are set,
and no schedules to be met.
The sun now beating within her veins
washes away all her pains.

Summer in deed is a special time for us all no matter our age. For the youngster, it mea


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Emmett Till from I Am Black America

Emmett Till Poem Picture copy

Poetry Paints the Image, Provides the Lessons, Sends the Message, Offers the Call for Emmett Till:
A river ebbs.
A river flows
A father’s ring floats:
To call his name: Emmett
The boy: Till: the child:
Two white men niggering
an American son:
They are America’s shame

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Faith Based Leadership


“I love Jesus but I Cuss a Little!” I saw this t-shirt while engaging in one of my favorite distractions, scrolling through Facebook. When I saw the t-shirt I laughed out loud. In a humorous way it describes the interesting tension many leaders, including me, face as they lead and use religious principles in the process.

My parents were committed to ensuring their daughters had the foundation of faith as they developed us into confident women leaders. They created opportunities for us to choose the religion that most resonated with us as we matured. The Webber girls visited churches of different denominations. We were allowed to ask questions of friends and families with religious and spiritual practices different from ours. This helped us each choose a religion that aligned most with wha


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Not On Anyone’s 100 Day Clock – A Look at President Buhari’s Economic & Anti-Corruption Efforts – by Ambassador Robin Renee Sanders

Nigerian President Buhari’s slightly more than 100 days in office as he prepares for his first UN visit since May 29 inauguration, provides a good opportunity for analysis of his economic-investment and anti-corruption game plans (in what FEEEDS calls the Buhari Doctrine); how these plans are working thus far; and, what we might expect going forward on these and other issues.

Nigeria boasts both SSAfrica’s largest population (178 million) and economy (Nigeria rebased in 2014), but is struggling to get its financial footing back, and keep investors engaged. Here are some of today’s economic challenges:

— Massive drops in world oil prices have hit hard country’s key source of revenue and foreign reserves;

— Unemployment remains high (hovering around 7.6 percent) in 15-35 median age range, wh


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We Must Eradicate All Excuses


Just recently in my hometown Chicago, IL this past weekend 8 people were murdered and 45 were shot! This year over 2000 people shot in all. We a must begin eradicate all the excuses! We are walking around in the Black community as if we do not know what to do or how to start to correct this problem. We have a self-love problem as well as a leadership problem. We live in a problematic society where we think and accept that is okay for everyone including ourselves to do any and every violent thing to us and most of the time there are minor consequences.

We as Black People have become so conditioned to violent crimes in the Urban Communities across America accepting this as the “norm” in our communities which is so sad. We go through this same strong rally justice for the victims for a short


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Always, Always Love Your Authentic Self

Sheryl Underwood natural hair

Sheryl Underwood has issued an apology and revealed her natural hair on national television after ridiculing “Natural Afro Hair” in 2013 on The Talk. As I read the story this morning, I asked myself how could this black woman get so above herself that she forgot to love her authentic self. How do you love the “you” with the weave or wig, the makeup, the eyelashes, the nails and not love the “you” that has short nappy hair, blemishes, dark spots, short eyelashes and short fingernails naturally? Is the person within not the same person?

Going natural is not just a simple trip to the salon for a “new do”. At least it wasn’t for me. I researched, asked questions and felt all the natural hair I could before I made the decision to go natural and I was still scared to death. I worked for a huge


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How To Dress Like A Young Leader

As a young leader, I have to present myself as such. But how? Sometimes it can be hard to figure out how to look professional or respectful and still keep your unique fashion sense. Throughout my career as a young entrepreneur, I’ve had to ask myself countless times one of life’s greatest mysteries…What to wear!? I believe I have cracked the code, well at least for dressing like a young leader.

Here are three tips that have helped me choose the right look when presenting myself as a leader.


Youthfully Professional:
Looking “youthfully professional” means dressing professionally while still looking your age. I have found that it’s not as hard as it may seem.

Here are a few suggestions:
Find bright colored clothing. Dresses, pants, skirts, or tops. Bright colors make you stand out in a good


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Never Give Up Chasing Your Dreams ~ Your Destiny!

Never give up

There are millions of reasons for our children to give up. Mario Butler could have said my dad was killed and I’m poor so I’ll go sell drugs or rob and kill others for money but he didn’t! I saw this young man pull himself up by his bootstraps and chase his dreams. Through the struggle, he stayed the course and his dreams came true. Now he is a professional football player with the Buffalo Bills.

Were there some days that he cried? I’m sure there were. Were there days that he thought he couldn’t or wouldn’t make it? I’m sure there were. But no matter how hard it got, he never gave up! Mario shares in a recent article that he was able to forgive the person or persons that killed his father. That forgiveness was key for him to walk in his destiny.

There are millions of children that experie


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The Eerie Similarities Between ‘Greeks’ and Police

(Blog Segment: Greek Fraternities and Sororities/Greek Life)

As I watch the posts being placed on my company’s social media pages, I began to notice something. At first I thought it was just a fluke, but then I began noticing the repetitiveness of it; a repetitiveness that sparked me to look into it in more depth in order to quench the thirst of my suspicions. As I dived into the Sherlock Holmes-ess realm of mystery, I was met with the shocking, utterly terrifying truth:

Divine 9 Greek-letter organizations don’t really like ‘liking’ other organizations’ pics.

Ok, so it’s not shocking and utterly terrifying, but it does, based on the evidence, look like the distasteful truth.

Frequently the National Greek All-Star™ Awards™, or GASA, posts what we call “TODAY’S FEATURED #GREEK.” We find or


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Design your own methods to navigate

Design your own methods to navigate

Having received a state approval for one of our programs, I thought of how to increase our student enrollment and be on top of the competition. I already had a morning schedule which apparently, every school has. I had to think of a schedule that was not common. The answer would be a weekend program. Most weekend programs run Saturdays and Sundays. I do not work on Saturdays because I keep the Sabbath. “Why not do a Sunday-only program?” I asked myself. That is a little weird. I have not heard about that type of schedule. “Ok, I will give it a try”. I said to myself.

I advertised for the program and the result was very surprising. I had many students enroll. I started asking students why they chose my schedule because many of them will be driving to class from afar. Many of them had diffe


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Laying Aside Every Weight!

Tape measure squeezing scales to form waist

With the Fall season approaching that can only mean one thing; New Years is only a little while away! Soon we will be overwhelmed with millions of people declaring what they want to be and accomplish in 2016. Chances are you, like millions around the world, are not satisfied with what you see when you step on the scale. Our society is obsessed with weight, body type and size. Most rely so heavily on pre-packaged, processed food that we do not stand a chance of obtaining a healthy body weight. Everywhere you go there is a billboard, advertisement or reminder that you need to lose weight. What is worse is we have a difficult time distinguishing between our weight, body type and body mass. That is where a BMI (Body Mass Index) is vital.

America ranks as one of the largest countries in terms


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The Value of Honesty


United Airlines is experiencing a leadership shake-up at this very moment. In the wake of a federal corruption investigation three top executives have resigned leaving United Airlines with frustrated passengers, a labor relations nightmare and less than optimal operational performance. What started out five years ago as a “shotgun merger made in heaven” between United and Continental Airlines has ended up a messy corruption scandal that we will analyze, discuss and hopefully learn from for many years to come.

After reading The New York Times article about the current condition of United Airlines, I pondered what can we teach our youth leaders that will help them avoid situations like this in the future? I came up with this answer. We can teach them the value of honesty. Earlier this week,


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