How to Serve Clients Who Can’t Afford Your Services


Now, you might see the title of this article and scratch your head because business owners are in business to make a profit.  And the very thought of serving clients who can’t afford you may appear to be contrary to that very goal.

And in general, you’d be right to think that upon reading the title. BUT I do believe that as business owners we should create a plan to serve clients who can’t afford to hire us.

Yes, a plan.

By determining in advance and creating a strategy to leverage such an initiative, you can build a profitable business while giving back to others, which in my opinion is the most amazing way to serve this world.

In my own business, each year, we set aside a specific number of scholarships for our programs and events for those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford to ga


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Make Some Waves


Making Waves

What will people who know you say about you when your time in this world ends? Will they say you were a true and trusted friend? Will they say you cared about other people putting their needs before yours? Will they say you worked hard and you took care of your responsibilities? I read once that our lives should be like a rock that one throws in a pond: it makes waves on the pond as far out as the weight of the rock that was thrown. The events in Ferguson, Missouri over the past few months after the police shooting of teen Michael Brown is worthy of this discussion because many protesters there made waves. One may argue that some of the waves have not been the kind that has helped the situation there. In any event there has definitely been a ripple effect in the pond. 

What t


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Ambassador Sanders on MSNBC: Links Food Security & Ebola Crisis

Ambassador Sanders on MSNBC October 16, 2014 “The Cycle Show”  discussed her professional views on gaps in addressing the Ebola crisis. She served in Republic of Congo during its Ebola crises in 2002-2004. Dr. Sanders highlighted some lesson learned, from that period that should be considered in addressing current crisis in West Africa which also could be applicable (or at least considered) in addressing the U.S challenges with the disease. She will also note the Nigeria  success story on combating the virus,  and lesson the US can also learn from Nigeria. Click to see live show:


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A Letter to a Young Dreamer


Dear Young Dreamer,

As you embark on this journey of starting college, or joining the workforce, you’ll receive literally tons of advice. Most of it you’ll ignore as I did at your age because after all who knows what you need, better than you. At least that how I thought at 18, I still remember my first day of class. I sat in a class room on that fall morning not knowing that I was in what I now know was one of the most defining moments of my life. I was a student at Prince George’s community college and my first class was African American Studies. The professor whose name I can’t remember taught a lesson that day, that I would never forget. He had a question written on the board, it said which are you, a laborer or a thinker?

That question has played in my mind throughout my adult life.


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Black & Blue News: Why LAPD Detective Frank Lyga won’t be fired for racist remarks

ZJ2A1243 redo

frank lyga

LAPD Detective Frank Lyga – found guilty at Board of Rights! Will he retire or be fired for racist remarks?

It was recently reported that a Los Angeles Police Department administrative hearing known as  a Board of Rights (BOR) recommended the termination of LAPD Detective Frank Lyga as a result of racist, sexist and inflammatory remarks he made last year during a joint LAPD training day. The truth is, Det. Lyga  quite possibly may live to offend again; with another agency.

Det. Frank Lyga is a twenty-eight year LAPD veteran.  As such, he certainly has earned the right to retire, with a life-time pension. As a retired LAPD sergeant, I will be the first to declare that a service pension earned should not be denied -un


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Believe. Forgive. Recieve.

unnamed (2)

So Jesus answered and said to them, “Have faith in God. For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says. Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them. “And whenever you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive him, that your Father in heaven may also forgive your trespasses. But if you do not forgive, neither will your Father in heaven forgive your trespasses.” (Mark 11:22-26 NKJV)

I felt lead to share this for such a time as this when we are all believing God for the miraculous, unexpected, unprecedented and seemingly impossible thing


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How to Determine the Right Legal Entity For Your Business


When you are starting a industrial design business, one of the most important decisions to be made is determining your business entity. As an example, when I started, I was a sole proprietor. And honestly, it was because I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I really thought it was a good idea to start a business, get an EIN number and start taking money. And this mistake, which is made by more than 50% of new business owners each year, can be costly. Today, we are an LLC and considering becoming an S-Corp.

Today, I teach my clients and students to consider three things in determining their business entity:

  1. Tax implications – what will your chosen entity mean when you file your taxes?
  2. Costs to form and maintain – what will it cost you to establish and maintain your chosen entity?
  3. Legal liabi

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Dr. Sanders on CCTV Discussing Ebola Links to Food Security & Lessons Learned

Ambassador Sanders on CCTV (China Cable Television) discusses current Ebola crisis and next steps that need to be addressed and focused on to stop the spread in the U.S. and West Africa. Sanders served as U.S. Ambassador in the Republic of Congo during its three Ebola outbreaks and notes lessons learned.

She stresses that in addition to the epidemiology issues, it is important for international agencies also to look simultaneously at food security issues as in the past Ebola is linked to a species jump from a carrier animal to human usually through consumption of a carrier animal :


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Long Distance Over The Short Sprint

We currently live in a microwave society where most people want what they want right now.  This is partly due to a technologically advanced system driven by just pushing a button and having what you want accessible to you right now.  In the midst of this system we have become trapped in the mindset of getting from one thing to the next as quickly as possible and once the novelty of that thing wears off we are then off running to the next big then.

The paradox is that we actually miss life in this process.  Yes, life passes us right by and we don’t even realize we’re missing it.  We’re moving at such a fast pace to get to the next thing or event, to keep up with everyone else, that we end up missing the journey itself.  You could probably use the analogy “not seeing the forest for the trees


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Why Are Cops So Frightened?

man in handcuffs

There is a pandemic.

The black motoring public needs to stop scaring white police officers. Incidents are being reported nationwide; white police officers are saying, “I was in fear for my safety”; code talk for, “I need to justify the excessive/deadly force I just used.”

As a retired Los Angeles Police Department sergeant, responsible for investigating allegations of police misconduct, I am familiar with the “canned responses” an officer can use when trying to justify an action that is unjustifiable. Phrases like, “I couldn’t see his hands”; The suspect was reaching for his waistband” or “The suspect was acting suspiciously” have been spoken in an attempt to avoid administrative discipline.

Whatever happened to police officers enforcing the “spirit of the law” rather than “the letter of


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This Is It


I recently came upon this poem by James Broughton…

This is it, this is really it, this is all there is, and it’s perfect as it is. There’s nowhere to go but here.  There’s nothing here but now, there’s nothing now but this.  And this is it.  This is REALLY it.  This is all there is and it’s perfect as it is.

…and it started me to think about how often I hear people worry about things they can’t control, things that in the big scheme of things don’t really matter.  This is especially true for the parents of 12-and-under girls’ softball teams.  These parents seem to worry about everything they can think of- even things that have no bearing on their children’s play or play time.  Parents worry about what other parents are saying, whether or not other parents are happy being on the team, and


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A Tale of Two Police Departments

Jody Westerby

See what happened when a white woman “interfered with an officer’s investigation”. No use of force. No Teaser. No arrest.

As a retired veteran sergeant of the Los Angeles Police Department, I have been a participant/observer in the “tale of two police departments”. That is, the way officers treat affluent community members versus citizens who are less fortunate. And believe me, it’s no secret among the rank and file; police officers’ act very differently when patrolling in West Los Angeles than they do in 77th division (south central L.A.). Much like the Washington D.C. story of Jody Westby and Dennis Stucky.

Jody Westby, an attorney who lives in an upscale neighborhood, recently came to the aid of a disabled, black man who was being racially profiled by police officers in Washington D..C


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