Five Tips to Better Manage Your Emotions

“I bust the windows out your car. And no, it didn’t mend my broken heart. I’ll probably always have these ugly scars. But right now, I don’t care about that part.” Lyrics from Jazmine Sullivan’s 2009 Grammy nominated single, Bust Your Windows

Although Jasmine Sullivan’s hit song is now a few years old, we all know it and know it well. Many of us actually sang it as we daydreamed about inflicting physical harm to the person or the person’s property that hurt us. Heck, many of us sang it as we actually bust the windows out of someone’s car. So, while we may try to act like we don’t understand why the people in Ferguson and Baltimore were looting and damaging public and private property in response to their outrage about the death of Michael Brown and Freddie Gray, the truth is that many of u


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Is Marketing Misunderstood?


Marketing is one of the most misunderstood disciplines in business. If not the most misunderstood, it is certainly one of the least valued. Many business owners and managers see marketing as a “luxury,” something to be done when things are going well and the organization is flush with cash. As a result, when things are tight marketing budgets are the first to be cut. This stems from managers and owners inability to see immediate returns for their marketing investments.

It is not unusual to hear small business people say that they don’t do any marketing; that they get most of their business through referrals. Despite these claims, they continue to pass out business cards and meet with people, make changes and enhancements to their products/services, make pricing decisions and seek ways to


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Credibility Counts!


Each day, I have the pleasure of observing factors that contribute to effective leadership. Lately I am paying deep attention to the concept of personal and professional credibility as a factor of effective leadership. Leaders must pay attention to whether or not they are experienced as credible by colleagues and employees. As I focus on studying the relationship between credibility and leadership, I notice many people willingly compromise themselves in this area. Leaders do not realize that compromised credibility has a direct impact on business results.

There are organizational factors that contribute to compromised leadership credibility. Dysfunctional company culture entices leaders to compromise credibility. Dysfunctional companies are filled with ineffective strategic leadership, in


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It All Begins With The Customer

Field of Dreams

In Marketing, everything begins with the customer. Customers can be individual consumers or businesses. You will need to distinguish your customers based on whether you are a business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) marketer. By defining the individual or business customer as precisely as possible, you are in a better position to develop relevant offerings that address their unique needs with the messaging that resonates with them.

However, most businesses are like Ray Kinsella, the Iowa farmer in the 1989 movie, “Field of Dreams”. Rather than take the time to find a customer need, then build a product/service to fulfill that need, businesses believe that “if we build it they will come”. It may be that this product- first focus is the reason less than 10% of new products s


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3 Signs You’re Getting Hopeless


On the subject of hope, civil rights hero Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” This would suggest to me that life will surly deal us all plenty of opportunities to embraced the darkness of hopelessness, but we have to learn to dig deeper to lay hold of an expectation that we are always progressing. Without this trait, we run the risk of swallowed whole by the monster of despair.

As a coach I spend a great deal of time empowering clients and sharing the revelation that we are only one decision away from a radical life revolution at any time. That alone in its purest form is a sense of hope. And hope can be a fickled ideal to comprehend. At its root lies the concept that no matter the circumstance, as long as you are alive y


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Turn A Negative Into A Positive

Head in The Sand

Many organizations miss a golden opportunity to turn a negative in to a positive when they discount, minimize or ignore the value that customer complaints can add to decision making. Early customer expressions of dissatisfaction can serve as a warning system that alerts decision makers of the need to make changes to their product, brand or delivery systems.

The tendency is for organizations to put their head in the sand and hope that customer dissatisfaction and the negative word of mouth it creates will somehow disappear on its own. Customers who have taken the time and effort to let you know that something may be wrong should be embraced and serve as inputs to a continuous improvement program.

Acknowledge them and use their feedback to make changes. And be sure you tell them you did. Th


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Academic Failure Often Means Brain Injury (Part One)

Ever wonder why your child, despite great efforts by his or her teacher to remediate the problem, causes more frustration? What about the student who reaches the tenth grade and continues to read on a second or third- grade level? Cases like these are common in schools across the United States, where some states report that almost fifty-percent of their children do not graduate high school. This is indeed an alarming statistic, but it doesn’t mean the matter is hopeless. Educators need a new way of thinking about academic failure in order to develop innovative strategies that are lasting and permanent.

What does it mean when your child fails to acquire basic academic skills? It means that despite age and developmentally appropriate teaching strategies, the child continues to lag behind his


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7 Keys to Effective Marketing

Many businesses have no clue if their marketing is bringing in any new customers or generating enough sales to justify the expense. Most don’t have a way to measure the effects and generally have a hit-or-miss approach. There seems to be little rhyme or reason and no overall plan for marketing. So what should a small businessperson do?

Well, before you spend another dime on a brochure, flyer, billboard or newspaper ad you need to just stop and take a careful look at what’s going on in seven (7) key areas of your business:

1. Customers – who are you selling to? What are they really buying and why do they buy?

2. Products – What’s your value proposition or why in the world would anyone spend money on what you’re selling?

3. Pricing – What’s your pricing strategy? (Uh…yeah you should have a


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Exploring the Benefits of Yoga, Article 6 ~ 4 Calm Yoga Styles: A Practice for All Ages and Abilities


“Tanynya, what are the benefits of yoga?” The purpose of this blog series is to answer this question and raise others. I hope to summon curiosity and encourage the reader to conduct deeper research into movement and yoga…supporting you as the journey towards healthy living continues.

If you have limited mobility, strength and/or flexibility, including yoga as part of your wellness plan may not have appealed to you in the past. Many mat yoga styles incorporate exercises that require participants to move from seated to standing positions often. In this article I will suggests some gentle yoga styles, with the hope that one of the styles will appeal to your physical ability and you will be able to find a yoga practice suited for your healthy living plan.

Limited mobility, strength and/or fle


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I Don’t Do Any Marketing

No Marketing

It is not unusual to hear small business people say that they don’t do any marketing; that they get most of their business through referrals. Despite these claims, they continue to pass out business cards and meet with people, make changes and enhancements to their products/services, make pricing decisions and seek ways to distribute their products and services more efficiently. Doing these things independently of one another without a coordinated plan is more of an issue than assigning the name “marketing” to these actions.

In the final analysis, regardless of what it is called, businesses need a plan of action built around key tasks that enable them to create and keep customers so that their businesses will grow and prosper.


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Why Rabbits Won’t Ever Rule The World


It all started in the fourth grade. If your school was anything like mine, you had those class projects when you get a chance to care for a classroom pet. For us, the excitement boiled over when the teacher walked in with a small cage. We all huddled around and discovered the cutest, shy and furry rabbit on planet earth. We spent about an hour around the cage discussing a name and figuring out the schedule of who will get to take the class pet home. To this day, I don’t remember who was first or second, but at some point later in the school year, it was finally my turn. There were no words to describe my excitement as I collected the bunny supplies and prepared “Skippy” for his overnight adventure with my family.

Taking “Skippy” home was uneventful to say the least. I spent most of the ni


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Non-Traumatic Brain Injury

I am often asked about brain injury during conferences with parents of children with neurodevelopmental disorders. There is the general assumption that brain injury means total incapacitation. Nothing can be far from the truth. In fact, brain injuries are seen daily in America’s classrooms in children who fail to acquire basic academic skills. That is to say, when a child fails to learn to read fluently, perform well mathematically or who experience serious problems in written language, one can be sure there could be possible brain dysfunction.

Scientists now understand that the failures to acquire basic academic skills are related to brain dysfunction. Attempts by educators to remediate these difficulties without consideration of the child’s brain will be fraught with frustration. Unfortu


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