Why Are Cops So Frightened?

man in handcuffs

There is a pandemic.

The black motoring public needs to stop scaring white police officers. Incidents are being reported nationwide; white police officers are saying, “I was in fear for my safety”; code talk for, “I need to justify the excessive/deadly force I just used.”

As a retired Los Angeles Police Department sergeant, responsible for investigating allegations of police misconduct, I am familiar with the “canned responses” an officer can use when trying to justify an action that is unjustifiable. Phrases like, “I couldn’t see his hands”; The suspect was reaching for his waistband” or “The suspect was acting suspiciously” have been spoken in an attempt to avoid administrative discipline.

Whatever happened to police officers enforcing the “spirit of the law” rather than “the letter of


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This Is It


I recently came upon this poem by James Broughton…

This is it, this is really it, this is all there is, and it’s perfect as it is. There’s nowhere to go but here.  There’s nothing here but now, there’s nothing now but this.  And this is it.  This is REALLY it.  This is all there is and it’s perfect as it is.

…and it started me to think about how often I hear people worry about things they can’t control, things that in the big scheme of things don’t really matter.  This is especially true for the parents of 12-and-under girls’ softball teams.  These parents seem to worry about everything they can think of- even things that have no bearing on their children’s play or play time.  Parents worry about what other parents are saying, whether or not other parents are happy being on the team, and


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A Tale of Two Police Departments

Jody Westerby

See what happened when a white woman “interfered with an officer’s investigation”. No use of force. No Teaser. No arrest.

As a retired veteran sergeant of the Los Angeles Police Department, I have been a participant/observer in the “tale of two police departments”. That is, the way officers treat affluent community members versus citizens who are less fortunate. And believe me, it’s no secret among the rank and file; police officers’ act very differently when patrolling in West Los Angeles than they do in 77th division (south central L.A.). Much like the Washington D.C. story of Jody Westby and Dennis Stucky.

Jody Westby, an attorney who lives in an upscale neighborhood, recently came to the aid of a disabled, black man who was being racially profiled by police officers in Washington D..C


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5 Tips for Experiencing Abundance in Your Life Because of Your Business

Two businessmen jumping and celebrating on the beach

With the statistics being what they are (89.70% of all non employer entities — solo-entrepreneurs and/or micro-business owners — earning less than $100,000 a year in their businesses) it’s no wonder why people are struggling with my mission:

To help uncompromising entrepreneurs and business owners experience financial and spiritual abundance in their lives because of their businesses.

Honestly, it’s a big mission and I am more committed to it than ever. But that doesn’t stop people who want more in their businesses from struggling with understanding exactly what this really looks like.

And, I get it. There was a time when I felt the same way. If you can imagine having more month than money, being tired, frustrated, unfocused, full of fear and complaining about any and everything, that was


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Negativity Kills More Dreams Than Any Other Disease


In recent weeks the reality of Ebola has swept the globe. From the coasts of Africa to the great state of Texas, millions of people are on high alert for this deadly disease. While the threat is serious, there is something far more dangerous leaking in our midst. The air borne disease of negativity will kill million more dreams this year than Ebola will affect Americans.

A couple of years ago Hollywood studios released a blockbuster film that is currently up for several awards called Contagion. With heavy hitters like Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow and Laurence Fishburne as the main cast, they attempt to follow a web of infected individuals as a pandemic erupts across the world. This incredibly strong strand of flu virus that seems to originate from an animal spreads like wild-fire from Hong


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5 Strategies Business Owners Can Use to Get More Referrals From Existing Clients


Having been a business coach and consultant for more than 10 years, I’ve seen my share of marketing strategies. I have helped my clients and students to creatively configure the ones that will work best for them of the more than 60 ways you could be marketing your business at any time. The way I see it, marketing is how you get found, and if you aren’t getting found you most definitely aren’t getting paid.

Despite all the ways you could be marketing, I believe that there are a few ways that are among the greatest of marketing strategies. The greatest ones in my opinion are the ones that come the most easy for you. In doing them, you don’t feel put out or out of your comfort zone. And your confidence makes the traction of these strategies much more effective.

In my personal opinion, word o


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Book Interview

Author and Motivational Speaker La Shawn Wells sits down to discuss the motivation beind his first book The 7 Principles of Faith-Based Paenting.  He also gives some insight on his two favorite chapters and why, and his plans for sharing his parenting information with everyone.

Picture of Book cover


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Domestic Violence Can Happen to Anyone

Domestic-Violence-Awareness month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. We sadly begin this October with the fatal shooting of the Mayor of the City of Bell Gardens, California, Daniel Crespo as a result of a purported domestic violence incident. Shock, sadness and disbelief were just a few of the emotions expressed when it was reported that Mayor Daniel Crespo, had been shot and killed by his wife and high school sweetheart, Lynette Crespo. As a retired Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) sergeant, I know the devastation domestic violence can bring to a family. As a first responder to these types of radio calls, I have witnessed families torn apart, sides chosen and victim denials. As a victim of domestic violence, at the hands of my [then] police officer [now] ex-husband, I know that anyone can become a victim.


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Amiri Baraka: A Prayer

amiri-baraka picture

Amiri Baraka
Gave us the sacred
Rite of passage

He took us into
That New York upper room
Held us together
Taught us to cherish
Blackness; showed us how
To shape it into art.

Amiri Baraka
moved us to pray
To walk towards
Golgatha, the place of the skull,
To stir our cross
Of blackness in red soil
As we shaped blackness
Into Art

Amiri Baraka,
The answer to
A poet’s prayer.
He Called us
Into Black Art
He rests
We bloom from
His soil.


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My Proven Strategy to Burn Belly, Thigh, and Bottom Fat

Many of you reading this will not be enthusiastic about my findings, but truth is truth.

I am an Endomorph. This is a body type that is more prone to weight gain and obesity. The weight can distribute in the pear body shape, hour glass figure and even the bottom heavy body shape. The unfortunate truth is that Endomorphs need to work harder at watching caloric intake (fats included) as well as incorporate a more cardio-rich workout regimen. After recently reaching a weight that was the lowest I had seen since high school, I decided to test my theories which I share with those I train or consult about weight loss.

I was the guinea pig. I had decided to decrease my jogging/running amount and integrate a new style of working out. I was still working out several days a week, but I began to noti


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The Man/Woman in the Mirror


I love the chorus to Michael Jackson’s hit when he says “I’m starting with the man in the mirror and I am asking him to change his ways”.

How do you know when you are missing the point of something? When do you know you are like the very person who you complain about or who drives you crazy? I ask these questions have rhetorical and half serious. These questions are sometimes the toughest questions we face on a day-to-day basis because the challenge is right in front of us and driving us crazy or it is right in front of us and we are not aware that it’s driving other people around us crazy.

I hope and pray for people, especially my love ones that they will be willing to exam things about themselves, their lives that may need to change. It could be personality related, health or weight, fi


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Domestic Violence Affects Us All


Have you noticed purple ribbons distributed throughout your community? These ribbons remind us that October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Early in my career I had the opportunity to administer a grant that funded the first formal shelter for battered women and their children in my community. Prior to this a cadre of brave women and men created a safe home system for people affected by domestic violence.

The administration of this grant was a daunting task for an emerging leader just two years out of college. However, with the support of my employer, coworkers and colleagues I found the courage to lead this project to fruition in our community. This leadership experience taught me domestic violence affects us all. This topic should be on the minds of anyone leading an organization


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