Nat Turner or Madea?


Filmmaker Tyler Perry made headlines last week as he announced his latest installment of Madea-themed films which is slated to hit theaters in October 2016. I could not help but to think of the most recent Oscar discussion surrounding the lack of diversity in this year’s nominations and if 2017 would be any different. It caused me to reflect on why a film such as “Boo: A Madea Halloween” can be created, distributed, and promoted to heights that a movie such as Nate Parker’s “The Birth of a Nation” has traditionally struggled to match.

The powers that be would love nothing more than to see a knee-slapping, shuck and jiving, wide-smiling black man in a dress emasculating himself once again all for their entertainment. A film such as “Birth of A Nation” that depicts a black man rebelling aga


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Make It Happen Monday: The Big Picture

Make It HappenMonday

Today is a great day to Make It Happen. Making It Happen is our daily work to accomplish the goals, tasks and dreams that we have for ourselves with the purpose of becoming the best version of ourselves.

Well, sometimes I just don’t feel like Making It Happen. Sometimes, being a super independent happily single-mom is not my ideal role. Sometimes I just want to sit in the passenger seat in the car of life, take my shoes off, recline my seat and fall asleep with my mouth wide open with an extreme comfort and trust in the driver. There are minutes, hours and sometimes days that I just don’t want to be responsible for everyone and everything in my life.

What I have come to learn is that even during these times, I am still Making It Happen. Sometimes, I need to allow myself to take the “S” of


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Who Are ‘We’? Beyond The Talented Tenth

Woodson quote

OpBlog by Eugene Stovall
January, 2016, Oakland, California

“Professor Bell, you have achieved much despite racial discrimination. How dare you now deny our children the hope that they may enjoy a success like yours?” The challenge from a well-dressed, articulate black woman followed a reading from my book in a downtown Washington, D.C. bookstore. I responded that it was the society and not me that burdened her children’s hopes and opportunities. I simply chronicled what society had done and was likely to do. The answer did not satisfy her, and she seemed in no mood to suspend judgment … Derrick Bell, 1992
Faces At The Bottom Of The Well: The Permanence of Racism


Sometimes after reading one of my blogs, my friend, Jim, will call to express his opinion. Like the black woman at Derric


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Making Marriage Work


This morning, as my husband and I are preparing to start our day, I reflected on our marriage of 12 years and why it has worked so well for us.

1. Not only are we deeply in love and are very attracted to each other, but we have a deep respect and loyalty to one another.

2. We build each other up on a daily basis.

3. Do we get on each other’s nerves? Yes!! However, we argue fair. We NEVER use expletive languages and NEVER use insulting words. We are always soft on each other, while we are addressing the issue. We are soft on the person, but hard on the issue.

4. We are big proponents on using “I” statements.

5. We are clear that although we are married, we are individuals.

6. I am very clear that my husband is the head of my household and I am the neck. He is the leader of our family.

7. W


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We spend majority of our lives serving other people, it’s that simple. So, understanding “people service” isn’t even a special skill, it’s a basic necessary performance in human survival. Unfortunately people do not always respond as you wish because they do not always see things in the same way as you.

In my many years of service to others in business and leadership environments, I find it difficult to accept the argument of difficult customers. Instead, there are numerous mismatched and broken conversations by either one or all parties involved. These kinds of conversations can escalate to serious disagreements and loss of customers. The customers themselves end up forfeiting important service necessary in their lives. Great customer service begins with making serious effort to understan


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Thinking of Michael Jackson: for My Sister Aleah


This evening I remember Michael Jackson. I am saturated with Michael Jackson, his life, his death, his purpose. I remember that day as if it were today. Right now.

My sister phoned me, and said, softly and sadly, as if she were telling me a secret that should not be sanctioned, “did you hear Michael Jackson died?” I had not, but I heard it at that moment in her voice; I called on language, what some call that “systematic means of communicating” to talk about what I felt. What irony: death does not come systematically; it comes randomly—without order.

Somehow, I snatched language from the left side of my brain. I pleaded with it to show me how I am to manage a response to the dying of Michael Jackson. For me, his death is not the death of an icon; it is the death of a boy who sang and danc


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Fake Hustle

Many fall victim to fake hustle. What is “fake hustle”?

Fake hustle is when one appears to be working on a project or business but no progress is actually ever really made.

I believe fake hustle stems from the fact that in this day and age, entrepreneurship or hustling has become very sexy. It seems like almost everyone has the desire to be or pretends to be an entrepreneur. There are two ways to fake hustle. You have “hamster running on a wheel” hustle and you have “dog chasing its tail” hustle.

Now, the hamster running on a wheel hustler loves to fake hustle. He or she loves to pretend they are actually hustling. They will spend more time appearing to work than they will spend actually getting things done. They talk amongst their peers about all the ideas they have and all the moves they


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Certified Ziglar Trainer badge v4

The past several months have been very rough and at times downright painful. Probably more so than any other time in my 54 years. I’m not going to elaborate, however, I’m sure everyone has at some point has experienced both rough and painful times. I’m learning something really interesting and real. Whatever our personal challenges are, life really does not wait for anyone or anything, i.e., the sun keeps rising and setting and bills still need to be paid. Not only did life not stop, it didn’t even slow down. The only things that stop or even slows down is the pursuit and the achievement of our personal goals.

A dear friend Tom Ziglar told me that “The process takes the pressure off of the person.” He was referring to the process of how to set and achieve goals. This is going to sound sil


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I once went to present a proposal to my director of training of a local bank. I was a project manager and the bank’s expert in training metrics and analytics. I had not long completed my doctoral work and my research was based on mixed method where I applied both qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Statistics and numbers were still flying at full speed in my head. I believe that the director had noticed in our previous meetings that I was “metrics happy” and I could talk metrics forever. I arrived at her office carrying a detailed PowerPoint deck ready to prove two things.

First, I understood training metrics and analytics well and secondly, showcasing how we can do it in detail. I miserably failed to understand that leadership time comes at a premium. The director looked at my


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The Wake Up Call: Requiem for a Dream Deferred


And he said, Hear now my words: If there be a prophet among you, I the LORD will make Myself known unto him in a vision, and will speak unto him in a dream.’ – Numbers 12:6

‘And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out My spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy , your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions…’ – Joel 2:28 (as referenced to by Peter in Acts 2:17)

Post Martin Depression

Martin Luther King
Marched for the future of dreams
Marred by newer themes.


– an updated edition of a poetitorial previously posted on in 2005 and published in Steel Waters VOLUME I: DUPLicate AuthentICITY:

Has the American dream for C.R.E.A.M. been superimposed upon that of Dr. King’s? In this day and age, unity amongst the race


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Signed, The Disengaged Millennial


Dear Employer,

As a millennial I just think and operate in a unique way. I care about humanity, want to great at my job, and am extremely loyal to those who are loyal to me. You may or may have not noticed that I have become disengaged lately. To be fair, I will give you a list of the things that YOU have done to guide me to a space of disengagement.

1. You are a liar
You speak as if you actually care about your employees. As a millennial, I know that this is not genuine. You have never visited any of your lower level employees, and really don’t care that I had to choose between paying for day care and paying my light bill last month. You definitely do not care that your lowest paid employees have to collect section 8 and food stamps because you don’t pay us enough, yet we are the backbon


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Sabbath Purpose: To Be A “Happy Vegan”


A Sabbath calling
rest; a gift to me—calling purpose:
happy and vegan

Today is Sabbath; I am thankful that God delivers this gift to humanity. Today I rest; today I reflect upon the gifts of the week. Someone posted a presentation by Steve Harvey—“Jump In.” The call from Steve Harvey’s–“Jump In”– reminds me of a children’s book I was working on called “Jump Into Jesus.” I am jumping in.

Jumping into living life in the way God makes possible for me. These are my “jump in’s” for 2016. Keep the Sabbath or I should say keep at the Sabbath rest God has given as a beautiful gift– wrapped in time and eternity at the same time.

I love the study of things; I am asking God to give me an understanding and appreciation of rest—the rest that helps people to think– in; out.

Jump into this week


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