Black Women College Professors to Consider for Your Upcoming Events

By - Lawrence Watkins On Jan 22, 2013

Black Women College Professors to Consider for Your Upcoming Events

It is important for young people who are pursuing a higher education to constantly get the motivation and encouragement that they need. Statistically, minorities have had a low college graduation rate. This is partly due to the lack of positive role models in their lives. With positive reinforcement, all young people, and not just minorities, can have the resolve they need to choose the path to a higher education. Also, youth that are already in college need the same encouragement as well. One group in particular that needs this inspiration is young black women. By having black women college professors speak in colleges, these students will have the positive influence they need to succeed. Great Black Speakers provides such speakers. The following are some of our featured speakers, who have spoken at many colleges and would make effective and influential speakers at your college, event or organization.

Dr. Julianne Malveaux

Dr. Malveaux is an academian, author, media personality and is working to bring awareness to issues that face the black community. She is the president and CEO of Last Word Productions, Inc. and is a columnist who has had work regularly appear in USA Today, Essence, and Ms. Magazine amongst others. She has also written and published several books. In addition, she has made numerous television appearances. She has BA and Master’s degree in Economics from Boston University.

Dr. Laquita Blockson 

Dr. Blockson is a business ethics and entrepreneurship expert. She is known as the Business Renaissance Guru and is a business/organizational ethics expert. She has given various lectures on small businesses and has provided guidance community development corporations, executive education programs and more. She is also and Associate Professor of Ethics and Entrepreneurship at the College Charleston’s School of Business and Economics. She has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree and has achieved several accolades for her work.

Dr. Deborah Stroman

Dr. Stroman is a Sports Entrepreneur and Marketing Leadership Professor at UNC Chapel Hill. She has owned and operated several successful sports marketing, financial consulting, and nutritional supplement companies. She also experience as a writer and has been a fundraiser for non-profit organizations. She currently owns a company, LASERTM, which counsels former athletes to help them transition from their sports career.

Dr. Jeffrianne Wilder 

Dr. Wilder is a sociologist and scholar who specializes in diversity, race relations and gender issues. She has a Ph. D in sociology with a concentration in Women’s Studies and Gender Research. She is also a current faculty member at the department of Sociology and Anthropology in the University of North Florida. She has had work that has been published in numerous journals and publications and she speaks publicly on a regular basis.

Dr. Shonta Smith

Dr. Shonta Smith is an educator, author, speaker, and coach. She is referred to as the Essence of Education and has her own company, Shonta Smith International LLC. Dr. Smith is also an Assistant Professor in the Department of Elementary, Early and Special Education at Southeast Missouri State University and has over 20 years of educating experience.


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